TV Round-Up

Magic City featured some more nudity from Jessica Marais,

and a first peek at Dominik Garcia-Lorido

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The only nude scene from Jessica Chastain before she became a hot-shot Oscar nominee (1080p)

Jessica and the elderly but still sexy Frances Fisher

Three facts you may or may not know about Frances Fisher:

She has a daughter by Clint Eastwood

She was born in England

She is 60 years old.

This week, the year is 2008.

Today: Part 3 of 3

27 Dresses

 No nudity in 27 Dresses (2008) but Malin Akerman is in her underwear.

Assassination of a High School President

The nudity in Assassination of a High School President (2008) comes from a lovely topless Mischa Barton.

The rest of the women are either partially dressed or very easy on the eye:

Alana Cadiz,

Emily Meade,

Kathryn Morris,

Melonie Diaz,

Quinn Shephard,

Tanya Fischer

and a couple not identified.

Bait Shop

Bait Shop (2008) has no nakedness but the women are looking good:

Jessica Blackmore

(and with Marissa Rocco),

(and with Marissa Rocco in the DVD extras),

Marissa Rocco,

Kali Littlefield.


Blindness (2008) shows Alice Braga

and Julianne Moore topless,

and an unidentified women is starkers.


Angelina Jolie is briefly topless in Changeling (2008).


Plenty of breasts of all shapes and size showing in Choke (2008), particularly by Alice Barrett,

Gillian Jacobs

and some not identified.

Amazingly, Bijou Phillips' breasts are by three different body doubles.


Heather Burns,

Kelly Macdonald

and Paz de la Huerta are in various stages of dress.

Dangerous Worry Dolls

Dangerous Worry Dolls (2008) has an unidentified woman showering topless.


The clearest breasts in Deception (2008) come from Daisy Bates

and Shannon Click.

Maggie Q shows some see-through nipple.

Some of the other women are topless but are facing the wrong way:

Charlotte Rampling,

Jordan Tesfay,

Michelle Williams,

Natasha Henstridge,

Paz de la Huerta

and some not identifiable.


Elegy (2008) has Penélope Cruz show her lovely mammaries

and Patricia Clarkson shows some side nipple.

Fool's Gold

Ashley Cheadle

and Clementine Heath briefly flash their breasts in Fool's Gold (2008).

Alexis Dziena

and Kate Hudson look very sexy.

Marley & Me

No nudity in Marley & Me (2008). Jennifer Aniston does her usual tease with some nice pokies.

The others look good:

Ana Ayora and Haley Higgens,

Haley Hudson,

Nicole Herold

and some not identified.


We get a good dose of Amy Smart's bum and some side boob in Mirrors (2008).

Amy Smart extras

My Mom's New Boyfriend

No nudity in My Mom's New Boyfriend aka Homeland Security (2008) but Julie Lott,

Meg Ryan

and Selma Blair look good.

Rachel Getting Married

Anne Hathaway is naked in the bath in Rachel Getting Married (2008) but very little is seen.

Anisa George

and Rosemarie DeWitt are in their underwear.

The Reader

Jeanette Hain flashes her bush in The Reader (2008)

and Kate Winslet is nicely topless.

Role Models

Carly Craig

and Jessica Morris are topless in Role Models (2008).


Some lovely side boob by Emmanuelle Chriqui in Tortured (2008)

What Just Happened

Moon Bloodgood briefly flashes a breast in What Just Happened (2008).

The Women

The Women (2008) has no nudity but Eva Mendes

and Meg Ryan look good.

3 Blind Mice


Another lost film, this time the UK/French co-production 3 Blind Mice, a film about snuff films being made against people with webcams for a willing audience. This film is from 2003 and it feels like a relic with dial-up still being used, poor quality webcam images and websites looking boxy. Also, there's plenty of gratuitous nudity particularly from Emilia Fox, a surprise for a film like this. But, the ending is so baffling and seems to come out of nowhere and I don't get the point of making Emilia Fox's character out to be who she is, then turn it around only for her to get shot in the middle of a zoo. And let's not get into the idea of snuff films ...

Emilia Fox (collages below)

Valerie Decobert (summary below)

Maria Pereira De Andrade (summary below)



Irina Voronina and others in Piranha 3DD (2012 - opened yesterday!) Example below:


Italian exploitation classic o' the day: Il Trafficone (1974)

 Sofia Lombardo and others

Dorit Henke

Marilu Tolo

Irina Maleeva


classic Sofia Loren

not-so-classic Whitney Cummings