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"Locked Up"

s2e13, 1920x1080




Caroline Traywick has the most interesting boobs in Premature.

Looking good are:

Cara Mantella

Carlson Young

Katie Findlay

Some unidentified women



Kate Morgan Chadwick

Vampire's Kiss


Johnny's comments:

Watched Vampire's Kiss for the first time when it played on TV a week or so back and decided I should probably cap that movie. So here we are. And man, Nicolas Cage is so magnificently over-the-top in this movie it's hard not to wonder what everyone around him was thinking. The whole final act when he's completely lost his mind is just plain nuts. Didn't realise Jennifer Beals was in it and probably the main reason why I capped the movie, but those breast patches she wears in the scenes below ain't the most subtle thing I've seen.

Jennifer Beals film clip (collages below)

Kasi Lemmons film clip (collage below)

Andrea Ciliberti in Paranormal Evil (2018) in 720p

Rebecca Hall in Permission (2017) in 1080hd

Lady Wild Flower, CeCe Sinclair, Elizabeth Knight in Habit (2017) in 720p




Kellie Blaise in Ill Behavior (s1e5) in 720p

Audrey Bonnet in The End (2016) in 1080hd

Anna Astrom in Vi (2013)

Lucy Liu in City of Industry (1997) in 720p

Gina Gershon in This World Then the Fireworks (1997) in 720p

Rosanna Arquette in The Big Blue (1988) in 1080hd