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TV Round-Up

The sex scene in Game of Thrones, e7 is awesome. Esme Bianco and Sahara Knite get it on for about 4 1/2 minutes while Littlefinger talks dirty. I noticed the the people on the HBO bulletin board complained that this sex scene was unnecessary and too graphic for a non-porn cable series. In other words, it's perfect for us. Full frontal and rear nudity. Good lighting.


Cedar Rapids

Ed Helms plays a naive small-town boy who has never been on a plane and is dating his former 7th-grade teacher. He's an insurance agent, not a cutthroat high-pressure salesman, but an idealist who believes the best of people, and believes that his profession can be a tremendous source of good in the world because insurance representatives are the ones we turn to to get us back on our feet in the very worst times of our lives. When an embarrassing fatal accident (think David Carradine) takes the life of his agency's senior spokesman, it falls upon Ed to go to Cedar Rapids and make a critical presentation at the big annual regional convention. He becomes more worldly in many ways, and his maturity is not without some compromises, but ultimately he figures out the difference between right and wrong.

Cedar Rapids is a raunchy "slobs vs snobs" comedy, although it is a lot more complicated than the typical film in that genre. Although it includes the genre's usual one-dimensional antagonist, the script develops its humor within the context of believable characters and plausible situations, and it carves the hero's triumph out of his own genuine, credible personal development rather than from the unrealistic one-time achievement which usually provides the climax of a slob-snob movie.

Like all films in this genre, Cedar Rapids has an underlying serious point, which goes something like this: the best people are those who care about others. They are simple, direct, humble, sincere, and fun-loving, and are "winners" even when they have small pecs and smaller bank accounts. The effort made by a "slobs vs snobs" author to develop the serious point depends, I suppose, on his or her personal emotional involvement in the story. Sometimes the plot satisfies the genre requirements in a perfunctory manner simply by letting the underdogs get the girls or end up as the unlikely winners of a competition, but this film takes a different path. It spends a lot of time developing the eventual morally superiority of the underdog, ruminating about which ends are really worth pursuing in life, and questioning whether one should cut moral corners, even in pursuit of one of those worthwhile ends.

In fact, the film spends enough time on serious ruminations and soul-searching that it doesn't always find as much time for comedy as I would like. The three main "slobs," played by Helms, John C. Reilly and Anne Heche, are carrying around a lot of emotional baggage that has nothing to do with the "snobs." There's a lot of existential ennui and loneliness inside of the dick jokes. Imagine if Animal House had been made by Ingmar Bergman, and you'll be getting close to what's going on here.

That last paragraph doesn't make the film sound very appealing, or at least I would not find it so if it had been written by somebody else, and yet I liked the film quite a bit. Cedar Rapids is a good comedy, but not because it is extremely funny. It's a movie with a big heart which also happens to be pretty funny from time to time.

Other people reported that there was no nudity in the film. That is quite incorrect. Perhaps the Blu-Ray version if different from the theatrical. There's quite a bit of male nudity, and Anne Heche has a clear, if brief, topless scene in 1080p. Some lower-res samples below.

Hangover II

Speaking of male nudity, there's a ton of it in this film. There are some breasts as well, but if I'm not mistaken the titties all belong to people with penises. As in the film's predecessor, the raunchiest stuff is in the still photos which run over the end credits, and you will see some breasts there, but I think they are all attached to the same trannies who appear in the film proper. The only 100% woman, so far as I can tell, is the one who shoots ping-pong balls out of her coochie, and you really can't see much of her because of the careful selection of camera angles. Anyway, here's the whole deal, if you want to see it. (Poor quality. its a cam.)


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  • * White asterisk: expanded format.

  • * Blue asterisk: not mine.

  • No asterisk: it probably sucks.


Catch the deluxe version of Other Crap in real time, with all the bells and whistles, here.





part 3

Jeanne Colletin with Silvia Kristel. Captures below.





Beta House

A few notes on Oz's collages from the Saturday page:

That's Dawne Furey, not Sima Fisher in Oz's caps. It would be a couple of years before Sima finally whipped them out in the movie "Death Warrior" where according to her "well my breasts did all the acting from the looks of things" (coincidentally, the movie also co-starred a topless Dawne Furey!).

Here's Sima in Beta House

Here's an overlooker: Rachel Skarsten as the nudie photographer in "Beta House," and that's hefmag model Pamela Mars as one of the topless models.


Naked News

Toronto area actress Rachelle Corbeil is also Naked News correspondent and hefmag model Rachelle Wilde. She's recently on the cover of the hefmag Lingerie newsstand special and is in the current Voluptuous Vixens.




Film Clips

Julienne Hanzelka Kim in Shadows and Lies (2011) in 720p. I tried to watch this and could not get through 10 minutes. Pretentious NYU-style film filled with people pausing for three minutes before speaking - at least on those rare occasions when somebody is actually speaking to another person instead of narrating into the camera. Very nice-looking film which seems to have a ten-minute plot padded out to 100 minutes. It was directed by James Franco's film professor, and stars Franco himself. If Franco plans to direct, I hope he forgets everything he learned in this class, except how to get chicks naked on film. (see below)

Alexandra Neldel in Die Wanderhure in 720p (2010, see below)

Blandine Lenoir and others in two films: Seul Contre Tous (1998) and Carne (1991). see below.




Belgian model Fanny Francois