Surprisingly, I couldn't find any nudity in the Sunday night line-up, but in the French section you will find the latest clips from Cassandre and Le Juge est une Femme. So ... Vive la France!

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"The Tudors"

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Tamzin Merchant



Linda Massoz in the latest episode of The Judge is a Lady (s14e4) in 1080hd

Jessy Ugolin in episode two of Cassandre in 1080hd


Marie Petiot in Au Loin les Dinosaurs (2016) in 1080hd

Florence Coste in La Face (2016) in 1080hd

Fanny Guidecoq in Le Convoi (2016) in 1080hd

Stephane Caillard in Le Sommeil Des Amazones (2015) in 1080hd

Josephine Japy and Claire Viville in Paris Willouby (2014) in 1080hd

Daphne Hesnard in Nuit Noire (2013) in 1080hd





Alexia Barlier


This week, moving on to movies from 2000 and 2001:

Bring It On

No nudity in Bring It On (2000) but lots of sexy women in their underwear, including:

Bianca Kajlich

Carla Mackauf

Clare Kramer

Eliza Dushku

Gabrielle Union

Honorine Bell

Kirsten Dunst

Lindsay Sloane

Nicole Bilderback

Tsianina Joelson


The Irrefutable Truth About Demons


Johnny's comments:

The Irrefutable Truth About Demons is a 2000 cult thriller where anthropologist and part-time cult buster Harry Ballard (Karl Urban) receives a video tape of a cult meeting that he doesn't have much interest in, but when he goes home for the night, he is accosted by an odd young woman, Bennie (Katie Wolfe), with an offer of assistance which he dismisses, but then he is kidnapped by a group of weirdos. He barely escapes before they can do something to him and finds his way to his girlfriend Celia (Sally Stockwell) who helps him. During the night, she is murdered in his home and a message is left in blood on the wall that he did it. Harry hides out in a hotel and gets his assistant to do some checking, but he is also murdered in the process. That is when he meets the cult leader in the tape, Le Valliant (Jonathon Hendry), but before he can take him, Bennie drags Harry away and tells him that she was in this cult with Harry's recently deceased brother and that she can help him against Le Valliant. Then the strangest thing happens; he sees the very dead Celia walking into his apartment and she convinces him that he's been dreaming the last couple of days. It's about to become clear that it's all been very real and he is been played for a fool, but by who?

Baffling movie about 'demons' wanting to live forever with a surprisingly nasty tone. It also has that oddball genre feel that only seems to happen in Australian/New Zealand movies where the supporting characters are dialled up to 11 with wackiness/craziness while the main character is lucky to be a 5 (exhibit A of this - all Mad Max movies). The final act is so bizarre, lots of pulling hearts of the people's chests and so fairly full-on scenes. I really don't know about this movie, a truly bizarre effort.

Katie Wolfe film clips (collage below)

La Vie En Rose


Johnny's comments:

The clip below is from the 1994 New Zealand short film La Vie En Rose, which starred Katie Wolfe - and she has a nude scene in it. Found it on the Oyster Farmer DVD which I capped years ago and just remembered that Katie Wolfe was naked in that. Seems to be on the other side of the camera nowadays, I remember seeing a short film she directed, This Is Her, getting a regular run when SBS used to have a short film show.

Katie Wolfe film clip (sample below)

The Ugly


Johnny's comments:

The Ugly is a 1997 serial killer thriller where inexperienced psychologist Dr. Karen Schumaker (Rebecca Hobbs) is the latest doctor to attempt to get to the bottom of notorious serial killer Simon (Paolo Rotondo). We find out that he had a very domineering mother (Jennifer Ward-Lealand) who refuses to let him know about his father and is bullied frequently at school mainly because he is dumb and cannot read. His one ray of light is school mate Julie, who becomes his only friend, but when his mother refuses to let Julie be his friend after she finds her reading a letter from his father to him, he is left with no one but his mother. Not long after, he kills his mother. He tries to live a normal life, but finds it impossible with the urge to kill rising and continued bullying in adult life. He claims to see images of dead people who tell him he must kill and he starts killing people to stop this from happening, mainly women. One night when he is carting his next victim to their resting place, he hits a dog with his car and he takes the dog to a vet where Julie works as a veterinary nurse. He decides that he wants her for himself and kills her brother who he mistakes for her lover, but it eventually leads becoming closer to Julie, but those urges won't go away and no one is safe. Not Julie or Karen.

Another odd movie with supporting characters up to 11 in wackiness/craziness, but is held together well with a solid relationship between serial killer and psychologist. Very nasty movie with a number of throats cut both dreamt and in reality and Rotondo plays a believable killer (Is that a good thing?). Not a bad watch if you're into serial killer movies. Strange that this movie seems to have fallen away in popularity considering this movie actually featured on that Boogeyman DVD with Simon being listed as one of the great horror bad guys. Not convinced that's the case, but he must've impressed someone involved and he is a very effective killer. Wonder if there was ever going to be The Ugly 2?

Vanessa Byrnes film clip (sample below)

TV/Film clips

Amy Beth Hayes in the second episode of Misfits


Maria Menounos posted this on social media yesterday. I never realized before that she has a jumbo Kardashian-style butt.

Some premiere action worth a second look.



Myleene Klass

Nicky Hilton