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Desert Hearts


Helen Shaver and Patricia Charbonneau film clips (samples below)





Bless this House

This is a conclusion of the Bless this House English comedy series from the 1970s.

Series 3 Episode 6 The Loneliness of the Short

Leena Skoog - all cleavage and leg

Sally Geeson - brief upskirt

Series 3 Episode 7 Watch the Birdie

Gay Soper - sexy

Series 3 Episode 8 Will the Real Sid Abbott Please Stand Up

Charlotte Howard - cleavage

Sally Geeson - sexy

Series 3 Episode 12 A Girl's Worst Friend Is Her Father

Sally Geeson - nice

Unknown - love the hotpants!

Series 4 Episode 1 Money Is the Root Of...

Sally Geeson - lovely

Series 5 Episode 3 The Biggest Woodworm in the World

Clovissa Newcombe - in her underwear

Series 6 Episode 4 The Naked Paperhanger

Sally Geeson - sexy

Valerie Van Ost - a lot of leg

Series 6 Episode 8 Skin Deep

Linda Cunningham - all cleavage

Series 6 Episode 13 Some Enchanted Evening

Shirley Cheriton - more cleavage


Let the Game Begin


Sex comedy so poorly construed that it already became dated the three years it took to produce and it's still awaiting a North American release.

Patricia Stasiak: side boob as 'target'.

Ioana Merca: topless as uncredited Romanian stripper.

Lisa Ray: very sexy.

Pina Di Blasi: cleavage as stripper.

Ashleigh Harrington: sexy as stripper.

Anne Nahabedian: fully clothed sex.

strippers: various.

Confessions of a Porn Addict


Mockumentary by Spencer Rice of Kenny Vs. Spenny fame about a porn addict who hits rock bottom when he comes across his ex-wife (Lindsey Connell) in a porn video.

Lindsey Connell: porn video but no nudity.

Michelle Morgan: cleavage by CBC's Heartland actress as masseuse (but no happy ending).

Ekaterina: Russian porn star

porn actresses: just about every legal fetish except for Brazilian fart porn and two-girls-and-a-cup

sex party: various

At Home by Myself... with You


Light romance.

Kristin Booth: cleavage, butt crack.

Shauna MacDonald: cleavage

Le secret de ma mere

(2006; aka "A Family Secret")

Quebec comedy.

Bianca Gervais: nude but partial boob.

Amelie Lafleur: nude but partial butt.

Joelle Morin: very tight sweater.

Wushu Warrior


Light action that takes place in China during the British opium trade during the 19th century.

Amber Mullin: almost spilling out of her Victorian corset.


episode: "Hearts and Minds" (s4e07)

Seems the Showcase episodes are heavily edited as some scenes seem to be missing. Anyone have the original TMN versions?

Karen LeBlanc: partial boob in sex scene.



Olivia Wilde in Russian GQ

Iselin Steiro

Bimba Bose in El Consul de Sodoma

Natacha Lindinger in Le Repenti

Kierston Wareing in "The Take"

Charlotte Riley in "The Take"


Kate Nauta in Transporter 2

Melissa Bentivoglio in an episode of "Body Language"


Veronika Swartz in an episode of "Body Language"

Jennifer Medeiros in an episode of "Body Language"

Amy Diggins in 2 episodes of "Body Language"

Anna Kalina in 2 episodes of "Body Language"


Emmanuelle Chriqui in Women in Trouble



Nora von Waldstaetten in part two of the Carlos the Jackal mini-series

Julia Stemberger in Der Koenig von St Pauli, now in HD

Hanna Schygulla in Der Ehe de Maria Braun

Shirley MacLaine in Terms of Endearment

Meredith Monroe in Black Crescent Moon

Sheila Platte and Dena Kollar in Costa Rican Summer

Eva Habermann in Wer Liebe verspricht (sample below)


Mary Louis-Parker's nude scenes from the last three seasons of Weeds in HD:

Season 3

Season 4

Season 5


The women of Calendar Girls:

Helen Mirren

Julie Walters

Celia Imrie