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"Workin' Moms"

s1e12, 1920x1080

Catherine Reitman

This week, finishing the British movies.

Robin Hood


Léa Seydoux shows a bit of side-boob in Robin Hood

Katie Gibson and Alli Caudle in Malevolence 3 (2018) in 1080p



Anya Bay, Laura Aleman and Cerris Morgan-Moyer in Snowbound (2018) in 1080hd

Christia Visser in Girl From Nowhere (2018) in 1080hd

Sandrine Thoquet (below) and others in La fiancee de Dracula (2002) in 1080hd

So Jean Rollin was still making lesbian vampire movies in 2002? Amazing. His career consisted of some 40+ years of crappy softcore vampire movies which were nearly clones of one another. If you look at this clip you could easily believe it was from one of his 1970s films. I do have to give the guy a tip of the hat for one thing: nobody ever produced better-looking movies for no money. He had a great eye for cinematographic composition and for choosing locales.

If only he could have hired a writer.