A couple of cool film clips:

  • Courteney Cox looking beautiful in a sexy non-nude appearance on Dream On
  • Ronit Elkabetz examines herself in Late Marriage
  • Pink gets her nipple pierced on camera.


Other Crap:


A TV classic: Conan O'Brien examines some old-fashioned weapons

Hugo Chavez calls Carlos the Jackal 'a good friend'

Say ta-ta to the Pistons

The 212-796-0735 mystery

How to Fold a Paper Rose

Family Guy: "Peter, as Moses, tries to lay down the law."

Anna Nicole Smith Pregnant, Clarence Thomas shifts around uncomfortably in his chair.

The latest weird effort from Peter Greenaway: "Tulse Luper Film Three/Bolzano Gold"

Wonder what Nicole Eggert looks like these days?

109% of people exaggerate on resumes and web sites.

Snakes On A Plane, For Real, Pilot Makes Emergency Landing When 4-Foot Snake Appears In Cockpit

New movie shows Superman coming out of the closet.

Bob Uecker has a stalker? I wonder if Clint Howard has one.

President Bush's Private Congratulations Message to Newly Sworn-In CIA Director General Michael Hayden (WHITEHOUSE.ORG)

The new Frank Miller Batman comics reviewed!

The Who performs My Generation on the Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour (destroying their equipment, of course, not to mention Tommy Smothers's)

"Winona Ryder is reuniting with Daniel Waters, who wrote 'Heathers' and helped establish Ryder as the edgy 'it' girl for Generation X."

  • The movie is described as a "hard R" for nudity, sex scenes and frequent references to sex.

A new clip from A Prairie Home Companion

High-tech tot: Jolie grabs 24 domain names for daughter Shiloh

The 50 Unsexiest Women in the world

Jenny McCarthy and Jim Carrey - romance from hell.

  • I guess it could work out. After all one of them is known for the lowest low-brow himor and the most contorted facial expressions of all time. And the other is Jim Carrey.
  • Upcoming film project: Ace Ventura gets some Dirty Love. : 2006 All-Star Online Ballot

Halle Berry Also Wears 'X-Men' Outfit For Sex

JAIME PRESSLY is considering stripping off for Playboy again

Horrifying meteor impact animation from Japan

Oilers game conflicts with talking backpack and Boots the monkey

  • Could this happen in any other pro sport? "Sorry, we can't host the Super Bowl that day. Gallagher is already booked."

Racing Limos, Inc. - Racing-Themed Limousine Services

The National Hide and Seek council honors Jimmy Hoffa

Simply Google - all of Google's tools collected on one handy page.

Willard Wigan :: Micro Sculptor of "impossibly small art"

James Brown's eyebrows are not eyebrows at all! They are tattoos.

URL says it all:



Movie Reviews:

Yellow asterisk: funny (maybe). White asterisk: expanded format. Blue asterisk: not mine. No asterisk: it probably sucks.


"Fatal Love"

Fatal Love (1993) or Wei Qing, is an Hong Kong category III thriller that is only notable because of a very naked Ellen Chan in the lead role. IMDb lists it, but calls it G rated. Ellen is the top police cadet at the academy when another cadet, jealous of her accomplishments, places stolen jewelry in her locker. She is tossed out of the school, but the head is reasonably sure she was innocent, and arranges a job for her as an undercover detective. They are after charming businessman Michael Wong, who plays a great game of golf and owns several legitimate businesses, but also sells drugs. However, they are after him as a suspect in the deaths of several women. Ellen is to get next to him and gather evidence.

They give her intense training on acting, lock picking, safe cracking, and anything else they thought she would need to know. She had no trouble meeting him, and ingratiating herself, or so it seemed. It turned out, however, that she never had him fooled, and the one bit of her training she forgot was not to trust him and get involved romantically.

Ellen Chan does a full frontal riding Michael Wong. We also get glimpses of his previous victims, who are uncredited.

IMDb readers say 4.5, but on almost no votes. As the film opens with Ellen in the process of dying in the emergency room, there is nearly no suspense. The sex scenes are no long enough, hot enough, frequent enough, or well lit enough to carry the film. Some of the murder methods are in good Hong Kong form (strange), but the only other thing of interest in the story is the two leads, who are very good looking and charismatic. This is a D.

Ellen Chan



We are still stuck in "Soft-core Hell" today it's "Watchful-Eye".....Boobies from all.

Melissa Barmes doing a tied up guy on the couch.

Julie Cialini doffing the bikini top by the pool, and then some.

Juliet Cariaga and Nikki Fairchild having some outdoor lesbo fun.

'Caps and comments by Dann:

"Angel Blade"
You will not watch 2002's Angel Blade for it's great acting, excellent script, or outstanding story, because all of those elements are mediocre at best. Instead, you'll watch it for the nudity and hot women.

The story is a sexual crime thriller set in Las Vegas. The "Angel Killer" is torturing and killing young women. As a local detective investigates, he finds a connection with a lingerie shop that sell a particular kind of panty, with angels on them, which the victims were all wearing. Further investigation reveals links to the bondage community, and a suspect emerges who has a history of binding and physically abusing his girlfriends.

A twisty ending doesn't really help this unremarkable story, but Amanda Righetti (TV's The O.C. and North Shore) does a nice job as the lingerie saleswoman who assists the cop, and eventually gets involved with him. She also looks outstanding. David Heavener, who wrote, directed, and starred in the movie, was less than great as the cop, but the sexy storyline and bountiful nudity will keep you interested.

Amanda Righetti Kathleen Pederson Various

From the Skin-man, here is Carmen Electra doing her usual bikini thing, this time in scenes from "Date Movie".

Pat's comments in yellow...

A-Hole Patrol! - Cory K. Favreau of Plattsburgh, New York, is charged with felony assault and weapons possession after he allegedly attacked his mother over a comment she made about "American Idol." The two were discussing the show when his mom said that Katharine McPhee would have a successful career despite losing to Favreau's favorite, Taylor Hicks. Police say Favreau made a malicious comment to his mom, then hit her in the head with a sharpened cross attached to a bicycle chain. She was treated for a cut. Police say they had both been drinking.

* Obviously, or they would've realized that Chris Daughtry should've won, DAMMIT!!
* Apparently, their real idol is Paul Abdul.
* They weren't drunk, they were just copying Taylor Hicks' dancing.
* After enough drinks, you don't feel the pain of either a head blow or Katharine's high notes.
* Favreau's dad is deceased, because he once said he preferred Clay to Ruben.

Acquitted Just Like That - Thursday, a New York jury took only a few hours to acquit rappers Ludacris and Kanye West of copyright infringement in a lawsuit by New Jersey musicians who claimed the 2003 hit "Stand Up" ripped off their obscure song, "Straight Like That." The issue was that both songs repeat the phrase "like that" more than 80 times, except one precedes it with the word "straight" and the other with "just." Afterwards, Ludacris said he never doubted the jurors would agree the songs didn't sound alike and insisted, "The only thoughts and ideas I borrow from are those of my own."

* Actually, Stevie Wonder said that in 1978, and Ludacris "sampled" it.
* His thoughts and ideas are entirely his own, and it's not his fault that they're so unoriginal.
* Both songs repeat the words "like that" over 80 times, and the jury didn't think they sounded alike? Obviously, the jurors were driven insane.