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Eugenie de Sade


Once again the Time Machine returns to the seventies for Eugenie de Sade, yet another 1975 Jess Franco flick, although this one may be less over-the-top than most of his movies.

This one starred Soledad Miranda who tragically died very young in an automobile accident. As with all of the actresses who appeared in Franco's movies Soledad had no problem losing all of her clothes. Caps and four clips.

More to come.



TV Land

Over in TV Land Cameron Diaz visits "Leno". Not really sexy here, but she is just so damn cute. Caps and a HD clip.








Notes and collages

The Safety of Objects


Jessica Campbell








Mireille Darc from the Louis De Funes comedy "Pouic pouic"


Stephane Audran from the Hitchcockian Claude Chabrol film "La femme infidele,"

(Later remade with Diane Lane as "Unfaithful".)


Kristanna Loken from the film "Ring of the Nibelungs".


Beatrice Palme (I think), Nathalie Baye and Eva Robins from the Damiano Damiani Italian film "Gioco al massacro".

Be warned that Eva Robins is a transsexual.


-Sugar Chanelle










Casting Couch Cuties


This is a MacDaddy production that makes an attempt to add something resembling a plot and humor to what is otherwise a strip and wiggle production. Or, depending on the gal, it is a strip and spread extravaganza. No reason to discuss the feeble attempts at humor because they occurred only as shameless mugging by James Bartholet (Izzy Sleaze) intercut with the real reason for the disk - the nekkid women. I cut him out and left the babes. So we got nine clips, eight of them solo and one a light lesbo pairing. Seven of the women are known at one level or another, the most familiar being B-movie bims Flower Edwards and Isabella Camille. One gal was given the name Mercedes - did not recognize her from any other work, but she is such a cutie I threw in her clip just because. Bottom line here is simple - you could do worse things with your time than watch Casting Couch Cuties such as club baby seals or watch Fox News, but you wouldn't need to go far to find something a whole lot better to do.

Day 4 - Jaime Lynn










Kathleen Benner - Running on Empty Dreams

Rachel Owens - Running on Empty Dreams

Carla Bruni - the new auction photo which is expected to sell for a million bucks.

Britney Spears - golden memories in HQ



Film Clips