TV Round-Up

Chloe Sevigny again did the whole tits-and-dick thing in episode 2 of Hit and Miss. (720p)

HBO premiered a film called Hemingway & Gellhorn which surprised me with two Nicole Kidman nude scenes. She looks sexier than she has in years. (1080hd)

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Catch the deluxe version of Other Crap in real time, with all the bells and whistles, here.


"House of Lies"

1080p, s1e7

Megalyn Echikunwoke

Dawn Olivieri

Aussie Park Boyz


Aussie Park Boyz is a 2004 gang action drama about Pep who heads the Aussie Park Boyz out of Osborne Park in Perth, a group of mostly Italians, who go around picking fights for money against other rag tag gangs in the area. Pep vouches for Cam, a hothead who thinks with his fists rather than his head. The two go are sent to a drug deal by local kingpin Jimmy, but it goes wrong and Cam beats one guy to death. Pep and Cam are arrested on the spot and serve 16 months in prison where they barely survive the Maori run prison. Two years after their release from prison, Pep and Cam and a bunch of Aussie Park Boyz head across town for some reason (something to do with tickets, I dunno...) where they are spotted by the brother of the man Cam beat to death and the brother goes ballistic. He sets up a plan to frame Cam for the rape of the head of the Maori gang's girl so that they can get him. But, that's the least of the Aussie Park Boyz problem because every gang in the area wants a piece of the Boyz. It's going to be a long night. I have no problem with low budget films in general and try to judge them on merit, but Aussie Park Boyz is appalling for the most part. The first 20 minutes is unwatchable, there is so much ridiculous posing going on I fully expected someone to bust a vein in their forehead. But, once all the bullshit is done and the film inevitably turns into a Warriors knock off, this film gets better, not by much, but at least it rips off the right film. It even has a fairly tragic ending which sets up the second film. If you want to watch this film, I recommend skipping the first 45-50 minutes and watching the low budget Warriors action.

 Amy Stuart film clip (summary below)



The Women of Project X (2012)

Kirby Bliss Blanton

Alexis Knapp


Rebecca Indermaur in Nebelgrind (2012)

Maria Nela Sinisterra and Cristina Brondo in Penumbra (2011)

Madeleine Stowe in China Moon (1994) - 1080p video, but with unsynched sound

Madeline Stowe in Unlawful Entry (1992) in 720p

Susan Sarandon in White Palace (1990)

Susan Sarandon in Joe (1970).
This'll take you back. It was her first screen appearance - 42 years ago.


Amanda Palmer promoting her Kickstart project, then thanking her supporters

Colombian model/singer (and soccer girlfriend) Nataly Correa in Interviu magazine

Annika Schwabe in Finale (2007)

Saralisa Volm in Finale (2007)