"Sunset Strip"

Sunset Strip (2000) is yet another behind the scenes in the music industry 70s sex, drugs and rock and role film. It takes place in one 24 hour period in Sunset Strip. Characters include a successful band, a new band trying to break in, a song writer, a woman who designs costumes for groups, and a photographer who shoots album covers.

Proponents of the film praise the sound track. Anna Friel, as the costumer, shows her left nipple changing in a car. She also supplies the punch line to one of the few bits I actually laughed at. The photographer gets the clap, and stops by to notify the cocktail waitress that infected him. She is not there, but a musician is, so he tells the musician to pas son the message. Later in the day, in a period of about 4 minutes, Friel screws first the musician who was doing the cocktail waitress, then the major star. She learns of her mistake when the cocktail waitress throws a drink in the photographer's face.

IMDb readers have this at 4.6. Opening weekend gross was $3.93K, and total US gross was $3.93K. Unless you are fascinated by the music business and the music of that era, there is not much here. Save your rental fee and watch Almost Famous again. D+

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    Masquerade (1988) is a mystery thriller set in The Hamptons. Rob Lowe is skippering for the very rich Brian Davies, and banging his wife, Kim Cattrall. Then he meets Meg Tilly, who is a very rich heiress with an asshole stepfather. He also seems to have run afoul of a local policeman, who went to school with Tilly and had a thing for her, but is obviously out of her league. It would be a real disservice to reveal any of the plot twists, as they are the main interest in the film.

    Cattrall shows breasts in a lengthy after sex scene at the begining of the film. Tilly shows most of a breast in a very dark and inexplicit sex scene, that nevertheless has some heat to it. Tilly did a great job of playing a somewhat awkward and shy girl that is a rich pillar of society, Actually, everyone was decent in their roles, but there is way to little going on between the plot twists. IMDb readers have this at 5.8 of 10. It looks very good, but I was never engaged enough to care who was a good guy and who wasn't, so the plot twists were sort of boring to me. This is a C-.

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    • Barbara Hershey shows off her booty in The Stunt Man (.avi, .wmv)
    • Mia Farrow shows off her own rather underfed bum in John and Mary (.avi, .wmv)
    • Kay Lenz in another of her great nude roles - The Passage. (.avi, .wmv)



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    When I cap big brother's I use hypercam mostly & sdp & asfrecorder if the set up allows me. I stopped using camtasia cause the file sizes were always too big, could never figure out the process, over my head lol, plus it cost too much to buy in my opinion.

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    I made the .wmv versions of each video. The codecs for these: Windows Video V8, Windows Audio 9. The upside of these is that you know the codecs, and they'll play in the Windows Media Player. The downside is that they are slightly larger, and slightly lower quality.

    Crimson Ghost
    Today, the Ghost features 'caps and clips of Alisha Klass in scenes from an episode of the Skinemax series "Thrills".

    • Alisha Klass showing all 3 B's and of course having some pseudo-sex. (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7)

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    'Caps and comments by Spaz:

    "Show Me Yours"
    Brand new sex comedy tv series which started on Showcase last week about a female psychologist (Rachael Crawford) and a male biologist (Adam Harrington) working together on a sex book. Each episode has guest stars being interviewed about their sexual fantasies.

    "Queer as Folk": season 4
    The token lesbian couple are finally shown in the bedroom together but no lesbian action yet.

    "Alienated": season 2
    Sarah Jane Redmond is pregnant with an alien baby while the daughter played by Iris Graham comes out with her lesbian girlfriend played by Michaela Mann.

    "Moccasin Flats"
    Only six episodes were made and no female nudity as of the fourth episode.

    "My 5 Wives"
    Rodney Dangerfield vehicle about polygamy and a Mormon-like church slapped with an R-rating because Dangerfield wore a thong. No nudity but lots of pokies, buns, cleavage, and Dangerfield one-liners.

    The 5 wives


    "Out of Line"
    A female parole (Jennifer Beals) officer dating an ex-con is a recipe for disaster.

    "Terminal Countdown"
    Hopelessly dated action movie centered around a Y2K bug in a missile system.

    "Jericho Mansions"
    James Cann plays a superintendent in an apartment building full of nuts.

    "40 Days and 40 Nights"
    Some Canadian skin from this sex comedy aka "Can You Keep It Down for 40 Days?".

    'Caps and comments by Dann:

    "The Wind"
    The premise of this 2001 billed-as-a-horror film is that an evil wind stirs a group of college friends to turn one against another in a series of gruesome murders by beating. Unfortunately, they forgot to make that movie.

    What they wound up with is indeed a pretty fair drama of a group of friends being manipulated by Carolyn Camburn's character Clair into killing one another off. After a brief mention in the beginning, the tie-in to the wind was never really made, except for some wind sound effects heard during the flick.

    The result is an OK drama/thriller that shows friends banding together to turn on one another. The horror connection never really got made in my mind, and although the acting and story were decent, I personally found it kind of boring and predictable.

    Katie Holmes
    (1, 2, 3, 4)

    Katie looking great and wearing a lo-cut dress on the red carpet at "The Day After Tomorrow" premiere. Best of all, links #3 and #4 feature just a nip slip!

    Kate Winslet
    (1, 2, 3)

    Vejiita 'caps of the "Titanic" star showing everything in scenes from "Iris" (2001).

    Mandy Moore
    (1, 2, 3, 4)

    Juggo 'caps of the pop-singer turned actress showing a lot of leg, and looking good on Friday night's Conan.

    Lindsay Lohan
    (1, 2)

    The paparazzi catch the young star showing some cleavage and sporting some pokies while out and about in New York City.

    Rosanna Arquette
    (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6)

    more Arquette
    (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7)

    The Skin-man captures the wonderfully busty Arquette going topless in two of her movies.

    In the first batch we have scenes from the beautifully filmed, but amazingly boring Luc Besson movie "Le Grand bleu" aka "The Big Blue" (1988).

    The second batch are brief topless scenes from a movie I've never heard of called "Floating Away" (1998).

    I'm guessing there are two reasons why I've never heard of this one...

  • it's not currently available home video
  • it stars Judge Reinhold and Crocodile Dundee.