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Aesthete is about to present the recent season three of Spartacus, but before he does, he went back to get some episodes he missed in season one. Today he finishes off season one with s1e13.


"The Politician's Husband"


Annamaria Marinca

She also appeared (clothed, of course) in an episode of Dr. Who last year


The TV caps this week come from Two Guys and a Girl (aka Two Guys, a Girl and a Pizza Place). It was made over 4 seasons from 1998 to 2001. Obviously, no nudity but I've always had a bit of thing for Traylor Howard, although Suzanne Cryer sexes it up from the third season.

These episodes are from the third season and were made in 1999 and 2000.

Episode 1 A New Hope

Suzanne Cryer

Traylor Howard

Episode 2 Au Revoir Pizza Place

Suzanne Cryer

Traylor Howard

Episode 3 Teacher's Pet Peeve

Suzanne Cryer

Traylor Howard

Episode 5 Sunday in the Apartment

Suzanne Cryer

Traylor Howard

Episode 7 Berg's New Roommate

Traylor Howard

Episode 8 Foul Play

Traylor Howard

Episode 10 Liver and Learn

Suzanne Cryer

Traylor Howard

Episode 11 A Moving Script

Suzanne Cryer

Episode 12 Out with the Old

Suzanne Cryer

Traylor Howard

Episode 14 The Monitor Story

Kathleen McClellan

Traylor Howard



Rare adult horror from Canada made a few years before the horror genre was overtaken by teen slashers which emphasize body over boobie counts. There's enough disco bush in this movie to shag carpet an entire rec room. All of the cast are one-timers but the lead is a dead ringer for Marilyn Chambers.

The first part is the actual movie. The sex scenes are explicit but dark with a lot of shadows.

Debbie Collins: explicit sex as Countess Sexcula.

Jamie Orlando: full frontal as Dr. Fallatingstein.

Marie McLeod: full frontal as Female Pleasure Robot.

Julia Simmons: full frontal as a stripper
(having sex with either Ron Jeremy or a guy in a gorilla suit)

lesbian: Debbie Collins & Jamie Orlando.

The second part is basically a porn loop spliced into the film having little do with the plot. However the sex scenes are more professionally shot with even some post-cum splooge shots.

Toni Parllee: explicit sex as Bride with very thick disco bush.

Mary Lang:  explicit sex as Bridesmaid with c-section scar.

orgy: Toni Parlle & Mary Land.

Film/TV clips

Marguerite Moreau in Caroline and Jackie (2013) in 720p

Hui Chi Chiu in The Pelayos (2012)

Blanca Suarez in The Pelayos (2012)

Martina Gusman in Elefante blanco (2012)

Tammy Jean and Casey Walsh in Miss December (2011)

Polina Agureyeva in Euphoria (2006)

Olga Arntgoltz in Russkoye (2004)

The nudity from 1993's Sirens in HD! What else do you need to know?

Anna Kanakis in Occhio malocchio prezzemolo e finocchio (1983)

Jane Hayden in Killer's Moon (1978) in 720p


Maria Castro in Interviu Spain (September 2012)

Sabrina Ouazani in Inch'Allah (2012)

Rachel Weisz in Enemy at the Gates (2001)