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Joely Richardson (
1, 2) article from the Sun and a few more pics:

RAUNCHY Jodie Oram is one phone operator who definitely doesn't have ANY hang-ups. She's the telephone girl who has been engaging an army of fellas while co-hosting Night Calls on the Playboy Channel. And our own Garry Bushell reckons she's the ideal person to talk to when it comes to getting things off your chest. Well, he said something like that anyway.

Babelicious Jodie's normally a bit of a night owl but on Friday we'll be getting her out of bed early so she can talk to YOU. She's coming to the Sun Online's London HQ for a live webchat where she'll be talking about her plans to break into mainstream telly.

Jodie's already appeared in a documentary about superbabes from her home town of Swindon - now she's hoping to be in more primetime shows.

To talk to Jodie just email your question then visit the The Sun web site at 12 noon BST on Friday to find out what Jodie has to say. So the sooner you email us your question the more chance you've got.

As well as taking part in our live webchat lovely Jodie will also be indulging in a quick game of ce-web-rity golf on our office mini-putting course.

Elle MacPherson In a very see-thru dress from the Monte Carlo music awards
Joanna Lumley To quote PMS..."This one is the ultimate Up-Skirt"
Tara Reid Paparazzi pic of the "American Pie" co-star popping out of her top!
Stop Motion
Amy Jo Johnson (1, 2) My hat is off to Stop Motion. I have big a big fan of Amy's since her days on the "Power Rangers" (It's a long story that involves a drunken, frat boy roommate and a bowl of pasta) Regardless, I knew that she was hot and that's all that mattered! Stop M grabbed these great cleavage 'caps from "The Rosie O'Donnell" show, and amazingly they are almost 100% Rosie free!
Viewer Mail
Cat Vs Britney
A Funhouse viewer brought up an interesting observation, namely the resemblance of Cat Deely and Brtiney Spears...His comments below, and a quick comparison image I threw together to help the readers decide for themselves. As always, we welcome you feedback.

User Comments from KW;
I don't watch much MTV but judging by those vidcaps by NMD of Cat, it seems to be that she and Britney favor each other a quite a bit, especially in the facial features of the nose and eyes and a little around the lips. Cat does appear a bit taller and more slender but there does seem to be a likeness to each other.

Judge for yourself

The Funnies
A few internet classics, for your viewing pleasure.
Texas Humor Aussie Humor
Chinese take-out humor Street walking humor
Fun with street signs! Yo queiro Taco Bell?

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"Don Juan DeMarco", from Tuna

Tuna's comments: Johnny Web did Don Juan de Marco a month or two ago, and compared this film to another of my favorites -- They Might Be Giants. Both have as a theme a delusional patient, and a therapist who ends up preferring the patients delusions to their own reality. As I recall, he liked the film a great deal. I also enjoy this film very much. Warning, this film is for romantics, and those who don't necessarily believe that there is only one reality. If you meet that criteria, don't miss it.

The film is full of wonderful detail. At one point, the Psychiatrist is giving Don Juan an ink blot test. Don Juan describes in intimate detail how the blot is a naked woman with spread thighs. The Psychiatrist looks at the next blot, which is a very clear silhouette of two women standing nipple to nipple, and says "lets move on to something else." This is the first film that I have seen where there is not a single negative review on IMDB.

The critics, however, didn't like it. Maybe that is why they are called critics rather than reviewers. Most of the criticism was of Brando's performance as the overweight, burnt out Psychiatrist. They criticized him mostly for being overweight, and not giving the sort of dynamic performance he gave in earlier films like Last Tango or Godfather. He was playing the part of an overweight Psychiatrist who was retiring early because of terminal burn-out. IMHO, he played it very well. I guess the critics wanted Brando to sodomize Don Juan (Johnny Depp) using butter as a lubricant. Faye Dunaway plays Brando's wife, and looks very desirable for her age. There was not much nudity in this PG-13 film. There was a harem scene with nudity, some nude rear shots of Ticotin (1 and 2) which are a double, and see-through from Jo Champa (image 1), Ticotin (5) and Talisa Soto (5 and 6).

I didn't read the reviews, but I sure didn't see anything at all wrong with Brando's performance. I guess you can criticize it for not being On The Waterfront or Streetcar, but it was appropriate for the role, and I never really heard any false notes. In fact, it was not without some vitality and energy, despite Brando's bloated appearance. I just thank God it wasn't Missouri Breaks.


Talisa Soro (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6) Rachel Ticotin (1, 2, 3, 4, 5) Jo Champa (1, 2) Geraldine Pailhas (1, 2, 3) Harem Scene (1, 2, 3, 4, 5)

New from GR

Amanda Peterson in "Fatal Charm" Angelina Jolie in "Pushing Tin" Faye Dunaway in "Barfly" Barbara Bouchet in "Mean Machine" Anita Morris in "The Happy Hooker"

New from Stone Cold

Stone Cold will have some more commentary tomorrow with his reviews of the celeb mags. This is his synopsis of the new "Femme Fatales", which Cold claims is now coming out several times per day. Alina Thompson. Great shape on this sugah. Sophia Crawford Sophia Crawford Sophia Crawford Sophia Crawford Steffi and Agassi. Not from Femme Fatales. From some tennis magazine in Rasta Dentist's office. Remember dentists got this uniform magazine package, no matter what neighborhood they in. Highlights for Children, Vanity Fair, Tennis, Golf, National Geographic. At least no chance anyone but me will take the mofos outta the office. I hope Graf and Agassi usin' birth control, cuz them crackas capable of producin' Rosemary's Baby. Jolie. From some other magazine with lotsa perfume ads. No content, but one sweet-smellin' mofo. some rasslin Suga. Think Sable. Real name Rena Mero. Roxanne Michaels Avery Misuraca, alias Countess Vladimira Angelle Almendare. No idea who this suga is, but the photo is da bomb diggity.

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