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part 1

Christine Boisson. Captures below.




The films of 2007

 88 Minutes

The nudity in 88 Minutes (2007) comes from a naked Leah Cairns, where she is doing some exercises.

Vicky Huang is in her underwear

and the rest look good: Alicia Witt,

Kristina Copeland

and Leelee Sobieski.

Adrift in Manhattan

Some nice nakedness in Adrift in Manhattan (2007). Heather Graham is completely naked but we don't see a lot.


Marlene Forte flashes a breast

and there is an unknown robo-hooter shown.

American Pie Presents Beta House

There are lots of naked women in American Pie Presents Beta House (2007), mainly topless. They are

Alexandria Galante

Angela Besharah

Ashleigh Hubbard

Athena Isabel Lebessis

Christina Bilyk

Christine Barger

Dawne Furey

Erica Cox

Italia Ricci

Jessica Barrow

Julia Schneider

Kristin Rae

Meghan Heffern

Michelle Suppa


Moshana Halbert

Pamela Mars

Sabrina Oliveira

Sandy Kellerman

Sarah Power

Shannon Beckner

Sima Fisher

Stephany Sexton

Tatiana Anderson

and lots not identified.

Bring It On - In It to Win It

No nudity in Bring It On - In It to Win It (2007), just some lovely looking women:

Anniese Taylor Dendy

Ashley Benson

Cassie Scerbo

Jennifer Tisdale

Kierstin Koppel

Charlie Wilson's War

The nudity in Charlie Wilson's War (2007) comes from Cyia Batten

 and Hilary Angelo in a spa bath.

Emily Blunt looks very sexy in her underwear.

The other women add to the experience:

Amy Adams

Carly Reeves

Jud Tylor

Julia Roberts

Mary Bonner Baker

Rachel Nichols

Shiri Appleby

Tracy Phillips

and Wynn Everett

Epic Movie

Heather Storm is topless in Epic Movie (2007)

but the rest of the women are very sexy, some more dressed than others:

Alla Petrou

Arielle Vandenberg

Audra Lynn

Audra Lynn Extras

Britten Kelley

Carmen Electra

Crista Flanagan

Faune Chambers

Ginny Jones

Ginny Jones extras

Irina Voronina

Irina Voronina extras

Jayma Mays

Jennifer Coolidge

Jillian Grace

Jillian Grace extras

Jill Latiano

Kahshanna Evans

Lindsey Kraft

Mary Castro

Masha Lund

Megan Hiratzka

Michelle Lang - Brooklyn Freed

Olivia Hardt

Olivia Hardt extras

Pollyanna Salas Uruena

Qiana Chase

Samantha Lee

Sara Jean Underwood

Zee James

Zee James extras


The Flock

Cyd Schulte is naked in The Flock (2007).

Jesse Stone: Sea Change

No nudity in Jesse Stone: Sea Change (2007) but Sean Young is sexy in a bikini.

Lake Dead

The nudity in Lake Dead (2007) comes from a topless Malea Richardson.

Kelsey Crane is also naked but we see nothing.

Tara Gerard is in her underwear

and Vanessa Viola shows some pokies.

I've included movies of

Margot at the Wedding

Jennifer Jason Leigh obligingly exposes her breasts in Margot at the Wedding (2007).

Nicole Kidman shows some pokies

and Halley Feiffer looks good in a bikini.

Nora Robert's Angels Fall

Lisa Marie Caruk is in her underwear in the telemovie Nora Robert's Angels Fall (2007).

Nora Roberts' Blue Smoke

Another telemovie is Nora Roberts' Blue Smoke (2007) and this time Alicia Witt is in her underwear.


Rhona Mitra

 and Kate Mara are down to their underwear in Shooter (2007).

Spider-Man 3

No nudity in Spider-Man 3 (2007), just some sexy women in Bryce Dallas Howard

and Kirsten Dunst.


Sports Movie - The Comebacks

The nudity in Sports Movie - The Comebacks (2007) comes from some unidentified women leaving a shower.

The other women look good:

Brooke Nevin,

Jillian Grace,

Noureen DeWulf

Noureen DeWulf (deleted scenes)

and Stacy Keibler.

more from the deleted scenes



Katie Lohmann

and an unidentified women flash their silicone fun bags in Strike aka 7-10 Split (2007),

and Irina Voronina shows a bit of cleavage.

Suburban Girl

No nudity in Suburban Girl (2007). Corinne Russell (not the British soft-core actress),

Sarah Michelle Gellar

and Vanessa Branch are in various stages of undress.

The Nanny Diaries

Scarlett Johansson flashes her knickers in The Nanny Diaries (2007).


The topless women in Towelhead (2007)are Irina Voronina (for the third time in this submission),

Kim Knight,

LoriDawn Messuri

and Nathalie Walker

I've included movies of the relevant scenes.

Voronina (index below)

various (index below)

Undead or Alive

An unidentified zombie is topless in Undead or Alive (2007).

Cristin Michele

and Navi Rawat show a lot of cleavage.

We Own the Night

Eva Mendes is very sexy in her brief topless showing in We Own the Night (2007).

A couple of other unidentified women are also topless.



Film Clips

Maibritt Saerens in Kroniken (2005ish). This was a Danish multi-part TV drama which aired over the course of four years. According to Wikipedia, "The 22-episode series relates the lives of two fictional families during the historical development of the Danmarks Radio television network from the 1950s to the 1970s." See below.




Halle Berry without her panties! (this past week)

Rebecca Romijn (2005ish)