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Catch the deluxe version of Other Crap in real time, with all the bells and whistles, here.





part 2

Marika Green. Captures below.



Marika Green with Silvia Kristel. Captures below.






Continuing the fifth season of Baywatch and starting the sixth season, which were made in 1993 and 1994.

Season Five

Episode 10 - Tower of Power

Pamela Anderson - pokies

Unknown - beach volleyball

Episode 12 - Second Time Around

Jessie Campbell - bikini


Unknown - sexy

Episode 14 - Coronado del Soul Part 1

Nicole Eggert - cleavage

Episode 16 - Mirror, Mirror

Lisa Boyle, Darcy Darnell - bikinis

Carrie Anne Moss - sexy

Episode 17 - The Falcon Manifesto

Jacqueline Collen - pokies

Nicole Eggert - pokies

Episode 18 - Rescue Bay

Alexandra Paul - pokies

Lisa Canning - sexy

Pamela Anderson - pokies

Unknown - bikinis

Episode 19 - Western Exposure

Jessica Wessen - bikini

Unknown - bikinis

Episode 22 - Guys & Dolls

Unknown - cleavage

Season Six

Episode 1 - Livin' on the Fault Line Part 1

Alexandra Paul - pokies

Pamela Anderson - pokies

Unknown - bikinis

Episode 3 - Aftershock

Yasmine Bleeth - cleavage

Episode 4 - Baja Run

Annette McCarthy - sexy

Pamela Anderson - pokies

Yasmine Bleeth - pokies

Unknown - sexy

Episode 5 - Air Buchannon

Alexandra Paul - pokies

Charisma Carpenter - sexy in a bikini

Unknown - bikinis

Episode 6 - Short Sighted

Alexandra Paul - pokies

Pamela Anderson - cleavage

Yasmine Bleeth - sexy

Unknown - bikinis

Episode 7 - Someone to Baywatch Over You

Angela Visser - bikini

Crystal Owens - lovely

Helle Michaelson - bikini

Kathleen Kinmont - pokies

Pamela Anderson - pokies

Unknown - bikinis

Episode 8 - K-Gas the Groove Yard of Solid Gold

Pamela Anderson - plenty o' cleavage

Pamela Bach - nice

Unknown - bikini babes


In Too Deep


In Too Deep, from the makers of Zone 39, is a sweaty Melbourne-based neo-noir about Wendy (Santha Press, another little known lead), a clothes shop owner by day and jazz singer by night who is in a tawdry relationship with Mack (musician Hugo Race), a layabout who sings in a rock band. Things are about to become strained between the two for a number of reasons. First, Wendy's sister Jojo (Rebekah Elmaloglou, dangerously young) decides that she wants to stay with her big sis in her warehouse-style apartment (that only ever exists in TV and film) and she wants to be just like her. Second, there are two cops that are following Mack convinced that he has a tape of a politician doing very bad things. And finally, it turns out Mack is a bank robber who has pulled a number of heists (geez, pulling bank robberies in Victoria in the 80s, I'm surprised none of the robbers were shot by the cops) and Wendy has found out and wants to feel the danger. Oh, and Mack is a psychopath and Wendy and Jojo are testing his patience.

Of all the places in Australia, I think only anywhere in Tasmania would be less likely to set a steamy thriller than Melbourne. Sure, Melbourne gets hot in summer (not this past summer), but it's nowhere near as hot as everywhere else in Australia. Interesting film that looks suitably hot and sultry and has that lazy feel of noir, but there ain't much of anything going on (alright there's a fair bit of sex and nudity). Worth a look, mainly for the mood of the film as the main plot is barely worth mentioning.

And man, Rebekah Elmaloglou is exactly how I remember her, which is strange cos she's only 15 years old in this film. Was she really that young in Home and Away? (Turns out she was) You know, she has some quite sexy stuff in the film, but what type of person would I be if I posted it? Probably the same as if I didn't... 

The VHS original source was remarkably dark, so a fair bit of work was needed to make some scenes watchable. It is what it is, but the videos should be watchable at the very least.

Santha Press film clips. Remember it's VHS. The collages are below:




Film Clips

Elisa Sednaoui in Indigene d'Eurasie (2010, see below)

Klavdiya Korshunova in Indigene d'Eurasie (2010, see below)


Ivonne Montero in Asesino en Serio (2002, see below)

Laila Saab, Liana Iniesta and Fabiola Torres in Asesino en Serio (2002, see below)

This is interesting. This is a behind-the-scenes explanation (with nudity) of how the filmmaker created Amy Smart's weird nude scene in Mirrors. For reference, here is what the final scene looked like.





Belgian fashion model Anouk Lepere


Fashion models Ksenia Kahnovich (Eastern Russian) and Hana Jirickova (Czech)

Ksenia Kahnovich alone

Polish fashion model Malgosia Bela (until this moment I thought she was Hungarian, and that Bela was her first name!) Per Wikipedia, her birth name is Malgorzata Bela. Her nickname is sometimes spelled Malgosa instead of Malgosia.

January Jones in a publicity still from the new X-Men movie

some Katie Holmes cleavage

Michelle Cummins in Transparency (2010)

Jordana Largy in Transparency (2010)

Eve Myles in Tales from Pleasure Beach (2001)

Athena Demos in Amazon Warrior (1998)

Kat Facchino in Amazon Warrior (1998)

Joan Collins in Oh, Alfie (1975)

Rula Lenska in Oh, Alfie (1975)

Vicki Michelle in Oh, Alfie (1975)

Annie Ross in Oh, Alfie (1975)