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Best Friends

Some nice naked ladies in Best Friends (1975).

Ann Noland

and Susanne Benton

are topless.

Renee Paul is a stripper but has some pasties on,

and Julie Clinch fills out a bikini.


Intent to Kill

There is no nudity in Intent to Kill (1992).

Traci Lords,

Donna Baltron

and Elena Sahagun are in their underwear.

Sabrina Ferrand is sexy wearing a thong bikini.



It is similar in Jumper (2008), where Rachel Bilson is briefly shown in her underwear.


The Lake House

In The Lake House (2006) there are brief pokies by Sandra Bullock.


"Murder, She Wrote"

ep: A Lady in the Lake

There are some more lovely pokies in an episode of Murder, She Wrote called A Lady in the Lake (1985). Susan Blanchard takes a dip and comes up very wet.


The Devil with Seven Faces

The nudity in the Italian movie The Devil with Seven Faces aka Il diavolo a sette facce (1971) comes from Lucretia Love's bare butt.

Carroll Baker is shown partially dressed in a couple of scenes.

Hotel Erotica Cabo

ep: The Amazing Woody

The soft-core this week comes from an episode of Hotel Erotica Cabo called The Amazing Woody (2006).

Carrie Gonzalez is very naked,


Nicole Oring

and an unidentified stripper are topless.

Micah Miller

and Kimberly Kay show pokies.


Tales from the Crypt

The following caps come from the seventh and last season of Tales from the Crypt TV series. Not of lot of nudity.


Season 7 Episode 1 Fatal Caper

Natasha Richardson - cleavage

Kimberly Cowell - topless

Season 7 Episode 5 Horror in the Night

Elizabeth McGovern - cleavage

Season 7 Episode 6 Cold War

Jane Horrocks - nice

Season 7 Episode 8 Report from the Grave

Siobhan Flynn - topless

Unknown - topless

Season 7 Episode 12 Ear Today Gone Tomorrow

Gretchen Palmer - very naked


To finish off, there were also two movies from the Crypt Keeper.

Demon Knight

Brenda Bakke - side boobage

Jada Pinkett - pokies in her underwear

Kathy Barbour, Tina New - cleavage

Peggy Trentini - topless

Unknown - a lot of topless women.

A couple of the above have been identified but there is a job for somebody with a bit of time on their hands to identify the rest.

Bordello of Blood

Angie Everhart - cleavage

Ciara Hunter - topless

Erika Eleniak - a lot of leg

Jen Jasey - topless

Juliet Reagh - topless

Leslie Ann Phillips - topless

Virginia Madsen - interesting

Unknown - topless vampires and strippers, again a job for somebody to identify them.


Married with Children

These caps are from the first part of season 11, the last season.

Season 11 Episode 1 Twisted

Christina Applegate - pokies and more

Jennifer Lyons - nice

Christine Moore - in her underwear

Unknown - scantily clad Jiggly room dancers

Season 11 Episode 2 Children of the Corns

Christina Applegate - sexy outfit

Unknown - a bit of cleavage

Season 11 Episode 3 Kelly's Gotta Habit

Christina Applegate - leg

Tina Yothers - interesting

Season 11 Episode 4 Requiem for a Chevyweight Pt 1

Christina Applegate - cleavage

Season 11 Episode 5 Requiem for a Chevyweight 2

Christina Applegate - nice

Season 11 Episode 6 A Bundy Thanksgiving

Christina Applegate - pokies

Season 11 Episode 7 The Juggs Have Left the Building

Christina Applegate - a bit of cleavage

Season 11 Episode 8 God Help Ye Merry Bundymen

Christina Applegate - a bit of leg

Season 11 Episode 9 Crimes against Obesity

Christina Applegate - nice

Season 11 Episode 10 The Stepford Peg

Christina Applegate - a lot of leg

Ron Ann Frey - nice bikini

Season 11 Episode 11 Bud on the Side

Christina Applegate - cleavage

Season 11 Episode 12 Grime and Punishment

Christina Applegate - lovely








Code 46


Scoop's notes:

Although it was directed by Michael Winterbottom and starred Tim Robbins, this dystopian sci-fi story almost went straight to DVD. I rather liked it, although it is a glacially paced movie, because it presents many provocative concepts and lots of intriguing speculation about the future, all of it quite plausible. In that respect, it's more fun to discuss than it is to watch because there is no action, the suspense is minimal, and the budget was inadequate to produce a distinctive look for the film's vision of the future. I said it my review that it was like spending an evening with Judge Souter - thoughtful and reasonable, but kinda dull. Ebert gave it 2.5 stars, and I guess that was just about fair because it's too good a film to dismiss, but not good enough to recommend, except to a highly targeted audience.

By the way, I have read that the Samantha Morton crotch-shot below was done by a body double.


Film clip of Samantha Morton (or a body double)








Eugenie de Sade


We return for the second day of this Jess Franco flick. Yesterday I wrote that this film was not as lurid as most Franco flicks, and today's scene provides an example. Alice Arno is a "Babe in Chains," but there's no full frontal. She is merely topless in these caps (and a clip, of course), while  being snuffed by Soledad Miranda.




TV Land

Over in TV Land lovely Megyn Kelly is all leggy on the "Fox News" channel Caps and an HD clip.






Notes and collages

The Scold's Bride


Trudie Styler (Mrs. Sting)


She was 44 at the time.






Powder Blue


If you've been on-planet in the last few weeks, you are probably aware that Powder Blue, featuring Jessica Biel's first nudity, released on DVD.

It is Christmas in Los Angeles, and the story revolves around four characters and the people they interact with, as they all face their personal demons. A single mom/stripper whose young son is struggling for life in the hospital, an ex-con searching for someone he has lost, a suicidal ex-priest trying to deal with the loss of his one true love, and a mortician beset by loneliness, all eventually will play a part in one another's lives.

This is not an especially unique story; there have been many similar to it, but the cast is outstanding and the script sound, so it is interesting although quite sad. Having Jessica Biel play a stripper that actually strips is a nice touch given the movies' habit of giving stripper parts to women who won't get naked. The caps are from the Blu-ray version.

Jessica Biel Danvy Pham other







Casting Couch Cuties


This is a MacDaddy production that makes an attempt to add something resembling a plot and humor to what is otherwise a strip and wiggle production. Or, depending on the gal, it is a strip and spread extravaganza. No reason to discuss the feeble attempts at humor because they occurred only as shameless mugging by James Bartholet (Izzy Sleaze) intercut with the real reason for the disk - the nekkid women. I cut him out and left the babes. So we got nine clips, eight of them solo and one a light lesbo pairing. Seven of the women are known at one level or another, the most familiar being B-movie bims Flower Edwards and Isabella Camille. One gal was given the name Mercedes - did not recognize her from any other work, but she is such a cutie I threw in her clip just because. Bottom line here is simple - you could do worse things with your time than watch Casting Couch Cuties such as club baby seals or watch Fox News, but you wouldn't need to go far to find something a whole lot better to do.

Day 5 - Shannan Leigh










Taraji Henson


Film Clips

The women of Asi del principio: Ana de la Riguera, and a double-team from Ingrid Martz and Ana Ciocceti