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One of our readers suggested this project about a week ago. When somebody suggests something we've never covered, either Tuna or I will try to dig it up, so I picked up a cheapo Canadian DVD, but I really had no idea why it was significant. It turns out that there is an interesting story behind it.

The female star, Bethenny Frankel, has basically had two completely different showbiz careers. In 1994-1995 she was an aspiring starlet who was willing to do softcore sex scenes and topless sunbathing on camera in this sub-B teen slasher film. That career petered out. Bethenny disappeared from the public  eye for a decade, then re-emerged in 2005 on The Apprentice: Martha Stewart, where she made it to the final round before losing. That led to a recurring role on The Real Housewives of New York City.

"OK," you're thinking, "that's sort of interesting, but not very." Well, here's why it's fascinating: (1) Bethenny has her own personal website for her various endeavors (she's quite the entrepreneur), and her bio fails to mention her 1995-95 acting career; (2) her Wikipedia entry also fails to mention her starlet days, although it elaborates in detail about her efforts as an event promoter and celebrity vegan chef, and even about her childhood summer jobs in her dad's stables; (3) IMDb lists the two different showbiz careers as two different people named Bethenny Frankel, Bethenny 1, and Bethenny 2. Did I mention that the two Bethennys look exactly alike? The IMDb article has plenty of pictures of the new Bethenny, and I have plenty of the old Bethenny, and the two Bethennys are obviously one and the same person, but nobody, presumably including Bethenny herself, has chosen to correct the IMDb entries or the Wikipedia bio.

In other words, the Bethenny Frankel of the mid 90s has been successfully hiding in plain sight! Why would she expunge and/or avoid any references to her former career?. I suppose your guess is as good as mine, but I'm betting that she doesn't want anyone to do what our reader persuaded me to do: find her old topless scenes.

The movie itself is a very poor effort. It's a predictable high school slasher film. The new girl in town, a major babe, inexplicably takes a liking to the local nerd. No sooner do they become romantically entangled than the area is hit with an epidemic of violent deaths, all of which occur to people who have taunted or bullied the nerd. The director uses the old cliché of having the victims talk to the killer with clever lines like, "Oh, it's you," and the camera never shows the killer's face. I guess we are supposed to wonder who the killer might be. Hmm. There were no killings before the new girl appeared in town. She fell in love with the nerd. All the nerd's enemies soon started dying. Gee, I wonder who the murderer could be?

Characters are introduced, seem briefly significant, then are dropped. At times, the script manages to screw up the continuity from scene to scene, as if certain parts of the film were re-written without considering the effect on the other scenes. For example, an anal-retentive teacher is killed. We see him being bludgeoned with garden shears, then we see that his throat has been slashed by the blades, but in every subsequent scene, the kids and the principal discuss his death as if it were a natural extension of his known breathing problems. I guess that is true, in that death is probably the ultimate breathing problem.

The bad writing is matched by bad direction. In several scenes, a camera pans from one face to another, then back, then back again repeatedly. I suppose this sort of "editing in the camera" was necessitated by one or both of these circumstances: (1) a lack of proper editing time and equipment; or (2) a single camera and a minimal budget for film. According to IMDb, this would be the one and only film for director Barry Blake.

I guess the film might have been redeemed by some interesting performances in a few leads, but the work in front of the camera is just as bad as that behind it. The cast consists of unfamiliar faces, presumably the director's retinue of Hollywood fringe players who rarely, if ever, worked elsewhere. Ms. Frankel was the only one who showed any sense of how to create a complete character, and was the only one with a reasonably natural presence on film. And she herself was no Judi Dench. Although Bethenny turned in a perfectly competent performance as the sociopathic killer in this film, it's worthwhile to remember that her acting career died a year after this film was created, and she was not seen on camera again for a decade ... and she was light years beyond the rest of the cast!

The film has only two genuinely strong features: (1) Frankel's very pendulous breasts, which bounce around tantalizingly in a spirited girl-on-top sex scene; (2) a mercifully short running time of 74 minutes.

The DVD is not much better than VHS quality and has no features of any kind. The main menu has two choices: "play film," or "chapters." The chapter menu simply gives six different places where one may pop into the film. That's it.

In other words, the movie itself is utter crap, but it was still an excellent reader recommendation because of Frankel's mysterious disavowal of her lusty former activities.

Bethenny Frankel

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Blue Ice


Blue Ice is an HBO espionage thriller starring Michael Caine as a forcibly retired agent who now owns a jazz club in the UK. He meets the wife of the American ambassador (Sean Young), when she rear-ends him. They become an item, and she asks him to track down her last boyfriend. When the boyfriend turns up dead, Caine finds himself the target of both English and American spy agencies. When two of his own friends get killed, the case becomes a matter of personal honor, and Caine sets out to unravel the mystery on his own initiative.

It is not a bad whodunnit, although it is a little slow in the beginning. A nice jazz soundtrack is a real plus.

Blue Ice (1992)

Full screen

All-region, PAL

Sean Young is as sexy as ever, and shows buns and a hint of breast.








The Godson


Today it's back to the seventies' tour with The Godson. This one is about gangsters and broads. Jane Allyson shows off the body while making love, then as a "babe in bondage" who meets a not so good ending. One of only two credits at IMDB for Jane. Caps and six clips.







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Pam Grier

Part 2 of 2








What Lies Beneath

No visible nudity in What Lies Beneath (2000), however Michelle Pfeiffer is not wearing very much in a few scenes.


There is a bit of nakedness in Loved (1997). It is supposed to be Robin Wright but some of it is probably Leslie Storey, her body double.


The Shrink is In

There is nudity in The Shrink is In (2000). We see a butt that is  supposed to be Kimberley Davies, but it is almost certainly a body double.

Courteney Cox is down to her underwear.



The Sugarland Express

The topless nudity by Goldie Hawn in The Sugarland Express (1974) is brief and we only see it from the side.


The Pursuit of Happyness

No nudity in The Pursuit of Happyness (2006) although Thandie Newton is down to her bra.


Born Equal

Also in her underwear is Nichola Burley in Born Equal (2006).


The Groomsmen

In The Groomsmen (2006), there is an unidentified topless stripper.


My Son Is Innocent

Jamie Rose is supposed to be topless in My Son Is Innocent (1996) although you can't see anything.


An Unfinished Affair (1996)

Jennie Garth keeps her goodies hidden in An Unfinished Affair (1996) although she removes her blouse.


She's Too Young

Some brief breast exposure by Stephanie Gillie in She's Too Young (2004)

and Alexis Dziena is down to her underwear.


Murder Most Likely

Some pokies by Marie-Josée Croze in Murder Most Likely (1999).



No nudity in Menace (2002) but Lidija Zovkic

and Louise Delamere

are easy on the eye.


Broken Bridges

A sort of upskirt by Lindsey Haun in Broken Bridges (2006).


Up Against Them All

Silvia Lourenco is completely naked in the Brazilian movie Up Against Them All aka Contra Todos (2003).

Leona Cavalli

and Martha Meola

are in their underwear.


Law of Desire

Law of Desire aka La Ley del deseo (1987) is a Spanish movie and Carmen Maura shows some pokies.


Vares: Private Eye

Vares: Private Eye aka Vares: Yksityisetsivä (2004) is a Finnish movie with some breast exposure by

Tarja Saikkonen

Minna Turunen

and a woman that I couldn't identify from the credits.


Carnal Cravings

This week, the soft-core is Carnal Cravings (2006). The naked ladies are:

Monique Alexander




Tyler Faith


Monique Parent

and an identified woman who played the part of Claire.


Married with Children

Series 8 Part 2

This will be the last I can cap until the next season comes out on DVD.

Episode 14 - Sofa So Good

Bryn Erin - very nice

Christina Applegate - also very nice

Episode 16 - How Green was My Apple

Christina Applegate - lovely

Joni Allen - nice

Amanda Bearse - in a hot tub

Episode 17 - Valentine's day Massacre

Christina Applegate - lovely leg


Episode 18 - Get Outta Dodge

Stefanie Ridel - upskirt

Unknown - lovely bikini girl


Episode 19 - Field of Screams

Christina Applegate - lovely as the Verminator

Julie Benz - lovely

Episode 20 - The D'Arcy Files

Christina Applegate - nice

Amanda Bearse - some cleavage


Episode 21 - Nooner or Later

Christina Applegate - lovely leg

Unknown - cleavage


Episode 22 - Ride Scare

Christina Applegate - pokies

Sandra Taylor - some enhanced cleavage


Episode 23 - Legend of Ironhead Haynes

Christina Applegate - excellent pokies

Episode 25 - Al Goes Deep

Christina Applegate - lovely leg

Episode 26 - Kelly Knows Something

Christina Applegate - looking good







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