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Coming Home


I think Emily Mortimer is still very attractive now, but 13 years ago she was young and delectable in this Peter O'Toole movie.

Emily Mortimer and Katie Ryder Richardson film clips (samples below)






Wednesday, 2 June is Festa della Repubblica in Italy, or Republic Day. To commemorate the foundation of the Italian republic in 1946, this contribution is all-Italian.

Agatha and the Storm

There is breast exposure in Agatha and the Storm aka Agata e la tempesta (2004)

by Elena Nicastro

and Monica Nappo

Licia Maglietta is down to her underwear.

At a Glance

The quality of the caps are not good with At a Glance aka Colpo d'occhio (2008). However, Vittoria Puccini is completely naked and shows the lot.

Black and White

Some nice nakedness in Black and White aka Bianco e nero (2008) by A´ssa Ma´ga who shows her breasts.

Chicken Park

The source material for Chicken Park (1994) was not the best but

there was some nice breasts by Demetra Hampton.

Alessia Marcuzzi

and Rossy de Palma show a bit of sex appeal

as do a number of unidentified women.

Crime Boss

Paola Tedesco is in her underwear in Crime Boss aka I familiari delle vittime non saranno avvertiti (1972).

Crime Novel

Anna Mouglalis shows her breasts in Crime Novel aka Romanzo criminale (2005).

Days of Abandonment

A bit of nudity in Days of Abandonment aka I giorni dell'abbandono (2005).

Gaia Bermani Amaral shows her breasts

and Margherita Buy shows some cleavage.

The Devil with Seven Faces

Not a lot of nakedness in The Devil with Seven Faces aka Il diavolo a sette facce (1971).

Lucretia Love shows a bit of butt

and Carroll Baker shows some cleavage.

Don't Tell

Giovanna Mezzogiomo

and an unidentified woman show their breasts in Don't Tell aka La Bestia nel cuore (2005).

Stefania Rocca is down to her underwear.

Fatal Charm

Not the best quality with Fatal Charm aka Poliziotto senza paura (1977).

However, Joan Collins shows her breasts a lot,

as does Annarita Grapputo.

Hollywood Flies

Some very sexy women in Hollywood Flies (2004) and I've included movies of the identified women.

Caprice (film clip here) shows an upskirt,

Bianca Guaccero (film clip here) a lot of cleavage,

and Christina Florencio (film clip here) is wearing a very sexy outfit.

Some identified dancers are also skimpily dressed.

Lovers and Liars

Lorraine De Selle shows the lot in Lovers and Liars aka Viaggio con Anita (1979).

Mad Dog

Some nice nudity in Mad Dog aka La belva col mitra (1977).

Marisa Mell shows everything

and Marina Giordana shows her breasts.


A few naked women in Millions aka Miliardi (1991).

Alexandra Paul


and some unidentifed women show their breasts,

while Carol Alt


and Catherine Hickman show their butts.

Lauren Hutton shows a bit of cleavage.

The Sweet and the Bitter

Donatella Finocchiaro

and a woman I couldn't identify

show their breasts in The Sweet and the Bitter aka Il dolce e l'amaro (2007).


The nudity in Unsane aka Tenebre (1982) comes from

Mirella Banti

and Eva Robins who show their breasts.

Mirella D'Angelo shows pokies,

Lara Wendel an upskirt

and Ania Pieroni a bit of leg.




Bonnie and Clyde


Faye Dunaway raw caps



Leo's in-depth discussion of the film here.




Deborah Grall in Gainsbourg

Laetitia Casta in Gainsbourg

Lucy Gordon in Gainsbourg

Mylene Jampanoi in Gainsbourg

Ophelia Kolb in Gainsbourg

Various actresses in Gainsbourg

 Anna Marie Gutierrez in Scorpio Nights



Haley Williams (Twitter post)

Jillian Murray in Wild Things: Foursome

Jessie Nickson in Wild Things: Foursome

Olivia Wilde from GQ Russia




Debbie Rochon in Colour from the Dark

Camille Langfield in Pledge This!

Sian Breckin and Jamie Winstone in Donkey Punch (HD)

April Bogenschutz in Raw Justice (sample below)

Katja Riemann and Susan Anbeh in Susan and her Brothers (HD; samples below)