The big story of the last two days, excluding Weinergate which we really don't care about in the Fun House, is Livelygate. You know the deal so far: various hacked cell phone pics were released, allegedly of Lively. Lively and her rep denied it. I pointed out that the rep exposed her hole card when she threatened to sue any site publishing the pics. That almost certainly means that the pics must be Blake, because otherwise there is no legal case against a site which publishes the pics and says, "Here are the pics which Blake Lively says is not her." If the publicist has threatened to sue only those who published them while claiming they are Blake, then I might not have suspected they were real, but the "any site publishing them" verbiage was a dead giveaway. If a site says "here are some random pics which have been making the rounds on the internet," there is only one way Blake Lively could sue them, and that is if the pics were stolen from Blake Lively!

Today's development is that the cell phone hacker got upset with Lively's denials and released a second round with a sarcastic tag line.

The tattoo in the last pic is the same temporary one she was sporting in The Town, so that's a pretty clear connection, and the following comparison seems pretty convincing to me.

It'll be interesting to see what kind of lie rationale the publicist will concoct now.


Blake was obviously the celebrity of the day, which really stole the thunder from Jena Malone, who did a new photoshoot:


DeepAtSea also did two new 1080p vids of Jena from The Messenger BluRay, one of them adjusted for light and color.



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Catch the deluxe version of Other Crap in real time, with all the bells and whistles, here.



The Town is Quiet


Ariane Ascaride film clips. Captures below.

Christine Brucher film clips. Captures below.

Veronique Balme film clips. Captures below.



The Makeover


The Makeover is a comedy about a complete dweeb Rodger (Martin Dingle-Wall) who cannot get a girlfriend. Set up by his friend on a what he thinks is a date, he meets journalist Patricia (Lara Cox) who wants a total loser so that she can turn him into a man who is confident with the ladies and then write about the results. She sends him to cocksure (and shonky) American pick-up artist/makeover artist Brad Holloway (Jeff Gannon) and forces him (by promising to expose him as a fraud) to makeover Rodger. In 6 weeks, Brad turns Rodger into a new confident man, actually a complete clone of himself and all of a sudden, Rodger is swimming in ladies. But, he is a 30 second wonder and is enlisted the help of Heather (Natalie Rose), a photographer and she helps him to become a stayer. While picking up lots of ladies, he manages to steal away the one woman Brad truly wants and falls in love with Heather, but both actions will come with consequences that will rock Rodger's new world. Oh, and there's one last punch in the guts from Patricia that will ruin everyone.

You know, while The Makeover is a by-the-books "ugly duckling turned swan" film, it's quite enjoyable and the story works well. Sure, Martin Dingle-Wall is not at all convincing as a dweeb, but he's got the confident ladies man down pat. And the ending is a nice surprise and a the twists are pretty devastating. Sure, it's low budget and it shows frequently, but economy is to its advantage, and with a solid script, it isn't a issue.

And the director made a film called Elixir I wouldn't mind getting my hands on. But, that seems lost forever sadly...


Albany Dighton film clips. The collages are below.

Natalie Rose did her "nude" scene while wearing nipple patches. Collages below.

Unknown film clip




(season 1)

The last of the Rake clips and collages

Bianca Bradey film clip (collage below)

Vanessa Bristow film clip


Film Clips

The teaser/trailer for the immortal cinema classic, Backdoor to Chyna (2011)

Pollyanna McIntosh in The Woman (2009; see below)

Amy Sloan in xchange (2001)

Amanda Plummer and Saskia Reeves in Butterfly Kiss (1995)

Catherine Hickland, Kathleen Kinmont and Finn Carter in Sweet Justice (1992)

Demi Moore in The Seventh Sign (1988)



Leisha Hailey in Fertile Ground

Alyssa Miller in a new photoshoot

Sara Jean Underwood in her nude yoga tape

Elle Macpherson classics

Carre Otis pre-Snickers classics