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Amy Smart


Night of the Bloody Apes


Night of the Bloody Apes is delightfully horrible. We got your masked women wrestlers and we got your mad doctor and we got your half man - half ape and we got your women with clothes taken off in a shower or torn off by the man-beast. We got a winner. Mad doc with an adult son suffering from leukemia decides the best way to treat it is transplant surgery. Of a heart. From a gorilla. What the fuck?? I know surgeons live by the credo of Better Living Through Surgery, but where in the world did anyone - the writer of this mess, in particular - get the idea that any sort of surgery would cure someone of leukemia? I guess if all you have is a hammer, the whole world looks like a nail. So the son gets the heart with some real open heart surgery spliced in for good measure and he turns into an ape-man and chases women to hump them and guys to crush their heads between his bare hands, 'cuz you know that's just what a gorilla on the town does with his time. The good news is four women give up some goodies in this dreck of a film. Two went on to illustrious, long careers in Mexican cinema - they are Gina Morett and Norma Lazerno - so this would be the south of the border equivalent of a movie with Judi Dench taking a shower or two or three. The woman with the best fame is unidentified; she appears to be the actress who plays a masked female wrestler (Norma does, too). And Anna Levine is supposed to be in here somewhere but I have no clue where. Bottom line: an unintentionally hilarious movie with some nice looking women in some state of undress, but if you are inclined to own this, be aware there are edited versions out there with the gore and the T and the A removed.

Noelia Noel film clip (collage below)

Norma Lazareno film clip (collage below)

Gina Morett film clip (collage below)

unknown film clip (collage below)


Sculptors Ritual


Georgina Andrews film clips (collage below)

Russia Hardy

Following up on the question asked by Brainscan a few days ago, it's been my experience that many Skinemax actresses and bit actresses who've shown some skin do nude modelling on the side.

Checking to see if they have a Model Mayhem account is a good place to start looking.

TV/Film Clips

Martina Ebm in Bad Fucking (2013)

Sofia Kokkali and Pinelopi Tsilika in Mikra Anglia (2013) in 1080p

Sura Dohnke (episode 2) and Kader Gurbuz (episode 1) in Code 37 in 720p



Elizabeth Hurley in Aria (1987) in 1080p


Scout Willis wanders through Manhattan topless to protest something or another. (I forget what exactly, but not some real issue like world hunger or terrorism, but something empty-headed like a policy on Twitter or Instagram or something.)

Eva Green in a poster for Sin City 2

Katarina Vasilissa caught sunbathing topless