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Tamzin Merchant


Don't Sleep Alone


Brainscan's comments:

While going through some of the old issues of the Funhouse, I ran into some frames Tuna did for a movie called Don't Sleep Alone; he hated it because it was such a lazy production, even for direct to video fare, but it had strippers and that made it a target-rich environment for him and, as it turns out, for me.  Only one of the strippers was credited (as Stripper #1), so Tuna put all the stripper frames up as Unknown; Mr. Skin identified one of the gals as Joyce Westergaard but that is incorrect. The stripper he credits - and one that Tuna left as unknown - is Pamela Runo.

I recognized her because the routine she does was in an earlier movie called Dragon Fire, in which she plays the lead.

That means the folks who put together Don't Sleep Alone just pulled a piece from an older movie and just stuck it in their movie because, well its a stripper movie and the gal is stripping, so who really gives a crap?  As Tuna said - the folks who made this movie were lazy with a capital L.  As for Ms. Westergaard she showed up and showed off in movie called The Coroner, so she was pretty easy to identify in Don't Sleep Alone.  Bottom line then: I put together a collage of Tuna caps of Pamela Runo in Don't Sleep Now (in the performance transplanted from Dragon Fire, so I threw in a collage of it, too) and I stitched together a collage of Tuna caps of Joyce Westergaard. 


This week, moving on to movies from 2000 and 2001:

Virgins of Sherwood Forest

Virgins of Sherwood Forest (2000) is s softcore movie that demonstrates that modern softcore/porn movies can’t really do period pieces. Silicone hooters and shaved pussies weren’t really found in the 12th century.  In this movie, all is bared by:
Amber Newman

Darby Daniels

Gabriella Hall

Shannan Leigh

TV/Film clips

Natalie Madueno and others in Tordenskjold and Kold (2016) in 1080hd



Ava Joseph and Timphany Jean in American Hero (2015) in 720p



Olivia Delcan in Isla Bonita (2015)

Ulrike Kriener in Naegel mit Koeppen (2012) in 720p

Rosanna Arquette (nothing showing) and Linda Fiorentino in After Hours (1985) in 720p


Linda F


More of the Elle Fanning sheer top (sorry, nipple patches, and ugly ones at that)

Kerri Kasem wardrobe malfunction (sexy daughter of Casey Kasem)