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Unrated version. 2005. Part 2 of 2.

HD film clips of Paula Wild

HD film clips of Sandy Style and Natali Tothova

HD film clips of unknown





Style and Tothova









Intimate Nights


Today a short visit to soft-core land with Kim Yates, who shows all in this bad flick. Probably the most notable thing about Kim is that she auditioned for Elizabeth Berkley's role in "Showgirls". She would certainly have had no problem with the skin exposure required. Caps and 2 clips.





TV Land

Over in TV Land we have dueling leg babes on the couch of the "Today" show with Natalie Morales and luscious Amy Robach. Caps and a HD clip.






Notes and collages

The Great Texas Dynamite Chase

Tara Strohmeier










Casting Couch Cuties


This is a MacDaddy production that makes an attempt to add something resembling a plot and humor to what is otherwise a strip and wiggle production. Or, depending on the gal, it is a strip and spread extravaganza. No reason to discuss the feeble attempts at humor because they occurred only as shameless mugging by James Bartholet (Izzy Sleaze) intercut with the real reason for the disk - the nekkid women. I cut him out and left the babes. So we got nine clips, eight of them solo and one a light lesbo pairing. Seven of the women are known at one level or another, the most familiar being B-movie bims Flower Edwards and Isabella Camille. One gal was given the name Mercedes - did not recognize her from any other work, but she is such a cutie I threw in her clip just because. Bottom line here is simple - you could do worse things with your time than watch Casting Couch Cuties such as club baby seals or watch Fox News, but you wouldn't need to go far to find something a whole lot better to do.

Day 7 - Mercedes











If you've seen Mickey Rourke's performance in The Wrestler, you may not be as impressed with 2008's Killshot, but he still does a credible job as a remorseless hit man, and the flick is high-action throughout.

When he takes a hit for the mob, Armand (Mickey Rourke) also kills the woman who let him into the target's apartment, because he wants no witnesses. Unfortunately, she is the mob boss' girlfriend and he is not pleased, so now Armand is on the run from the mob.

Trying to disappear, Armand teams up with a young punk bank robber in an extortion scheme, but it goes wrong when real estate agent Carmen (Diane Lane) and her husband break up the attempt. Now, Armand and his new partner must find the couple and eliminate them as witnesses.

Plenty of excitement and action help to offset a fairly predictable plot, so while not exceptional, the flick is still a decent evening's entertainment

Alexis Butler Diane Lane







Armelle Deutsch in Elodie Bradford, a French TV series

Judith Davis in Villa Jasmin

Sandy Lobry in L'Odyssee del Amour

Sandy Lobry in Le Juge est une Femme









ESP: Extra Sexual Perception



Sondra St. Cyr film clip, sample below









Mel B (formerly Scary Spice) has developed a bodybuilder's physique

Cynthia Nixon in Sex and the City HD


Film Clips

Sook-Yin Lee in Toronto Stories (samples below)

Anna Paquin in True Blood, episodes 6, 7, and 8, in HD. Anna's scenes were chosen as the top nude scene of last year in our annual poll, but our voters were being more subjective than usual. That was a vote for Anna, not for the scenes. In reality, it wasn't even the best nudity from that show. Lizzy Caplan's scenes are hotter, and Lizzy has a spectacular body.

Speaking of Lizzy, here are her scenes from episodes 7,8, and 9 in HD.

And here's an HD clip of Lynn Collins from episode 3 of the same show.

Lizzy Borden in Terror Toons