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I think that the unidentified woman in Hankster's pic of the movie "The Stalker" may be Susan Hale. That was my impression when I saw the pics, and the IMDb does list her in the credits. The unidentified woman also looks similar to pictures of Susan Hale in the back issues of the Fun House. That said, I haven't seen the movie myself so I am not certain of her identity.

Crimson Ghost



Other Crap:

Kenneth Lay: Transcript of Late-Night Phone Call Between President Bush and Cruelly Persecuted CEO Ethics Posterchild Kenny-Boy Lay (WHITEHOUSE.ORG)

"TIRED OF YOUR TATTOO? Get Rid Of It With A Hand Sander!"

Touchscreen Computer Display Floats in Mid-Air

Broadway had a banner 2005-2006 season as theatergoers snapped up a record-breaking 12 million-plus tickets.

  • Box office revenue also increased by 12 percent to a whopping $861.6 million compared to last season's $768.5 million take. While venues along the Great White Way were filled close to capacity, averaging 81.6 percent, much of that due to New York City's booming tourist trade. Factor in the rise in orchestra seats to $111 each as well as the price of "premium" seats going for as high as $300 and Broadway not only rebounded from its post-9/11 nose-dive, but also busted out with its best-grossing year ever.

Producer talks Venom, Sandman, Green Goblin and ... who else?

Lance Armstrong receives the ultimate vindication! Exoneration doesn't get any sweeter than this.

TV nostalgia: The adventures of Roger Ramjet: Hi Noon

For "Lost" geeks: The connections between the characters.

View fifty new music videos, vote for your favorite

K-Fed Cleans Up, just in time for that pesky divorce!

VIDEO: 18 Nights of Bruce Springsteen - an exclusive live performance from every U.S. show, handpicked by Springsteen himself

Report: Britney Spears Meets With Divorce Lawyers

The trailer for Waltzing Anna, a comedy about an unscrupulous doctor who must spend six months working at an elderly care facility in order to keep his license.

The Weekend Warrior's Box Office forecast for June 2-4

  • He thinks The Break-Up (the week's only new wide release) will come in around $30m.
  • He expects Al Gore's movie to sneak into the Top 10, although it will only be in 40 theaters.

"IRAN TRYING TO OBTAIN PARIS HILTON'S REGGAE ALBUM" ... Claims It Will Be Used For "Peaceful Purposes"

The new (last night's ) episode of Commander-in-Chief is now available online

"Couric On-Air Breast Exam Nixed"

  • She wanted to close out with an on-air breast exam," said associate producer Sarah Fletcher. "Because of the nature of such an exam, her full breasts would have been exposed. Unfortunately she was having a bad tit day. The puppies just weren't so perky." CAP News has learned that Couric originally wanted to do an on-air pap smear, but producers killed that idea after she sent them several Xerox copies of her middle-aged kitty.

Ashlee Simpson Has New Lips Too

  • "At the rate that Ashlee Simpson is having new surgical procedures done to her face, within the next few years, she will either look like Michael Jackson, or that crazy rich lady who looks like a cat."

Alba Reveals Fantastic Four 2 Details

"Jaime Pressly Doesn't Want a Sex Tape"

"Avi Arad leaves MARVEL!"

9800 Free Fonts

The trailer from Alatriste

  • Viggo Mortensen plays the Spanish soldier-cum-mercenary Captain Alatriste, a heroic figure from the country's 17th century imperial wars.
  • Find everything you ever wanted to know about this movie here
  • NOTE: the film is performed entirely in Spanish. Viggo Mortensen speaks fluent South American Spanish and he learned to speak with a Castillian dialect for the role. Raided - Servers Seized (They are one of the pillars of the BitTorrent community. I guess. I'm so unhip in these matters that I never heard of them before this moment!)


  • "Here is a potential solution to three problems: dig a deep trench along the Mexican border from Texas to California. Take the dirt from the trench and use it to raise the ground level of New Orleans above sea level. Fill the ditch with water to make a moat. Bring those pesky bad gators from Florida and throw them in the moat. Voila! Three problems solved."

State governments devise new hurricane preparedness plan: "Save yourselves, dammit!"



Movie Reviews:

Yellow asterisk: funny (maybe). White asterisk: expanded format. Blue asterisk: not mine. No asterisk: it probably sucks.


Lurking in Suburbia (2006)

Lurking in Suburbia (2006) is a comedy about one man's angst at turning 30 in suburbia. The part of suburbia was played by the Northern California beach town of Pacifica, a place I visit frequently, but would not have recognized from the film. I suppose the lesson is that nearly anyplace in the USA can pose as cookie-cutter suburbia.

The entire film takes place on the occasion of his 30th birthday party. He is the last of his peers to reach 30, and is struggling with a nasty suspicion that he now needs to grow up, more or less having had his life on hold in a perpetual struggle to stay emotionally in high school. He blames his first girlfriend, who cheated on him when they were 14. We meet his friends, including the star quarterback who lost his college football scholarship when he outed himself, the ex-girlfriend who jilted him in junior high, a the one friend who has a goal in life - to enjoy a threesome. He lives in party central, where warm beer and cold pizza is the normal breakfast, and all the old gang members are either his roommates or crash there frequently. We see that he is a loser among losers, supposedly a writer, but not really working on his book.

It appears to be a straight-to-vid and is hyped on the packaging as "unrated," but in this case that simply means they didn't pay the MPAA to watch it. Frankly, they should have paid me to watch it. This is not my sort of material, and may seem funny to those in the same age group as the characters, but it was lost on me completely. The main character narrates the entire film. Since the film is about his internal struggle to grow up, I suppose this constant verbal exposition was necessary to the concept, but it certainly robbed the film of any pace it might otherwise have had.

Given the overbearing constant exposition and lack of any real dramatic tension, I will have to call it a D+.

Scoop's notes: I watched this last week as well, but passed on it. I agree with what Tuna has written, but would like to add one other point. The DVD inside the box is not similar to the film promised by the cover. For whatever reason, the marketers decided to position the film as a zany, youthful, sex-and-kegs comedy targeted at the American Pie audience. They even went out and hired pretty girls to pose in scenarios which are on the box but not in the movie. The film is actually a reflective dramedy about growing old without growing up. It is a comedy, but one with a lot of serious subtext, as opposed to a juvenile frat-boy film. I think I might have preferred the latter. Perhaps many people would prefer the latter, thus explaining why the marketers chose to position the film that way.



Chaia Milstein, as a party stripper, shows breasts ...

... as does an unknown actress in the deleted scenes.







These movies aren't Spanish, so they didn't fit into my May recap, but the actresses are Spanish-speaking:

* "Puerto Vallarta Squeeze" (2004)

- Giovanna Zacarias x12c

* "El sexo lo cambia todo" aka "Viva Sapato!" (2002)

- Laura Ramos x16c

- Paula-Burlamaqui x17c






More from "The Stalker".

Tracy Ryan ...

... then Tracy is joined by the venerable Monique Parent for some lesbo action. Breasts only.





Uschi Digard in Fantasm Comes Again

Farmigamania is back. Vera Farmiga in Running Scared. Here's the zipped .avi. Sample capture below.

HDTV caps of Natalie Portman in Closer

HDTV caps of Anne Hathaway in Havoc

Kristanna Loken in BloodRayne

Not yet in theaters: film clips of Kyra Sedgwick in Loverboy. (Three small .avis zipped together.) Collages below:


Pat's comments in yellow...

Two people who paid $22.95 each to see an exhibit called "The Ultimate Marilyn" on the Queen Mary in Long Beach, California, are suing for a refund of admission fees and punitive damages.  The exhibit displayed hair rollers, a lipstick holder, suitcases and other stuff that supposedly belonged to Marilyn Monroe, but the plaintiffs claim she didn't own many of the items, and some were even made after she died. 

*  For instance, that was NOT Marilyn Monroe's iPod.

*  They didn't want to see a lot of fake useless junk!  They wanted to see a lot of genuine useless junk!