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We go to France today for some more clips from L'Hotel de la Plage (s2e4 this time)

Margaux Rossi

Juliet Lemonnier

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"The L Word"

continuing season three ...

1080hd. s3e8

Erin Daniels

Rachel Shelley and Alexandra Hedison


Bettie Page Reveals All


Brainscan's comments:

Bettie Page, most famous of pin-up models and a former Hefmate in five clips (not my own) and caps from those clips.  Only the first clip has any extensive live action to it; all the rests are filled with stills, but I grabbed the best frames and stuck them together

Scoop's note: Here is a review of the film from

Bettie Page film clips - part 2. Collages below.


Strange Blood


Johnny's comments:

Strange Blood is pretty much a rip off of The Fly, with a mad scientist and his extremely loyal assistant (Alexandra Bard) involved in an experiment that attempts to cure all diseases, but the organism it is tested on bites the mad scientist and he begins to crave human blood, which starts with taking blood from his assistant, but grows to feeding and murdering anyone who gets in the way. Not the greatest movie, shows it's limitations and is basically a two hander with both actors struggling at various times, but does have an interesting idea, even if very similar to The Fly.

Alexandra Bard film clip (collages below)

Michelle Gabriella Lamarr film clip (sample below)

others in film clip (sample below)

Film and TV Clips

Giulia Martina Faggioni in Eva Brown (2014)

Lucy Liu
in City of Industry (1997) in 1080p

Pics and Collages

Chrissy Teigen nekkid in the surf

Alicia Vikander in Ex Machina

Charlotte Hope in a recent episode of Game of Thrones

Christina Ricci in Prozac Nation

Katherine Waterston in Inherent Vice

A new photoshoot featuring Edita Vilkeviciute

Miley Cyrus continues her tradition of bad wigs and loose nips (which, I am told, sink ships)

Frances McDormand in Short Cuts

Julianne Moore in Short Cuts

Lori Singer in Short Cuts

Madeleine Stowe in Short Cuts