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Episode one of The Secret Life of Marilyn Monroe has aired. Kelli Garner exposed her bottom in the title role. (Part two aired last night, but I haven't gone through it yet.)

Related: to the best of my knowledge, Kelli has never bared her breasts on camera, but has exposed her lower body several times. The most explicit was probably in Havoc 2 (2007)- clip here, stills below.

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"The L Word"

starting season four ...

1080hd. s4e4

Cybill Shepherd

Continuing soft-core time and good old-fashioned naked ladies, and not much else. There is no time for a plot or story in these cinematic masterpieces.

Sexual Witchcraft

Sexual Witchcraft aka Little Witches (2011) shows:

Cassandra Cruz

Christine Nguyen

Holly Sampson

Jessie Lunderby

Michelle Maylene




Megan Duffy


A Royal Affair


Johnny's comments:

Today's update is all about Alicia Vikander. It's rare that I don't watch a movie I cap, but about 15 minutes into A Royal Affair, I knew where it was going and I was going to get bored by it, so I just flicked through the rest. 

Alicia Vikander film clip (collage below)

Ex Machina


Johnny's comments:

Ex Machina is a sci-fi drama where Caleb (Domhnall Gleeson) wins a trip to the home of reclusive search engine entrepreneur Nathan's (Oscar Isaac) house to help him work on his secret project. Turns out that Nathan is working on building human-like androids and Caleb is there to test his latest creation Ava (Alicia Vikander), who is Nathan's most realised creation. Caleb is fascinated with Ava, he cannot believe that she even exists let alone be almost human-like, but something is wrong. Ava seems to have some control over the computer system running the house, which leads to a stunning revelation from Ava during a system shutdown that she thinks Nathan is treating her badly and he is not to be trusted. She also wants to leave her glass prison and Caleb seems sympathetic to her. Caleb comes up with a plan to help Ava escape from the increasingly drunk and unstable Nathan, but things do not go to plan.

An excellent movie with a great idea that feels not that far removed from the now, but still feels like miles away. Basically a moral drama that works in a few showy twists, Ex Machina asks the question of whether what Nathan was doing is ethical or not and tells the story in an interesting manner that suggests that maybe we're not ready for the likes of Ava. Well worth a look.

Alicia Vikander raw captures

Alicia Vikander film clip (collage below)

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Elyse Levesque in Fishing Naked (2015)

Farrah Fawcett in Extremities (1986) in 720p

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It seemed that she would have a different type of body from her sisters, but Kylie Jenner is definitely developing the characteristic family hips.

A couple more stills of Kristen Wiig in Welcome to Me