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"Unlawful Entry" (1992)

Unlawful Entry (1992) is an urban paranoia Crime/Thriller. Imagine that someone in authority wants to destroy you and take your wife. Kurt Russell (nightclub developer) and his wife Madeleine Stowe are having an evening at home when someone breaks into their home. To escape, he holds a knife to her throat. The police arrive, in the person of Ray Liotta, LAPD, and his partner. When Liotta arrives the next day and installs a security system, they see the beginnings of a friendship.

Russell decides to go on a "ride along" with Liotta. At the end of the shift, Liotta takes Russell to bust the burglar that broke into his house, and offers Russell the chance to beat him senseless. When Russell declines, Liotta does it for him. Russell, realizing that Liotta is deranged, tries to break off contact, but Stowe, happy that the creep is off the streets, doesn't agree. Once Russell convinces Liotta that he really doesn't want him around, Liotta tries to ruin his life and claim Stowe for his own.

Stowe shows breasts in a dark love scene with Russell, and Sherrie Rose (character actress with 36 credits) also shows breasts having sex with Liotta in his car. When he can't perform, he calls her a filthy whore and throws her out, which is an important insight into his true feelings about women. Maltin and Ebert say 3 stars, and IMDB readers have it at 6.0/10. Whether or not the plot works for you depends on your acceptance of the fact that Stowe would side with Liotta, who she just met, over Russell, who she supposedly loves and has known a long time. When Russell tells her what happened during the ride along, she wants to be convinced, and he essentially tells her to just shut up and avoid Liotta. This, to me, justifies her going against Russell. No wife wants to be told what to do, or that her husband doesn't care what she thinks. Liotta is brilliant as the bad guy. Russell did a credible job, although I didn't really feel his claustrophobia as Liotta tightened the noose. He kind of went from angry to whipped dog in one easy step. The DVD is a little dark and grainy, but acceptable. There is a full length commentary from director Jonathan Kaplan (The Accused, Love Field, Brokedown Palace, ETC.). I will give this one a B-.

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  • Madeleine Stowe (1, 2)
  • Sherrie Rose (1, 2)

    "Pecker" (1998)

    Pecker (1998) is written and directed by John Waters, and is far tamer than the title would suggest, and tamer than his usual efforts. Critics say 2 stars, but IMDB readers thought better of it at 6.6/10. Made for $6m, US gross was only $2.279. I suppose that means that I am in the minority in enjoying this film. Pecker, so named because he pecks at his food, is a sandwich shop employee who is trying to turn his hobby of photography into a career. His father runs a crab house/tavern, his mother runs a thrift shop for homeless people, his big sister is MC for a gay male strip club, his baby sister is a sugar addict and very hyper, and his girlfriend is very serious about managing a laundromat. Pecker shoots his images in his Baltimore neighborhood, and finds art in lifes ordinary events. He also finds a very naked Mo Fischer peeking through the window of a nude bar featuring stripping dykes who insult the men who are watching. Note that Mo has a total of two credits at IMDB, but three names. Mo Fischer is the official IMDB name, but they say she sometimes is known as Maureen Fischer, and sometimes as Maureen Fisher. I guess in this case one and one make three.

    Pecker has a one man show in the sandwich shop where he works, and is discovered by a New York gallery owner. He is an instant smash, but when he returns home, his former friends have turned on him, his girlfriend is furious, and he has lost his inspiration. This film dares to hold many sacred cows up for ridicule, and I suppose it was the anti-establishment aspect that won me over. They go after the New York art scene, child protective services, religious zealots, and many others.

    I must warn you that there is not an over-abundance of plot, and the excitement curve is pretty much a straight line. Pecker is low key, and slides through his world without breaking a sweat. The average review at Rotten Tomatoes is 67%, so I am not the only one who enjoyed it. It is billed as a comedy, but I think it will attain cult status. C+.

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  • Mo Fischer (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6)

  • Johnny Web (Uncle Scoopy)

    The two major releases are good movies. Each of the DVD's was disappointing in a way.

    Traffic. This won Soderbergh the "best director" Oscar, and is an excellent DVD transfer in 1.85 anamorphic. The big disappointment is that there are no really powerful features. There is a documentary on "the making of", and the rest is just the usual stuff. No commentary by Soderbergh, no deleted scenes. Disappointing for such a respected and successful movie.

    There is no female nudity, some male. Here is some minor pokiosity from Zeta

    Shadow of the Vampire. I enjoyed this strange movie when I first saw it some months ago, but this is about the darkest damned DVD ever. Of course, the more light adjustment one must do, the grainier it looks, so I did get some color and light into the images, but at the expense of sharpness.  The film earned an Oscar nomination for Willem Dafoe, who did a pluperfect impersonation of actor Max Schreck.

    • Catherine McCormack. Catherine has some pretty good sized puppies.  (1, 2, 3)


    Encyclopedia, volume H, part 1 is updated (women starting with Haa-Hal).


    Graphic Response
  • Kate Hudson. Unless you've been in Siberia investigating the mystery of the 1908 Tunguska event, chances are you've probably seen Kate in "Almost Famous" (2000). But just in case...enjoy this collage of Kate topless in Cameron Crowe's excellent movie.

    Be sure to pay Graphic Response a visit at his website.

  • Penman
    Jennifer Connelly
    (1, 2, 3)

    Aliya Campbell
    (1, 2)

    More nudity from "Requiem for a Dream" (2000). Jennifer of course has a lower frontal nude scene (link #2), and links #1 and #3 show the double dildo scene.

    Aliya shows her breasts, plus a hint of pubes in link #2.

    DVD cover art

    (1, 2)

    Julie Strain

    JJ North

    From "Bikini Hotel" (1997). I think the cover and title speak for themselves. I'd say this one is definitely a low point in Big Julie's career.

    If you likes 'em huge, then heaven awaits behind Bimbo link #2. The other links all have bare breasts and thong bikinis.

    Judy Greer
    (1, 2, 3, 4, 5)

    Vidcaps by Palrune from "What Planet Are You From". Breast exposure in links #1-4 and bush in #4 and #5.

    Did Judy lose a bet? Did she piss off a powerful studio exec? Obviously doing a love scene with Garry Shandling was her punishment for something. Especially when you factor in that she did a sex scene with George Clooney in "Three Kings" prior to "Planet". Poor girl.

    Fernanda Tavares
    (1, 2, 3)

    The supermodel showing some flesh on the catwalk. A single breast to be specific.

    Catherine McCormack A great collage by Dann with topless scenes from "Shadow of the Vampire".

    Dina Meyer Bare bum views in scenes from "Poodle Springs", by Scanman.

    The Funnies by Number 6
  • More signs that you might be a redneck....

    *You think "loading up the dishwasher" means getting your wife drunk
    *You think the stock market has a fence around it
    *Your coffee table used to be a telephone cable spool.
    *You keep a can of Raid on the kitchen table.
    *You've ever shot anyone for looking at you.
    *You've totaled every car you've ever owned.
    *The Home Shopping Channel operator recognizes your voice.
    *There has ever been crime-scene tape on your front door.
    *You consider a six-pack and a bug-zapper high-quality entertainment.
    *You've ever been kicked out of the zoo for heckling the monkeys.
    *Any of your kids were conceived in a car wash.
    *Your good deed for the month was hiding your brother for a few days.
    *Your wheelbarrow breaks and it takes four relatives to figure out how to fix it.
    *You stand under the mistletoe at Christmas and wait for Granny and cousin Sue-Ellen to walk by.
    *Your wife has ever said, "Come move this transmission so I can take a bath!"
    *Your family tree does not fork.
    *The flood history of the area can be seen on your living room walls.
    *Your soap on a rope doubles as an air freshener.
    *Your primary source of income is the pawn shop.
    *You refer to the time you won a free case of oil as the "day my ship came in."
    *Your hairdo has ever been ruined by a ceiling fan.
    *The best way to keep things cold is to leave'em in the shade.
    *You go to the family reunion to pick up women.
    *None of your shirts cover your stomach.
    *Your only condiment on the dining room table is the economy size bottle of ketchup.
    *You've ever worn a tube top to a wedding.
    *You've ever shot a deer from inside your house.
    *You prefer car keys to Q-tips.
    *You think that the styrofoam cooler is the greatest invention of all time.
    *You've ever been too drunk to fish.
    *You have to go outside to get something out of the fridge.
    *Your richest relative buys a new house and you have to help take the wheels off it. *Your Junior/Senior Prom had a day care.
    *Your dog and your wallet are both on chains.
    *You have lost at least one tooth opening a beer bottle.
    *Your house doesn't have curtains, but your truck does.
    *You can spit without opening your mouth.
    *The fifth grade is referred to as "your senior year."
    *You gene pool doesn't have a "deep end."
    *Your `huntin dawg' cost more than the truck you drive him around in.
    *Your belt buckle weighs more than three pounds.
    *You own more cowboy boots than sneakers.
    *The tobacco chewers in your family aren't just men.
    *You celebrate Groundhog Day because you believe in it.
    *Your beer can collection is considered a tourist attraction in your home town.
    *Getting a package from your post office requires a full tank of gas in the truck.
    *You've ever hit a deer with your car...deliberately.
    *You're a lite beer drinker, because you start drinking when it gets light.
    *Taking your wife on a cruise means circling the Dairy Queen.
    *Your favorite hunting dog has a bigger tombstone than your grandfather.
    **An expired license plate means another decoration for your living room wall.
    *Your secret family recipe is illegal.
    *Your sophisticated show-biz cousin is a rodeo clown.
    *Your pocketknife has ever been referred to as Exhibit A.
    *People hear your car long before they see it.
    *You list your parole officer as a reference.
    *You've ever stood in line to get your picture taken with a freak of nature.
    *You watch cartoons long after your kids get bored.
    *You think you are an entrepreneur because of the "Dirt for Sale" sign in the front yard.
    *You're still scalping tickets after the concert is over.

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