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Sex Mannequin


A woman (Dylan Ryan) finds a naked mannequin in a warehouse. She begins to fantasize, and the mannequin (London) comes to life. The sex between them includes bondage, discipline, fisting and female ejaculation. Neither star is an actress by trade. Dylan Ryan is a queer fetish model, professional dancer and activist from San Francisco. London, who's actually from Toronto, is a queer sex worker with a flair for kink. She is also a writer, makeup artist, coffee singer, avid bike rider and social worker. This film is not the typical watered-down girl/girl simulated sex, but the real deal, and the two women are totally into each other. The riding crop strikes thighs and buttocks; the fisting is shown in detail, as is the ejaculation. The orgasms are explosive.

Director Maria Beatty has created a smoking hot woman's fetish film with her typical stylistic elements: backlit scenes, extreme close-ups, and lots of kissing. If you have ever wondered what it can really be like between two women, or if the fetish aspects are of interest to you, this is a must-own.

The DVD also includes a Q&A session with the actresses and the director.  It can be found at

Dylan Ryan










The Godson


Our seventies oldies tour returns to The Godson for a look at Lois Mitchell. This is her one and only screen credit at IMDB, and that is a real shame because she was one hot-looking lady.

Lois with lots of boobage and a flash of bush before she gets shot.  Caps and seven clips.

It seems the ladies in this movie have some nasty endings (maybe that's why Lois never made another movie).






Notes and collages

Bobbie Jo and the Outlaw


Lynda Carter



I ordered the DVD, but it looked like a transfer of the VHS tape.






Holly Eglington

(1) full frontal discussing Vladimir Putin and his rocket in "Naked News" from last May, 2007.

Full clip here

(2) buns as stripper on your right in Deadly Little Secrets (2001)

(3) partial boob as Solid Gold Dancer 4th from your right in Out Cold (2001)


The Entrance


Hoser rip-off of Saw plus some supernatural elements, recently released to DVD.

Deloris Piper: boob but it's hard to see

Christine Gavin-Bartlett: pregnant bare belly.



All Hat


Hoser Western recently released to DVD. All hat and no nudity.

Rachel Leigh Cook: push-up brassiere having sex

Jessica Barrow and

Sima Fisher: sexy as strippers.

Charlotte Sullivan: cleavage as waitress.


The Haunting of Sorority Row

(2007) (TV)

PG-rated horror.

Agam Darshi: wearing body stocking in shower.

Leighton Meester and

Kailin See: wearing skivvies.


"The New Addams Family"

episode: "Wednesday Leaves Home"

Amber Warnat, sister of Kimberley Warnat, is braless.


The Clown at Midnight


Canadian-made horror about an evil clown murdering a drama class in an abandoned theater.

Hee hee, clowns are funny.

Liz Crawford: topless

Tatyana Ali: cleavage

Vicki Marentette: fully-clothed sex

Sarah Lassez: tied up.




Spanish horror about ... (wait for it) ... spiders.

Neus Asensi: stripped down to brassiere and showing cleavage.


Moccasin Flats: Redemption

(2008) (TV)

TV movie sequel to the tv series but Andrea Menard did not return as the lesbian cop with her strap-on weapons.

Kaniehtiio Horn: brassiere and thong cleavage.



American Pie Present Beta House


Another ID, the first topless Venus girl with the blonde hair and pink bikini top is Toronto area model Kristin Rae.


"Ed the Sock"

Must be May sweeps week as the hot tub girls are taking off their bikini tops more often than usual.


Koodo commercial

"Fat free" cellphone plan.

Haven't seen this much cameltoe since The 22 Minute Workout







The Girl Next Door


If you have a weak stomach, or the least bit of compassion for others, you may want to pass on this 2007 crime drama, which rapidly turns into a horror story that really twists your guts when you realize it actually happened. Based on a true story of what happened to Sylvia Marie Likens in Indianapolis, Indiana in the 1960's, this movie taken from Jack Ketchum's novel, while fictional, still sticks closely to the grisly facts.

In the late 1950's, teenaged Meg (Blythe Auffarth) and her polio-stricken younger sister go to live with her aunt after their parents are killed in a car wreck. The aunt has four sons, and their house is a favorite hangout for many of the kids in the neighborhood.

Things start out well enough, but eventually, both girls become the target of abuse by the aunt, and then her sons. Eventually even some of the other kids participate, but as Meg becomes the main target of attention, none of the kids say anything, even when they start becoming uncomfortable with what's going on. If you have an ounce of humanity in you, this film will leave you in tears. It certainly isn't entertaining, but it is important and worthwhile, and everyone with children, especially, should watch it.

Blythe Auffarth








Lesley-Anne Down in Hanover Street
Rosie Perez in The Take
Julia Ormond in Smilla's Sense of Snow

Leslie Orr in The Manson Family


Film Clips


Nina Hoss in The White Masai (2005; samples right)
Carroll Baker in La Moglie Vergine (1975; sample right)

Melanie Griffith in Something Wild (1986)

Penelope Cruz in Jamon Jamon. (1992) Beautiful 18-year-old who, as you know, became an international superstar.

Sally Hawkins in All or Nothing (2002 film from social realist Mike Leigh)

The legendary Edwige Fenech is back again in Taxi Girl (1977)