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The Last Time I Committed Suicide


The Last Time I Committed Suicide (1997) is essentially a biopic of a short period in the life of Neal Cassady. It is based on a long letter he wrote friend Jack Kerouac about how he found and lost his true love. Those interested in the "beats" and their inspiration (Neal Cassady, while being half middle class white picket fence and half 50s free spirit, he was hero to people like Ferlinghetti and Kerouac) will need to see this film. It also plays as a tragic love story, which should help with audience share, and the performances were very good. The narrative style was unusual, but seemed right for the subject. Unfortunately, that was not enough of an audience to make the film a success. Cassady makes love to his sweetheart, and then finds her in the bathroom with her wrists slit. He visits her in the hospital, but finds she has lost the will to live, and so moves on. Then she, recovered, finds him, and he has a second chance.

I don't feel like I know Neal Cassady from this film, but this episode from his life had the feel or truth, and pointed out clearly how he was torn between the white color suburban dream, and life on the road. The jazz score was a real plus.

A full screen version of this film is cheaply available, but the widescreen theatrical version is available from Rare Licensed DVDs. It is a Scandinavian import, and has optional subtitles, but is English in the original theatrical aspect ratio. As one of the strong points of the film is its look, the widescreen presentation is a real plus.

This is a C+. It is a fine film, but not for a large audience.

IMDb readers say 5.4. Critical response was not great.

Scoop's note: This decision would depend on how much importance you place on seeing the film in the widescreen A/R. If that's what you want, be prepared to pay for it. The SRP on the fullscreen version is $12.98 and Amazon sells if for $11.99. RLDVDs is more than double that on the widescreen version.

Melissa (1995)


Gretchen Mol shows her breasts and buns in a dimly lit bath scene.










The Hot Spot

On it's return trip home the Time Machine landed in 1990 for a look at The Hot Spot.

Jennifer Connelly looked awfully good in a bikini and even better when she exposed those Golden Globes. 

Debra Cole joined in on the topless fun with Jennifer.

Virginia Madsen is along for the ride with a lot of sexy tease and a wee bit of skin.







Monster's Ball

Halle doing it with Billy Bob from the longer European version of Monster's Ball.


Halle Berry
Amber Rules







Notes and collages

Jolie Day 5 - Original Sin

Angelina Jolie








It's a Boy Girl Thing



Gender-bender sex comedy financed by Elton John and released to DVD in the UK last week.

Samaire Armstrong: partial boob

Kathryn Haggis: nude (ugh) in shower

Brooke D'Orsay: bare butt

PG-rated slumber party:

Brooke D'Orsay, Emily Hampshire, Genelle Williams & Samaire Armstrong

R-rated shower scene



Slap Her... She's French



Black teen comedy only available on DVD in Europe for some reason.

Jane McGregor

Alexandra Adi and Nicki Aycox are shown in their skivvies in a somewhat lesbian context at a slumber party.

Alexandra Adi

Nicki Aycox

Only nudity is a rather unappetizing women's prison shower scene shot in the husband killer wing.



Winter Break



Lame ski resort comedy. No nudity.

Anna Faris

Rachel Wilson

Wendi Kenya




Satan's Little Helper



Katheryn Winnick is almost falling out of her brassiere

with shower nudity provided by Melisa McGregor.





Fraternity aka The Circle



Jennifer Hill is shown in bra and panties.







Sandra Oh getting humped by a bare ass Thomas Haden Church.







Back Slash

Definitely, 2005's horror film Back Slash fits into the "so bad it's wretched" category. The only good news is there was some decent nudity from Tara Platt, who you may remember from the not-quite-as-bad Scarecrow Gone Wild, and Jill Uden, who apparently premiered her implants in this thing, plus a couple of unidentified actresses(?).

Some guys are making side money with a "Hottest Girl on Campus" website, and making a slasher movie at the same time using girls from the site. Clips are then shown on the site, to entice visitors to buy the soon-to-be-completed movie. Unfortunately, the girls start dying immediately after being filmed, killed by someone in the same lame costume as the movie killer.

The story, so-called script, and cinematography are poor enough to achieve complete badness, but for good measure, they threw in acting that's so terrible it can't even be called acting. I'd call it "playing at pretending to be acting". Oh well, enjoy the naked ladies. It's all the movie has to offer.

Jill Uden Tara Platt unknowns








Some Divx avi's of a few movies ...

First from Inside Club Wildside:









A film clip of Amelia Warner in Gone
Kelly Brook in a bikini that's too loose for her.