El Kabong
Amanda Markum Another great bikini scan of the sexy model from Stuff.
Paula Devicq (1, 2, 3) From the June issue of Maxim. These are some of the hottest images I have ever seen of the former "Party of 5" co-star.
Tamala Jones From the June/July issue of Stuff
Mystery Babe From Women's Sports and Fitness.
WhyScan's Page Three Report
If Page Three is unfamiliar to you, this link describes the Page Three tradition.
Today's Page 3 girl....Leilani, 20, Bournemouth. (1, 2)
Kyra Sedgwick appearing on the Howard Stern Radio Show  
Jacqueline Lovell (1, 2, 3, 4, 5) The Queen of Skinemax using her nom de porn "Sara St. James". Vidcaps from the Sara St. James DVD featuring a lot of posing, costumes, and even a few close ups of various body parts.
Jimmy the Saint
Saffron Burrows 'Caps from the movie "The Loss of Sexual Innocence".
Liv Tyler (1, 2, 3) Ask and ye shall receive! Yesterday we mentioned the tragedy of how easy it is to acquire Hal Needham's greatest hits on DVD, yet beautiful and artistic films are either impossible to find or are simply not available on DVD. In particular we mentioned the Bernardo Bertolucci film "Stealing Beauty". As fate would have it....it is on DVD in Europe, and L'Helvete already has some caps! A very special thanks for his quick response!
Rachel Weisz (1, 2, 3) Rachel also from "Stealing Beauty". Scoop Sr. pointed out that in #1, you can even see a bit of pubic hair in some of these frames.
Jaime Bergman (1, 2) KZ is a new contributor to the Fun House, and it looks like he is off to a great start with these scans from the July-August issue of FHM. Both of these actresses appear on Howard Stern's Baywatch farce, "Son of the Beach". I still haven't caught an episode yet, but many of our readers have shared their comments with me, and everything I have heard so far has been positive.
Leila Arcieri
Nikki Cox Vidcaps from "Unhappily Ever After"
Marion Jones Vidcaps from any one of the bazillion award shows.
Tori Spelling Another interchangeable vidcap. Could be from "90210" or just about any other show of movie "Daddy" hired her to star in.
Sylvia Agnes Muc My best guess....vidcaps from the German TV series "Unter uns".
Verona Feldbusch (1, 2) Again, not sure of the source for these 'caps of the former Ms Germany.
Sabrina Staubitz (1, 2, 3) More German TV vidcaps.
Dorkas Kiefer (1, 2) Also from German TV. My apologies for not having more info on many of these 'caps.
Daniela Nardini Vidcaps from "Rough Treatment".
Lisa Rogers (1, 2) Taking it all off as a stripper from "Lock, Stock, and Four Stolen Hooves"
From the Mail Bag
With all of the talk last week about the upcoming Olympic games, here was a response from a viewer that I wanted to share with all of the Fun House.

But, you're missing the greatest sport of them all -- the Plunge. Actually, it was an event in swimming competitions, early in the century (Yes, it will still be the 20th Century for another seven months). The competitors stood at the edge of the pool, did a shallow water dive outwards, and hit the water without moving arms or legs. Whoever then floated the furthest from the edge, won.

It turned out that the critical factor in determining success was not the strength with which people dove away from the side of the pool, or the angle at which they hit the water, but submergence. The less the person submerged, the further that person went. Obviously, the lower the mean density of the body, i.e., the more fat the person carried, the less the submergence. So, the winner was the person who was the most grossly obese!

Needless to say, this idea did not appeal to conventional athletic thinking, and the event was dropped. Actually, I sort of like the idea. If body building is a sport, wherein the winner is a person who is so grossly over-muscled that health suffers, why not have a sport that favors being monstrously fat? In this case, it wouldn't be a matter of aesthetic judgment, but an actual measure of who did something better. Of course, it doesn't fit in with "no pain, no gain" athletic fanaticism, but that seems to me to be a point in its favor.


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"Swept Away", from Tuna

Tuna's comments: Travolti da un insolito destino nell'azzurro mare d'Agosto (1975) (Swept Away... by an unusual destiny in the blue sea of August) was released in the US as "Swept Away." It is the film that put Writer/Director Lina Wertmüller on the map in the US. Kind of an Italian Goldie Hawn/Overboard, it is a variation on Shakespeare's Taming of the Shrew. A rich bitch democrat and her husband rent a yacht and crew to cruise the Mediterranean, where she spends most of her time belittling the crew and complaining. She is especially harsh on one sailor who is a leader in the Communist Party, and is a dark-complected Sicilian. After she oversleeps and forces him (against his advice) to take a launch to meet her friends, the outboard dies, and they are adrift. They finally land on an uninhabited island, and find that he now has the upper hand and enough of a grudge to use it. He subjects her to physical, verbal and mental abuse. Over time, she falls madly in love with him.

There are strong elements of class struggle and S&M in this interesting film. The scenery is spectacular, and the photography does it justice. I was totally irritated by the beginning of the film, as Mariangela Melato as the rich woman was totally obnoxious. By the time it was over, I liked it a lot. The performance by Giancarlo Giannini was first rate.


Mariangela Melato (no nudity in the first three) (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12)


"How The West Was Won", from Tuna

Part of the famed Cinerama experiment, which involved three simultaneous projectors to produce a wrap-around effect, seven channel sound, and a film quality comparable to IMAX. One chapter of the film was directed by the legendary John Ford, and the film starred just about every big star of the day - Widmark, The Duke, Henry Fonda, Jimmy Stewart, Gregory Peck, and Spencer Tracy. It also factored in every great character actor they could find from Walter Brennan to Russ Tamblyn, from Lee van Cleef to a young Harry Dean Stanton. The scope of the movie is the Western expansion of the usa, and the running time is a million minutes. I don't know exactly, the IMDb says 165 minutes, but that doesn't sound right for the theatrical release, because they originally showed it with two intermissions!

So, of course, it is a must see. BUT DON'T BUY IT. The DVD is a horror. They haven't figured out how to stitch together the three separate images on a flat screen to make the thing viewable.

By the way, don't expect the thing to be politically correct by today's standards. Its portrayal of the native Americans is consistent with the viewpoint of its own times, and it will sound ugly to our more sensitized ears. Furthermore it portrays the often greedy Eurocentric westward expansion from a one dimensional perspective, ignoring the racism, genocide, treaty-breaking and exploitation that went with it. So, it's not a real brainy movie, but a sweeping classic nonetheless, as much for what it tells you about 1965 as 1865.

By the way, if you live near or pass through Dayton, Ohio, you can still see this and a few other movies and shorts in Cinerama at the world's last remaining Cinerama theater.

If you are a film buff, I recommend that you read every word of this analysis of Cinerama with some reference to this film.

By the way, Debbie Reynolds doesn't get naked. Sorry


Debbie Reynolds (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11)


"Slave Girls from Beyond Infinity", from Johnny Web

It's a shame that they don't teach Physics in Slave Girl Training. They went to all the trouble to locate beyond infinity, and completely forgot about the expanding universe. Now all of a sudden they are well within infinity, their once-empty neighborhood full of shopping malls, railroad tracks, and foreign families. The only good news: they are now within Domino's delivery zone.

I love one line in this movie. Two girls walk into something that looks like a temple. One asks where they are. the other says "I don't know, but I have a feeling that all the laws of time and space no longer apply". At the moment she says that, there is nothing strange at all about the place except a little fog, and she is standing flat on the ground, indicating that at least one of the laws of space - the one involving a little thing I like to call gravity - seems to be functioning quite normally. Hell of a hunch!

I'm sick of talking about this movie, so here are three great links: Badmovie.org has an entire mini-site dedicated to this film, including stills, film clips, and .wav files highlighting the silliest moments, and plenty of fun comments. The B Movie Guide has a very lengthy summary and commentary Here's a guy who caught and demonstrated a very silly loophole in the logic of an escape scene.

Elizabeth Kaitan (actually listed in the credits as Elizabeth "Cayton") (1, 2, 3, 4, 5) Brinke Stevens Cindy Beal

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