The Take


I have reviewed this before. I thought it was damned good for a low budget indie. I looked at it one more time on commercial DVD because of the explicit sex scene with Rosie Perez. While the scene would be outstanding if shot in good light and film stock, there are two problems with it:

1) the light levels are extremely low.

2) the cinematographer was going for a hand-held cinema verit aesthetic, so he deliberately tried to give it the grainy feel of an home movie.

I did what I could with it. I blew the film clip up to 1280x720, and I added as much light as possible to the still captures. They are OK, but in the final analysis, the scene was still too damned dark That's a shame because Rosie seems to have been completely naked.

Rosie Perez film clip




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  • No asterisk: it probably sucks.


Catch the deluxe version of Other Crap in real time, with all the bells and whistles, here.








Forbidden Desires


Darian Caine moves to the country for a new job, leaving her boyfriend behind in the city. She moves in with four other girls, and soon discovers they are all lesbians. She soon discovers that she is also a lesbian, or, as she puts it while telling her boyfriend to get lost, "I have tried both meat and fish, and I found out I only like fish."

The film is basically one lesbian encounter after another, and has essentially no plot, but if you are in the mood to watch girls playing with girls, this is not a bad choice. I am something of a Darian Caine fan, and she had a lot of screen time and exposure here. She is also given the writing credit. In addition to Darian, Alexia Moore, Keli Anderson, Brianna Blaze and Iris Blu provide most of the nudity and simulated sex.

This film has escaped IMDb's attention so far, and there are no reviews available that I could find. 

Darian Caine 34

Alexia Moore 40

Keli Anderson 21

Brianna Blaze 21

Iris Blu 25










We had to leave the seventies tour to head home with the Time Machine just to prove to my wife that I am still alive, but we shall  return to the seventies soon.  On the way home we stopped of in the eighties for "Parasite" and  a topless "Babe in Bondage," Cheryl Smith, in these caps and three clips



(Demi Moore made her screen debut in this turkey in a non-sexy role, so there was nothing to cap. Here's a screen grab from another site, if you're curious about her face.)







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Pam Grier







The American Poop Movie


How good can a movie named The American Poop Movie be? Not very, but you have to admit it's a catchy title. Or maybe you'd like the original title better (The Connecticut Poop Movie). Either way, this 2006 comedy is silly bordering on stupid, but still amusing in a dumb and slapsticky way.

Russ had a great senior year in college. He was a communication major with his own campus TV show ("I Did Your Mother"), and he just knew he'd land some posh TV job out in the world. Then reality struck: he graduated. Unable to find a job and broke, Russ winds up back in his small hometown with his loser friends, stuck in a dead-end minimum-wage job and living with his parents, and wondering where the dreams went. Not comparable to American Pie or any of the really good comedies of the genre, this one is just for wasting a night with a no-brainer comedy. I still like the title, though.







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