Marie-Josee Croze

If you thought she looked awesome in Spielberg's Munich, then you need to see Charlie's caps and film clips from Maelstrom and Ordo.

Maelstrom. Film clips.  (Three short .avis zipped together.) Collage follows:

Ordo. Film clips. (1, 2, 3) The first two are large zipped ,avis. The last file is actually two separate .avis in a single zip file. Collages follow:

Other Crap:

Foreign aid to Palestine used to buy weapons, per Arafat's finance man

Firefox 2.0 alpha 3 available today, including Google security features

I believe Hardee's is promoting the gay agenda.

The trailer for a Sundance favorite, Quinceanera

  • "Disaffected Latino teenagers come of age in a gentrifying community in the Echo Park district of Los Angeles... Quinceańera is a look at what happens when teenage sexuality, age-old rituals, and real estate prices collide. It is a reinvention of Kitchen Sink drama, fueled by the racial, class, and sexual tensions of a Latino neighborhood in transition."

PENTAGON ORDERS MISSILE DEFENSE SHIELD TO PROTECT RUMSFELD ... High-Tech Device Could Protect Defense Secretary from Retired Generals, Congress

O.J.'s daughter continues proud family tradition

Everyone in Zimbabwe is a millionaire!

  • The government just issued a $100,000 note so citizens can but a loaf of bread conveniently.
  • Shoppers have to carry huge wads of cash to buy the basic foodstuffs available in most shops. “Last week I filled a single trolley with 30 million dollars worth of groceries, and I had to count out 600 notes of $20,000 at the checkout counter."
  • "Zimbabwe used to boast one of Africa’s most robust economies, but eight years of recession and a radical programme of land redistribution has left millions in poverty."
  • Sigh. I worked in Zimbabwe around 1995, and it had its problems, but was quite a pleasant place in many ways.

It is time for the United States to pull out of Wisconsin.

100 Photographs that Changed the World

A new toy for your own web pages: Unobtrusive Sidenotes

Classic Felix the Cat videos

  • You might find the silent B&W ones from the early 20s especially odd - they are virtually stick-figure drawings.

JoBlo was very impressed with Pan's Labyrinth

Cool photos: Memorial Day Air Show over NYC

Treasury Secretary-Designate Paulson Likes to Look at Snakes

  • He should really enjoy those Cabinet meetings!

Another trailer for Pulse

  • "When the dead discover how to use computers, nothing can stop them in this high-tech thriller."

A clip from Click, Adam Sandler's new comedy.

Fox wins big with 'American Idol' finale

  • The only TV shows with higher ratings this year were the Super Bowl and the Oscars

A good day golfing in Australia: an eagle, two birdies and a crocodile!

"A woman says she's recovered a stolen class ring that was purportedly spit up from a Kentucky catfish."

The late Dave Grohl is feeling much better.

An SNL spokesman said yesterday that Tina Fey has not yet made a decision on whether she'll stay with the show or leave to focus on her new sitcom, 30 Rock

Batwoman revealed to be a lesbian - which prompts rabid debate among comix geex

Listen (legally) to Elvis Costello's entire new album - free

SHILOHNOUVELJOLIEPITT.COM has already been registered by Angelina Jolie

A (really weird) film clip from Michel Gondry's new film 'The Science of Sleep' starring Gael Garcia Bernal

  • Gondry is the guy who did Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

Charles Webb said Wednesday he has signed a publishing deal for a sequel to his 1963 novel 'The Graduate', which introduced the memorable love triangle of twentysomething Benjamin Braddock, his sweetheart Elaine and her seductive mother, Mrs. Robinson.

  • When asked why there was a 43-year delay before a sequel, Webb responded, "It was quite a while till I could figure out what they did next."
  • Webb said he received only $56,000 for the book. He has led an itinerant life and given away much of his fortune since gaining fame with his first novel. Earlier this year, Webb faced eviction from his apartment in Hove in southern England because of unpaid rent. It was the threat of homelessness for himself and his partner of 40 years — a woman who goes by the name of Fred — that prompted him to approach publishers with the novel he had been working on for several years.
  • The movie version of "The Graduate" made millions, but Webb did not get a share of the film rights and did not receive any of the money.

"Funny commercial by the Center for Union Facts rips union leaders for corruption, forced dues, discrimination, and politics."

Wait a minute - the ANGELS play the DEVIL Rays on 6-6-6

  • Although the Devil Rays theoretically have the home advantage, I have to think that they aren't really holding a big edge, since they're playing in a city named after Saint Peter!

The Tampa Bay Devil Rays will not change their name -- at least for the 2007 season.

Everything you ever wanted to know about NFL uniform numbers

HitTracker :: Home run tracking and distance measurement by calculating the trajectory and the speed off the bat

  • They are able to make a more precise measurement for homers that land in the upper deck or hit light towers, because they calculate how far the ball would have flown had it landed back at field level.
  • Suh-weet! The page also includes a link to videos of the blasts.
  • MLB claims the longest HR of the year was Ryan Howard's blast on April 23rd, but Hit Tracker says that one was exaggerated by thirty feet. According to their methodology, the longest dinger was supplied by Florida's Reggie Abercrombie
  • Their system also adjusts for the wind, the temperature and the altitude of the park.
  • There are all sorts of obscure facts, some of which may actually be useful. For example, slugger Jim Thome, although dominating the AL in the homer race, seems to have been losing bat speed since April 10th. His first four dingers of the season were generated by bat speed of 120+, but he's now in the 105 range

Katie Couric finally leaves Today after nearly two months of soggy farewells.

Roger Clemens is coming out of retirement for the third time, agreeing to a contract to pitch for the Houston Astros for the rest of 2006.

  • The Rocket will make three minor league starts (including one in Round Rock, about three miles from my house) before joining the big club in mid-June
  • He signed a $22 million annual contract, but will only be paid for the portion of the year which he will spend in the majors, which is expected to be a bit more than half of the season.

Examples of Photoshop Retouching Jobs


Movie Reviews:

Yellow asterisk: funny (maybe). White asterisk: expanded format. Blue asterisk: not mine. No asterisk: it probably sucks.


Twenty Something (1994)

Wan 9 zhao 5 is a Hong Kong Category III but, with two minor exceptions, could easily be a typical R- rated American story about the lives and loves of twenty-somethings. The two exceptions are a lot of vomiting, very common in Hong Kong films, and one of the more bizarre deaths in movie history. More about that later.

We have Pat, who's too fat to get her own boyfriend, so lives vicariously through her best friend, Jennifer. Then there is the unlikely duo of Sue, a suicidal lush and slut, and her best friend, the nice girl Alice. The guys are just about as mixed a bag. Bo is a heathen, and seducer of women - several a night if possible. He and the nice girl become an item, but he is becoming bored with one woman, and the drunken nympho roommate keeps throwing herself at him. Jennifer (Farini Cheung) is playing the field, and believes firmly in the one-night stand, but finds herself in a steady relationship with a businessman who actually cares about her. The entire crowd hangs out in a club getting drunk together, and after Alice and her guy get together, the party usually ends up at their apartment.


Things come to a head one night.  The slut seduces the nice girl's guy, who takes her to a bridge, and is having his way with her when he thrusts too hard and she plunges to her death.

End Spoilers

The film is no better or worse than dozens of other entries in the "life and love of twenty-somethings" genre. As required by the minimum trendiness requirements of the format, whether in the US or Hong Kong, the film's action is interspersed with a researcher interviewing the characters about their feelings on love and sex. This is not my sort of film,  I find that I have nothing in common with twenty-somethings, and don't much care what self-destructive things they do to themselves, but your mileage may very. Ther are some positives. The sound track won an award, and  the subtitles are very good, so I estimate that this is a C-.

There are not enough votes at IMDb for a statistically meaningful score.


Farini Cheung shows breasts and buns in three scenes.

 Yu Yau Chow shows her right breast in an attempted seduction scene.







* Ferdiando e Carolina (1999)

- Gabriella Pession x20c

- Lola Pagnani x15c

* Keeping Mum (2005)

- Tamsin Egerton x6c

- Kristin Scott Thomas x4c


* My wife is a gangster (2001)


-Kyung Shin Eun x6c

* Night Watch (2004)

- Galina Tyunina x8c






Today is (porn star) Tera Patrick day.

But don't get too excited

It's Tera doing "soft" porn in The Stalker. I guess you would call this one a breast bonanza.

Plus an unknown who had a major role but received no screen credits. Maybe she was sorry she did it.







“Les Heroines du mal” is a 1979 French film from Walerian Borowczyk. It consists of three stories set in different time periods.

The first is set in the Italian Renaissance. Beautiful Marina Pierro is an avaricious young baker's daughter who models for painters. She eventually manages to double-cross and poison both her lovers, amassing a lot of jewelry in the process.

The second is set in the 19th century. A virgin girl’s mean parents kill, cook and eat her beloved pet rabbit. She (red-haired Gaëlle Legrand) seeks the local black butcher, who was eying her, and loses her virginity to him. Afterwards, the butcher commits suicide, and the girl takes one of his knives to her parents’ throats while they sleep. She ends up in an orphanage, recounting her story.

The third and funniest is set in today’s time, A woman (Pascale Christophe) is kidnapped for ransom. The kidnapper strips her, handcuffs her and forces her to have sex with him. But the woman’s loyal dog manages to trace her in the kidnapper’s hideout and bite him to death, castrating him in the process. Then, along comes the woman’s concerned husband, who also suffers exactly the same fate.

All the stories are imbued with black humor and have some kind of twisted “moral” message, making them similar to “Contes Immoreaux,” but in a lighthearted way. Director Borowczyk plays the whole thing straight and directs inobtrusively except for many intercut shots of nude women and animals in “erotic” or suggestive situations, something also seen in the director’s “Ars amandi.” Although there is plentiful nudity, the film primarily aims to stimulate the intellect, and does so with beautiful photography and a lush classical score.

Gaelle Legrand
Marina Pierro
Pascale Christophe







Kate Beckinsale in Underworld: Evolution

Bryce Dallas Howard, Opie's kid, does some pretty durned explicit nudity in Manderlay

Maureen McCormick, the original Marcia Brady, in Texas Lightning

Kyra Sedgwick in Loverboy. This hasn't even been released yet. It will get mini-distro on June 16th. It was directed by Kevin Bacon from an original screenplay by Shakespeare. Unfortunately for Kevin, it was Hannah Shakespeare. It could have been worse. One e-mailer told me that I write as well as William Shakespeare.  Unfortunately, he was referring to the guy who invented the level-wind fishing reel, whose best phrase was "built like a watch."


Pat's comments in yellow...

Some civil libertarians claim that authorities are using the war on terror as an excuse to prosecute minor crimes as terrorism.  In Dallas, the FBI North Texas Joint Terrorism Task Force says that two teenagers could face up to 20 years in prison for delivering marijuana-laced bran muffins to the teacher's lounge as a senior prank.  An FBI agent defended the hard line, saying that they didn't know initially if it was a more widespread terrorist attack, and that "muffins tainted with some kind of chemical could have been distributed to a number of places."

*  I believe those are called "house brand snack cakes."

Pedophiles in the Netherlands have launched their own political party, the Charity, Freedom and Diversity Party.  Their platform includes lowering the age limit for sex to 12, then doing away with it altogether, and legalizing child porn and sex with animals.  Their website says the sex ban just makes children curious, and they want to expand children's rights.  One opponent said they say they want to expand children's rights, but they're really just promoting their own interests.

*   Finally, a political party where everyone thinks of the children!