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Various women (identified below) got nekkid in episode three of Submission

Gia Ramey-Gay

Kaline Ryu

Karla Kush

Kenna James

Victoria Levine and Nika Khitrova


Of Kings and Prophets is still airing somewhere, even after ABC nuked it. Alex McGregor did a nude scene in episode six. (Of course the nudity is subtle, but still hot!)


Andrea Riseborough did an excellent nude scene in Bloodline (s2e5)


Here is a much better 1080hd look at Caitriona Balfe's nude scene in Outlander (s2e4)

The following two thumbnails don't lead anywhere, but exist just to give you an idea what the scene looked like before the dreaded blue day-for-night filter.

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Kristen Stewart topless in Personal Shopper

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"The Tudors"

Complete series


Today: s3e5

Charlotte Salt


"Bitty in My Bed"

2012 music video

Carol Seleme


Sin City

 (Some new collages from the 2005 original)

Jessica Alba

Rosario Dawson

Carla Gugino

Jaime King

Brittany Murphy


 Lisa Snowdon caught relaxing - and topless

Bella Thorne in a skimpy bikini