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Campfire Tales

Campfire Tales (1997) is a horror anthology tied together by four kids who become stranded in the woods when they run their car off the road, and tell ghost stories to entertain themselves while they await rescue. There is also a twist at the end related to the four kids. The four tales include the old hook hanging from the doorknob legend, a honeymooning couple in an RV victimized by (presumably) werewolves, a little girl being stalked on the internet, and a young man on a motorcycle odyssey who runs across, and falls in love with, a ghost.

Jennifer MacDonald, in the honeymoon segment, shows her left breast twice.

IMDb readers say 5.6. There is nothing wrong with this film. It is appropriately spooky, and the cast includes many who would later become names. The problem is that there is nothing especially right with it either. The ghost stories are not especially terrifying, and we don't get enough time with the four kids to care much about them.

This is a C-. It is available at

Scoop's note: If you want this one, Rare Licensed DVDs seems like the way to go. He has it priced at thirteen bucks. That's five dollars below Amazon, and seven dollars below the manufacturer's suggested retail.


Campfire Tales (1997)


Jennifer MacDonald










Today we leave the Time Machine parked as we look at a wacky tongue-in-cheek tribute to the old Russ Meyer flicks. 

Lots of breasts and mayhem in this sexy romp  ...


California governor wanabe Mary Carey shows off her huge robos.



Juliette Clark plays a voluptuous nurse with lots of T & A.




Then Mary and Juliette get together for some lesbian fun.











I heard this movie was like "Dead Calm", and it does have some similarities, but is different in a lot of ways. In "Dead Calm," Nicole Kidman's character does everything she has to save her husband, even screw with the bad guy, here Amelia Warner's character doesn't listen to her boyfriend and rather believe the stranger than him, so she also ends up screwing with the bad guy just to find out moments later that he is exactly what her boyfriend said he was - a psychopath, It is too late for the poor boyfriend by then.

Also "Dead Calm" happens in a boat in the middle of the ocean, away from civilization, this one happens in a Road Trip across Australia, but it does give a feel of solitude to the characters, having them stop in vast places. Amelia looks really good in the movie, just like Nicole did in hers, so that's a good thing.


Amelia Warner






Notes and collages

Jolie Day 6 - Taking Lives + Playing by Heart

Angelina Jolie in Taking Lives

Angelina Jolie in Playing by Heart

(no nudity)





















Passion's Obsession

Part 2

Former Penthouse Pet Samantha Philips plays the resident evil bitch in Passion's Obsession.

Shyra Deland is a model who did a bunch of Hefmag newstand special thingees. Here she stretches her acting muscles and plays a clothing removal engineer.

Regina Russell is also in the film.












The Guilty

Gabrielle Anwar




A film clip of Daryl Hannah in At Play in the Fields of the Lord. This is the full-screen version of the scene where Berenger startles her, which means that it shows her pubes when she flinches.
Here's part 2 of Marvin's latest Scandinaviana: Birte Tove in Tndlege p sengekanten

Perrey Reeves comes close to exposure in an episode of Entourage

A nice see-through of Debra Messing

Leonor Watling in Inconscientes






The Comedy Wire

TV viewers of Monday's Miss Universe Pageant that was held in Mexico City didn't realize they were watching an international incident.  Miss USA Rachel Smith was reportedly booed by crowds wherever she went because of anger over US border policy and immigration.  It continued at the pageant itself.  They even booed her when she tripped on her dress and fell on her rear.  The booing finally settled down during a commercial break when an NBC rep warned the crowd they were giving the world a bad image of Mexico.   

* This story is shocking!  You mean there are still Mexicans LEFT in Mexico?!


New York's Whitney Museum is trying to flash back to the 1960s with an exhibit on the Summer of Love.  It attempts to recreate the psychedelic era through trippy posters, op art, album covers, period rock music, light shows, experimental films, lava lamps and other relics of the era.  The curator said the idea is to present a cultural history of the hippie era for both visitors who lived through it and those who don't remember the '60s.  He said visitors can experience "what it might have been like taking LSD without actually having to resort to the drug."

*  Or you could just watch the Teletubbies.  


Mitt Romney said he's been fortunate enough in business that if elected president, he'll donate his presidential salary to charity.

* Romney's salary will go to the #1 Mormon charity: the Donny Osmond Foundation to Fight Tooth Decay.