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Thandie Newton again exposed her breasts briefly in Rogue (s1e10)

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Aesthete is about to present the recent season three of Spartacus, but before he does, he went back to get some episodes he missed in season one. His starting point, as it turns out, is one of the all-time best episodes of television for nudity, s1e9.


All That Way For Love


Belinda Stewart-Wilson


This week's movies come from 1984-85

Today: two films with plentiful nudity and even some unexpected names like Julie Newmar and Melissa Leo


The breasts in Streetwalkin' (1985) are from Kendal Kaldwell,

Melissa Leo

and Samantha Fox.

Plus an unidentified woman

The other women in their underwear are Annie Golden,

Deborah Offner,

Julie Cohen,

Julie Newmar

and Khandi Alexander.

Hollywood Hot Tubs

Hollywood Hot Tubs (1984) is not the best quality but there are plenty of topless women. They include:

Donna McDaniel

Edy Williams

Jewel Shepard

Katt Shea

Maraika Niwa

Remy O'Neill

Suke-Chang Eggit

Some not identified

Film/TV clips

The women of O Som ao Redor (2012; Brazil)

Clebia Sousa

Irma Brown

Kim Thomson in Stealing Heaven (1988)

A Rosanna Arquette HD film festival of classic 1980s nudity:

Big Blue (1988)

Baby, It's You (1983)


Perennial favorite Kelly Brook in the new GQ Turkey

Florence Thomassin in the Tiger Lily mini-series (2013)

Norah Lehembre in Chronique de L'Ennui (2012)