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Coming to America

Coming to America (1988) is a romance/comedy starring Eddie Murphy and a supporting role from Arsenio Hall, each of whom played four different roles in the film. Murphy is the prince of an imaginary African nation, and meets his arranged bride on his 21st birthday. She has been raised since birth to be his bride, and has been carefully trained to think what he thinks, like what he likes, etc. He is not pleased, so he convinces the King (James Earl Jones) to let him take a trip and sow his royal oats in Queens, New York, where he intends to meet a woman who will "arouse his mind as well as his loins." Arsenio Hall goes along as his servant.

After a predictably futile search in bars, he finds the girl of his dreams, the daughter of a fast food entrepreneur. The prince takes a job as custodian in the restaurant, but finds he must compete with a rich brat whom she has been seeing. The prince wants her to fall in love with him while thinking he is poor, but Arsenio keeps doing things that threaten to ruin their poverty charade, like remodeling their slum apartment.

Basically, this is a Cinderella story, and female lead Shari Headly was perfect in the role. Eddie Murphy played the prince role seriously, or as seriously as he could, given the plot, and it worked for him. It was a relief not to see the same old crude character he often plays. Nearly every living black actor of any merit was part of the supporting cast. Arsenio won several awards and nominations, and even my ol' hero, Samuel L., had a cameo as a holdup man.

This film works either as a comedy or as a romance, which probably explains the wide appeal that generated $289M worldwide against a budget of only $28M.

This is a high C+.

IMDb readers say 6.7.

It was nominated for Oscars for costumes and makeup.



Three women show body parts in the beginning of the film, while bathing Murphy and "Cleaning the royal penis."



Victoria Dillard


Felicia Taylor











Van Wilder 2


Yesterday we did Van Wilder so we decided to do the sequel  Van Wilder 2: The Rise of Taj which in no way measures up to the original.


Elena Tecuta wins the nudity trophy with some nice topless looks.


Holly Davidson nice cleavage and some pokies, the bare tits are a body double.



Lauren Cohan looks fetching and one quick nipple peek.


Olivia Scott does a sexy strip but keeps the goodies hidden.







Manuale d'amore 2

The movie consists of 4 stories, all of them are romantic comedies.

  • In Monica Bellucci's story, she plays a nurse who helps a guy do rehabilitation and he gets horny every time, until the end where she is horny and goes to the hospital to have sex with him.
  • Elsa Pataky's story is about a waiter in a very important hospital who starts an affair with a much younger woman (Elsa) who ends up giving him a heart attack, even when she goes to the hospital in the end, his heart can't take looking at her, you can tell why by the caps :)

 Monica Bellucci

 Elsa Pataky






Notes and collages

Psycho IV

Olivia Hussey

Scoop's note: this film is not available on DVD in Region 1 or 2, but is (apparently) available in Australia, because Rageroo has made two DVD-quality film clips. Get the clips here.






Senta Berger in Maenner, wir kommen
Senta Berger in Es muss nicht immer Kavia sein
Anke Engelke in Ladyland: Papa kommt
Gudrun Landgrebe in Annas Mutter
Mareile Hoepner in Blitz!
Nadja Uhl in Lautlos
Sabine Vitua in an episode of Klinik unter Palmen
Sabine Postel in an episode of A.S.
Katja Riemann in Ich bin die andere








Call Girl

Some Divx avi's of one weird mofoing movie entitled Call Girl. What a robo-hooterin' extravaganza it was, too.

Anyone with an allergy to silicone should stay clear of these bad girls.











The Maker


No nudity, but SERIOUS pokiosity from

Mary-Louise Parker


Fairuza Balk








Sin City

Sin City is one of my favorite movies from 2005, not a tough choice given its fame and numerous award wins. To me, it's one of the most unique and well-done movies in many years. So many fine cappers jumped on this one when it was released on DVD that I decided I could bring nothing new or better to the party, but now in 2007, with Sin City 2 in production and slated for a 2008 release, it might be worth giving it another look.

Sin City is four related crime stories about the goings on in Basin City, and covering a span of some years. It is based on the outstanding and extremely popular graphic novels (comics) by Frank Miller.

In the stories, we meet good guys, bad guys, and the seedy types that float in between, all set in a city that is corrupt and bad, which is known by the nickname of Sin City for reasons the stories spell out quite graphically. Recapping the stories serves no purpose; this is the type of movie where you should enjoy every morsel with no preconceived notions, so for the one or two people on the planet that may have missed it, my advice is simple: watch it and be amazed. It truly is a comic come to life, and perhaps done better than any other of this genre.

Jaime King Marley Shelton Patricia Vonne
Brittany Murphy Jessica Alba Carla Gugino
  Rosario Dawson  






An upgrade of  what is probably the best-ever picture of Jessica Alba
Nicole Richiem the former fat girl who significantly overcorrected






The Comedy Wire

Former postman Ariel Santamaria ran for city council in Reus, Spain, a city of 100,000 near Barcelona.  He had a unique platform: if elected, he promised to attend meetings dressed as Elvis, paint the town hall pink, turn the town square into a nudist pool, plant marijuana in the parks and give the cops GPS systems so they could find people who needed a light to smoke a joint.  He was elected.  It's not known how many other parties on the council will support his proposals.

*  His win could be a good omen for Dennis Kucinich.

Linette Servais, a 50-year-old Catholic church organist and choir director from New Franken, Wisconsin, was removed from her position when she refused the priest's ultimatum to give up her part time job selling sex toys.  Servais said Father Dombroski made it sound so sinful that she prayed for a long time before making her choice.  She became sexually dysfunctional following brain tumor treatment, and she says the Pure Romance line of aids, sold at private parties in women's homes, helped her, and she wants to keep helping other women the same way.  She said, "I feel that Pure Romance is my ministry."

*  Just as well: the church has a pump organ, but she prefers an electric organ.

Serbia's top plastic surgeon Dr. Srecko Djordjevic says that many Serbian men are swapping their prize cows for bigger penises.  He said there are dozens of farmers obsessed with their size who don't have the cash for an enlargement operation, so they are offering to trade a cow, which is worth about the same.   But he said many have unrealistic ideas: They "want to add 10 centimeters, and that is
just not possible - at least, not for one cow."  

*  Apparently, it takes more than one cow to make a foot-long wiener.

Top Russian scientists suggested that global warming could be counteracted by reflecting the sun's rays, simply by releasing sulfur-based aerosols in the lower stratosphere

* So we all stopped spraying Aqua Net to save the planet, and now we need to start again to save the planet?