Manina: The Lighthouse Keeper's Daughter (1952)

Aka: Manina, la fille sans voile (Original French title.)

Aka: The Girl in the Bikini (American theatrical release)

This is a lowbrow French entertainment which would now be forgotten except for one very key element: it represented Brigitte Bardot's screen debut. La Bardot exposed one of her breasts briefly, so it is also her first screen nudity.

In a brief prologue, a young student finds a Phoenician amphora on a remote island in the Mediterranean. Many years later, he learns that there was a legendary Phoenician shipwreck in the same general area, and that the sunken ship was supposed to have contained many amphorae filled with gold coins. Convinced that his own find is part of a priceless hoard of ancient treasures, he finances an expedition to return to the island and dive for the loot. Since he is only a poor university student, the only way he can get a suitable boat for the task is to make a deal with some treacherous cigarette smugglers.

When he finally gets back to his island, he finds that the little daughter of the lighthouse keeper has grown up to look a lot like Brigitte Bardot, so he begins to romance her. The captain of the smuggling boat begins to suspect that there was no treasure to begin with, and that the student is only using him and his boat to woo the sexy young woman. The elements of dramatic conflict are established. Can the smugglers be trusted? Does the treasure exist? If so, who will find it? If it's found, who will end up with it? Will the student run off with the lighthouse-keeper's daughter?

We tend to think of the French cinema as a bastion of aloof intellectualism and pseudo-art, but this film was not made for the dour-faced university crowd. This film was made into a stew for popular consumption, and it could easily have been a "B' Hollywood film from the same era if it had been in English. It includes a pinch of this and a dollop of that to entertain the masses. It is an adventure about buried treasure, and it is a corny love story, but it's also a lowbrow comedy and a musical! There is the trite background music. There are over-the-top minor comic characters like Huntz Hall - even one scene inspired by the Keystone Kops. There are scheming, chain-smoking, moustache-twirling weasels like Gilbert Roland. There is a pretty girl in a bikini. There are popular songs. There is a big musical production number.

Although Manina is a poor movie in certain ways (the corny acting and the incredibly rushed denouement), and can even be laughably poor (some truly bad use of miniatures), you might get a real kick out of this film. I did. It is truly a time capsule left for us by forgotten people who lived in unfamiliar places and times. There are some nice (stock?) shots of Paris and Cannes in the early 50s and some fascinating street scenes which really seem to have been shot in Tangiers in 1952.  For some of us older types, this film is also a look back at a naive, primitive, old-fashioned type of filmmaking which we remember from our childhoods and which will never come around again. It made me smile to realize that French people my age must have very similar memories of cheesy films, except theirs have a different cast of characters.

I'll be honest and say that I don't want to watch any more like this, but it was a lot of fun to watch one.

And the Bardot nudity didn't hurt either!

This film had a brief and limited theatrical release in the United States in 1958, six years after it was made. By then Bardot had become a major international star and the distributor hoped to cash in on her name. Given the bare breast, I suppose that it played in very few locations. A review appeared in the New York Times, October 25, 1958 edition.

By our method of grading I guess it is a C- as a French popular entertainment from the early 50s, and one that can be quite fascinating to watch. Since I have not seen anything else like it, I don't know if it is a good or bad example of what the French were doing then in terms of mass-market commercial films, but it's charming enough to rate a C- and a recommendation for curiosity-seekers at least, especially since the DVD transfer is quite satisfactory!


Brigitte Bardot

The DVD release I screened is an all-region PAL disk from Australia. I had no trouble playing it on either the dedicated Region 1 drive or the Region 2 drive on my PC. It is available from an American importer (click on image below for info).

There is also a French disc, but that transfer is not as good, it is hard-coded for Region 2, and no subtitles are available, so this Australian release is the one you want.

Manina: The Lighthouse Keeper's Daughter DVD Brigitte Bardot


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Female Yakuza Tale: Inquisition and Torture (1973)

Yasagure anego den: sôkatsu rinchi, is a sequel to the Pinky Violence genre classic Sex and Fury, again starring Reiko Ike, but this time directed by Teruo Ishii. As you might remember, Ishii has an unusual style, mixing comedy and dark violence as the mood strikes him, and throwing in incongruities, such as modern dress in a period film, men in make-up and the like. Much of his staging is rather Kabuki-like.

Ike arrives in town, and is immediately taken captive by hoods, stripped, and subjected to a cavity search. When the baddies find nothing, they knock her out again, and she wakes up with a knife in her hand, next to the latest victim of the "crotch-mangling murderers." We soon learn that there is a reason for the cavity search beyond audience entertainment. The local gang is smuggling drugs inside women's vaginas. The women, mostly hooked on drugs and hookers, are not especially thrilled, nor is the madame they work for. All this sets up the finale, a massive confrontation in which with swords and attitudes take on evil Yakuza bosses and their minions.

This film clearly had less budget than some of the best Pinky Violence films, and Ishii was known not to like sequels so he often ignored the formula which made the original work and followed his own voyeuristic tendencies, thus including several scenes of people peeping. He also filled the running time with his usual marginally relevant jokes about bodily functions, like women peeing on a dying man, or a woman blowing her nose on the face of a peeper. This is the weakest of the Panic House Pinky Violence releases to date, but it's still more than worth the watch. The DVD is still up to the usual Panic House standards, including an informative feature length commentary, excellent optional subtitles, a great transfer, and the same essay on Japanese shock cinema that is on all of their releases to date. There is also a poster and stills gallery and production notes.

By our rating system, this is a C. It's a solid entry if you appreciate the Pinky Violence genre of female nudity and violence, but it's not THE one to see if you are just curious about the genre.

IMDb readers say 6.9, but based on only 77 votes.



Along the way, Reiko Ike manages to show her lovely breasts frequently

Dozens of other unidentified actresses show breasts and/or buns.








Asia Argento in Land of the Dead

Asia Argento, when she used to get naked, in B. Monkey


Kim McKamy in To Kill For (aka Fatal Instinct)


Laura Johnson in To Kill For (aka Fatal Instinct)




'Caps and comments by The Gimp:

These are collages from a 1981 adult movie called Night Dreams.  It stars Dorothy LeMay, a couple of years after her uncredited performance in Bo Derek's 10.  Dorothy boffs and blows her way through the cast. 

And it has Michelle Bauer in it. Michelle, in her pre-surgical days, goes full frontal but that is it. 

Danielle Martin also shows up for a little girl-girl-girl action with Dorothy and Jacqueline Lorians. 





Today some more softcore erotica, this time from "Spiderbabe."

C. J. Dimarsico naked.

Chelsey Hampshire showing off her bazooms.

Chelsey Hampshire and Misty Mundae get naked.

Misty Mundae goes solo.

Misty Mundae & Julian Caine with some girl on girl.

Tiffany Sinclair lifts her top to show of her boobies.






Some mega-serious triple-B, gyno-cam exposure from former Juggy Dancer, Angel Veil ... who has begun to call herself Rachel Sterling. Her real name is probably Lucy Magilacutty.

Scoop's notes:

  1. She was in Wedding Crashers.
  2. She appears in the May 2006 issue of Playboy.
  3. Brainscan send in 14 .avi clips from this disc. I figured if you were interested in one you'd be interested in all of them, so I zipped them all together into a single gigantic zip file (92 meg!!).







Sometimes one just must return to the cinema classics. Sally Kirkland, stark naked, riding a large pig in Futz! Here's the short film clip (zipped .wmv), the collage follows:

Margot Kidder in The Amityville Horror. Film clip (zipped .avi). Collage below:

Diane Franklin in The Amityville Horror 2. Film clip (zipped .avi). Capture below:

Nichole Mercedes Robinson and Laura Bottrell in Huff. It should be obvious which is which.

Dragon returns with some excellent collages. Emily Blunt in My Summer of Love

Pam Grier in Coffy.

Linnea Quigley in Creepozoids.

Victoria Vanegas in The Curse of El Charro , which was  to appear permanently on The Love Boat. "Cuchi-Cuchi!"