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"Forever Mine" (1999)

Forever Mine (1999) is a love story with a simple theme -- true love lasts forever. A great cast and crew was assembled. The film works great whenever Gretchen Mol has her clothes off and her mouth shut. The Miami scenery is nearly as lovely as the naked Gretchen. As a matter of fact, the way to enjoy this may be turning the sound all the way off. The dialogue is straight out of Remedial Film Cliche, and the film is trite and tedious. In all fairness, Mol and Joseph Fiennes have real chemistry as the lovers, but the dialogue everyone is stuck with is too trite and contrived for anyone to deliver believably.

This was a straight to cable. When the production company failed, a Dutch insurer sold 5 films to a cable company in a package. This film was the pick of the litter. I will advise renting this for the scenery and the exposure, but don't lose track of the FF button on your remote. I give this one a C-.

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  • Gretchen Mol (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9)

    "The Mean Season" (1985)

    The Mean Season (1985) can be thought of as All the Presidents Men meets Son of Sam. Miami newspaper reporter Malcolm Anderson (Kurt Russell) becomes the point of contact for a crazed serial killer. After a while, there is some doubt about who is using whom. Mariel Hemingway as Russell's girlfriend shows her breasts in a shower scene. The title refers to the fact that hurricane season (The Mean Season) has started. The film starts strongly, but soon becomes rather boring and unbelievable.

    Maltin awards 2 1/2 stars, IMDB readers say 6.2/10, and I agree that it is a watchable thriller, with strong performances by Russell and also by Richard Jordan as the bad guy. The DVD transfer is good, but devoid of special features. C.

  • Mariel Hemingway

  • Johnny Web (Uncle Scoopy)

    Mountaintop Motel Massacre. If my memory is right, I watched Glam in Calendar Year 2000. If that is correct, then this is the worst movie I have seen this year. A bit worse than Island of the Dead. "Island" was just as bad in some ways, but had some professional actors in the cast. Although I have to say that at least something happens in this movie. It may be predictable and uninteresting, but people do get killed. That is some movement in the plot. Not a lot happens in "Island"

    Both of those flicks are far worse than Radical Jack, the Billy Ray Cyrus movie. There is no explicit nudity here, but close. These are basically wet t-shirt shots or side views.

    Downward Angel. Made for video undercover cop noir, in the general style and tone of Miami Vice. The plot is no better than the usual straight-to-the-bargain-bin crap, but the film has an ultrahip look and feel, punctuated by some bizarre antiheroes and over-the-top baddies with Doctor Doom dialogue. Sort of a Tarantino meets Michael Mann kinda thing. And some good nudity in clear light! I didn't think it was an especially good movie, but I will keep my eye on this director, because he has talent. Nice to see that a straight-to-vid can have some sizzle, even if it has no steak.

    Fun House Variety
    Michelle Johnson and Demi Moore
    (1, 2, 3, 4)

    More Michelle
    (1, 2, 3, 4)

    From "Blame it on Rio" (1984). Plenty of breasts and ultra-small bikini bottoms. As we have seen in previous 'caps, Demi's hair pretty much hid all breast exposure. However, there are a few frames that offer some clear nipple sightings. In the Michelle and Demi 'caps check out image #1 to for a clear Demi nipple (bottom row, just right of center). In #2 there is another peek (top row left of center).

    In the batch of only Michelle, here are a few highlights:
    Her great breasts are in every image. #2 offers a bit of bum. #3 and #4 have full frontal nudity.

    Thanks to Penman for the great 'caps.

    Kira Reed
    (1, 2)

    A little something for the Skinemax crowd. Her is Kira showing off all 3 B's in these scenes from "Sexual Intrigue", by Downdude.

    Faye Grant
    (1, 2, 3)

    Single exposed breast in scenes from "Internal Affairs" (1990). I'll have to go back and see this one again. It's been a few years, but I remember thinking Richard Gere played a pretty good slimeball cop. Full screen vidcaps by Palrune.

    Keri Windsor
    (1, 2)

    Very interesting stuff form nmd. Here is the adult film actress showing everything as she gets it on with an anatomically correct ice sculpture! Behind the scenes vidcaps from "Fire and Ice".

    Penélope Cruz Partial breast exposure only in scenes from "All the Pretty Horses" (2000). A nice addition to any Penélope collection by Dann.

    Jane Horrocks A nip slip from the UK TV Drama, "Alive and Kicking" (1991), by Watty. I'm hoping the fine example of British dental care seen in these 'caps is just a bit of movie magic.

    Nova Meierhenrich Topless in scenes from the TV movie "Der Club der grünen Witwen", by UC99.

    Jacqueline Lovell

    Topless in the part softcore, part comedy, part wannbe horror, and overall lame (yet interesting in a 'must drive slower to see the accident' kinda way) movie, "Head of the Family" (1996). Lovell isn't that bad of an actress when you see her in movies like this. She carries the film fairly well (all things considered), and looks pretty gosh darn good when nekkid. There is a sequel, "Bride of the Head of the Family" (1998), but I have never seen it.

    Nekkid Space Babes
    (1, 2, 3, 4, 5)

    Space Stripper

    From Catscan, a little bit of 60's weirdness for ya. Vidcaps from "Nude on the Moon" (1962). It's the story about a rich rocket scientist who organizes an expedition to the moon, only to discover it is inhabited by nude women! Appropriately distributed on DVD by Something Weird Video.

    A Pine Cleaner List
    Pine Cleaner runs a Celeb nudity discussion group on Yahoo, and often comes up with some interesting lists. Click here to visit his group

  • Subject: Lower Frontal Nude Scenes of the 80's, 90's and 00's

    This is a nearly complete list of mainstream actresses that have done lower or full frontal nude scenes in the last 20+ years. It only leaves out actresses I am either not familiar with, or not interested in. The list is primarily interested in American Actresses.

    Side Views of the pubic region are indicated with a '*'
    Partial Views are indicated with a '='
    Partially obscured views are indicated with a '+'
    Distant views are indicated with a '/'
    Dark Scenes are indicated with an '>'

    1.Madchen Amick Dream Lover 1994
    2.Kim Basinger The Getaway 1994 *
    3.Emmanuele Beart La Belle Noiseuse 1991, Manon des Sources 1986 /
    4.Annette Bening The Grifters 1990 >
    5.Romane Bohringer Savage NIghts 1992 >, Total Eclipse 1995
    6.Elizabeth Berkley Showgirls 1995
    7.Amy Brenneman Your Friends and Neighbors 1998
    8.Helena Bonham Carter The Wings of the Dove >
    9.Phoebe Cates Paradise 1982
    10.Kim Cattrall Porky's 1981 *
    11.Toni Collette Lillian's Story 1995, 8 1/2 Women 1999
    12.Jennifer Connelly Requim for a Dream 2000
    13.Maryam D'Abo Xtro 1983
    14.Embeth Davidtz The Gingerbread Man 1998 +
    15.Julienne Davis Eyes Wide Shut 1999
    16.Sammi Davis Voss The Rainbow 1989
    17.Portia de Rossi Sirens 1994 *
    18.Dana Delany Exit to Eden
    19.Julie Delpy The Passion of Beatrice 1987
    20.Lydie Denier Blood Relations, Satan's Prisoners 1990
    21.Marushka Detmers First Name:Carmen 1984, Devil in the Flesh 1986
    22.Amanda Donohoe Castaway 1987, The Rainbow 1989
    23.Minnie Driver Mr.Wroe's Virgins (British T.V)
    24.Jennifer Ehle The Camomile Lawn 1992 (British T.V)
    25.Sheryln Fenn Two Moon Junction 1988
    26.Tara Fitzergald Hear My Song 1991, Sirens 1994, The Camomile Lawn 1992, In the Name of Love 1999
    27.Bridget Fonda Scandal +
    28.Heather Graham Boogie Nights 1997
    29.Melanie Griffith The Garden 1977
    30.Rachel Griffiths Among Giants 1998
    31.Jennifer Hammon Allyson is Wathcing 1997
    32.Lena Headey Fair Game 1995
    33.Mariel Hemingway Personal Best 1982 *
    34.Leslie Hope Rowing Through 1996, Paris France 1993
    35.Holly Hunter Living Out Loud 1998 *
    36.Amy Irving Kleptomia 1995, Carried Away 1996
    37.Irene Jacob Le Double Vie de Veronique 1991, Othello 1995 /
    38.Michelle Johnson Blame it on Rio 1984, Beeks: the Movie 1987
    39.Ashley Judd Norma Jean and Marilyn (HBO Movie) 1996 *
    40.May Karasun Lake Consequence 1993 (Unrated version of HBO Movie)
    41.Claudia Karvan Touch Me 1993
    42.Patsy Kensit Angels and Insects 1995
    43.Nicole Kidman Billy Bathgate 1991
    44.Alex Kingston Croupier 1998 + >, The Essex Boys 2000
    45.Natassja Kinski Stay as You Are 1978, Cat People 1982
    46.Alice Krige Ghost Story 1981
    47.K.D Lang Salmonberries
    48.Jessica Lange Frances 1982
    49.Jennifer Jason Leigh Flesh and Blood 1985, Sister Sister 1987 >, Single White Female 1992 =
    50.Laura Linney Maze 2000
    51.Kelly Lynch Warm Summer Rain 1989
    52.Kelly McDonald Trainspotting 1996
    53.Elle McPherson Sirens 1994
    54.Sophie Marceau Descente aux Enfers 1986, L'Etudiante 1988, Mes Nuits Sont Plus Belles Que Vos Jours 1989, La Para des Nuiges (Beyond the Clouds) 1995
    55.Athena Massey Undercover Heat 1995 *
    56.Mathilda May Lifeforce 1985, Naked Tango
    57.Natasha McElhone Surviving Picasso 1996
    58.Kelly McGillis Cat Chaser 1989 >
    59.Julianne Moore Short Cuts 1993
    60.Ornella Muti The Billingual Lover
    61.Amanda Ooms Ginerval 1992, Getting Hurt (British T.V)
    62.Julia Ormond The Baby of Macon 1993
    63.Joanna Pacula Husbands and Lovers 1992
    64.Vanessa Paradis Noce Blanche 1989, Elisa 1995
    65.Molly Parker Kissed 1996
    66.Alexandra Paul 8 Million Ways to Die 1986
    67.Kelly Preston Mischief 1986 =
    68.Valerie Quennessen Summer Lovers 1982
    69.Kathleen Quinlan Sunday Lovers 1980 >, The Doors 1991 >
    70.Saskia Reeves Close My Eyes 1991
    71. Joely Richardson Lady Chatterly (British T.V) 1992
    72.Tanya Roberts Purgatory 1988, Deep Down 1994 (Unrated Version)
    73.Theresa Russell Hotel Paradise 1995 (1/2 Hour Movie Short), Bad Timing 1980, Eureka
    74.Amanda Ryan Metroland 1997
    75.Mia Sara Black Day Blue Night 1995 *
    76.Greta Scachi The Coca Cola Kid 1985 77.Kristin Scott Thomas Un Ete Inoubliable, Le Bal du Gouverner 1990, Body and Soul 1994 (British T.V), The English Patient 1996
    78.Serena Scott Thomas Harnessing Peacocks 1992
    79.Emmanuelle Seigner Cours Prive 1986
    80.Joan Severance Red Shoe Diaries (U.S Cable T.V) 1992, Lake Consequence 1993
    81.Lori Singer Short Cuts 1993 + /
    82.Madeleine Stowe China Moon 1994 >
    83.Imogen Stubbs Nanou 1986, The Rainbow 1988
    84.Charlize Theron The Devil's Advocate 1997
    85.Andrea Thompson Manhattan Gigalo, A Gun, A Car, A Blonde 1998
    86.Lea Thompson All the Right Moves 1983 * =
    87.Meg Tilly The Girl in a Swing 1989
    88.Deborah Kara Unger Crash 1996, Sunshine 2000
    89.Natasha Gregson Wagner Quiet Days in Hollywood 1997
    90.Polly Walker 8 1/2 Women 1999
    91.Melora Walters Los Locos 1997
    92.Emily Watsoon Breaking the Waves 1996
    92.Rachel Weisz I Want You 1998
    93.Kate Winslet Jude 1996, Holy Smoke 1999
    94.Kari Wuhrer Boulevard 1994 >, Vivid 1997
    95.Sean Young Love Crimes 1991

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