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Thandie Newton


The Bloody Judge


Maria Rohm in Bloody Judge. It is one of a couple dozen witch finder movies made in the late 60's and 70's, all of which provided excuses for torture and various forms of mayhem. And an occasional gal with no clothes on. Maria Rohm is the one named undressed person in this movie, which was made by Jess (Jesus) Franco and by his standards the goings-on are pretty tame. It is a silly awful movie with Saruman, himself (Christopher Lee) as the judge who decides this person or that is a witch. None of that is important. Maria is. She was a lithe beauty who got nekkid in several movies and she looks particularly good in this one.

Maria Rohm film clip (collages below)

somebody else:

In her bath scene the gal who is helping her watch up is Diana Lorys. Now Diana is a much more exotic beauty who shows none of the goodies in Bloody Judge but she was not nearly so shy in other films. Here she is in one of those (Nightmares Come at Night (1970), which might go a long way to explaining why we call them nightmares).


The Red Rooster


A Canadian indie film.

Kristine Cofsky: very nice topless.

Jessica Duong: sideboob.

Linda Stang: topless.


(2013; trailer)

From the makers of The Red Rooster.

Lauren Lee Smith: sexy but she should show more considering the movie's R-rating

Katharine Isabelle: sexy.


(2013 video short)

Melanie Merkosky: bra and panties

Kirsten Roeters: nice cleavage.


US comediennes Kirsten Roeters are Suzanne Keilly are probably the best stacked female comedy duo around.

Kirsten Roeters: brassiere in deleted scene from "Forgetting Sarah Marshall".

Kirsten Roeters & Suzanne Keilly: bra and panties in 2007 Chicago Sketchfest.

Kirsten Roeters & Suzanne Keilly
Honking each others' boobs in the comedy short "Not So Small Talk" (2005)

Le bleu des confettis

(le 2011 short) aka "Blue Confetti"

Genevieve Boivin-Roussy: sexy.


(2006; le short)

Jacinthe Pilote: sexy as hooker.


(2013 short)

Andrea Casey: very sexy.


Andrea Casey: sexy as a Playboy Bunny in a Jon Mullane music video "My New American Girl".

Andrea Casey modeling pics.

"Working the Engels"

tv series (s1e11)

Kacey Rohl: somewhat sexy.


tv series (s2e11)

Kaitlyn Leeb: very sexy.

Desert Fish


Andrea Stefancikova: very sexy,


(2012 short)

The only reason this movie was made so a guy can say he has video proof of bedding a beautiful blonde model.

Andrea Stefancikova: sideboob.

Behind in the Count

(2010 short)

Jocelyn Ott: very sexy.


(s2e13) (season finale)

Caroline Dhavernas: parial boob.

In the news...

Recently deceased CBC anchor Knwolton Nash serviced by a topless shoeshine girl in a 1960s news clip

The Worst Horror Movie Ever Made: The Re-make


Another Bill Zebub remake of one of his earlier productions but despite the title there are far worst horror movies out there.

Andrea Szel: full frontal but she kept her thighs together with a brief exception in the blooper reel.

Kerri Taylor: full frontal and disco bush in lesbian scene in her best Bill Zebub appearance to date.

Kathy Rice: gyno-cam in lesbian scene.

Elyse Cheri: boobs and buns as hillbilly princess dancing for her brothers.

Mela Nichols: gyno-cam as doll rape victim.

Debbie Dee: full frontal with disco bush as doll rape victim.

Jackie Stevens: boobs and buns as victim.

Danielle Millennium: robohooters as victim with visible robohooter scars.

Anne Reiss: boobs and buns as victim.

Courtney James: gory topless.


Danielle Millennium: modelling photos in various states of undress.

Scarlett Storm: a recent addition to the Bill Zebub regulars showing gyno-cam in the video "Alone in the Woods"


Anja Rubik, photographed by Paolo Roversi

Martha Hunt, photographed by Manolo Campion

Cora Keegan

Gemita Samarra in The Siren's Call

Anna Maria Demara in Demon Legacy

Cortney Palm in Demon Legacy

Assorted collages, including some VHS material which has never made it to DVD or Blu-Ray

Paz de la Huerta in Nurse 3D

Vanessa Lai Fox in Nurse 3D

Avalon Anders in Bikini Summer II

Jessica Hahn in Bikini Summer II

Tammy Marcel in Bikini Summer II

Beau Garrett in Turistas

Melissa George in Turistas

Olivia Wilde in Turistas

Jessica Lange in King Kong

Julie Michaels in Doctor Mordrid

Kari Wuhrer in Poison

Peggy Trentini in Poison

Elizabeth Olsen in In Secret

Erika Anderson in Quake