Serge Gainsbourg was one of the most influential singer-songwriters of the 20th century. Just by being an important musical performer, and thus able to create his own musical score, he's an interesting subject for a biopic, but Gainsbourg was not just mildly interesting. He's a damned good subject for a film. When he was not experimenting with musical forms, he was bedding beautiful and famous women, or saying preposterous and provocative things on TV, often in a disheveled state of inebriation. Imagine Tom Waits speaking French and actually being as big a degenerate as he pretends to be, and you'll have a good picture of Serge Gainsbourg. Not only did he turn into an eccentric and talented genius as an adult, but his childhood was also fascinating. He was Jewish, born Lucien Ginsburg, and grew up wearing a yellow star in Nazi-occupied Paris. His parents fled from the Bolsheviks in Russia in 1917, then fled from the Nazis in Paris in 1940. He lived a life story which was made to be told on film.

I'm not sure why, but the author of this film, who also directed the film and wrote the graphic novel upon which it was based, decided to present Gainsbourg's life by splitting him into two people. When the film version of Serge Gainsbourg was about 12 years old, he saw a gross anti-Semitic poster which the Nazis had posted in Paris. The rude caricature came off the poster and stayed with him throughout his life as his doppelganger. This is something Gainsbourg himself might have approved of, since he created his own mythic doppelganger called "Gainsbarre," whom he presented in his art as the Mr. Hyde living within him.

For our purposes, none of that matters. What we want to note is that Gainsbourg made love to a lot of beautiful and famous women, including Brigitte Bardot and Jane Birkin. (Actress Charlotte Gainsbourg is the daughter of Serge Gainsbourg and Jane Birkin.)

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Someone's Knocking at the Door


This is a low budget splatter film which attempts to test the outside of the envelope in some ways. It begins with some sort of druggie answering the door for a naked woman. She says, "I want to fuck you to death," and begins the process. About a minute into the process, she turns into an ugly guy with a dick the size of a tree trunk, and proceeds to keep her/his word, fucking the druggie to death by perforating and/or destroying his internal organs.

And that was some of the more normal action in this often surreal film which threads the needle between the horror and psychological thriller genres.

A bunch of jaded med students are getting high on a rare and powerful experimental drug. It seems that this same drug was used on some psychotic killers back in the 70s. The killers were a husband and wife team, represented by the naked he/she of the first scene, and they have somehow combined into one evil force which is terrorizing the students one by one. Or something. What's going on here? It's all explained in one of those surprise endings which shows us that we are actually in the real universe, and theoretically shows us why everything which had seemed so surreal was simply a matter of perspective.

Spoilers ahead:

You know the ol' "it was just a drug-induced hallucination" twist? You know the ol' "these were just the last thoughts before he died" ending. You can easily imagine how an ending could combine both of those. Suppose the dying guy were expiring from an overdose of a powerful hallucinogenic drug.

At least I think that's probably what was going on. I won't swear to it, though.

Lots of kinky nudity. I did the videos this time:



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Code 46


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Caprice Benedetti in Brotherhood

Lieschen Pogue in Underbelly

Sarah Barzyk in Engrenages s3e7 720p

Caroline Proust in Engrenages s3e8 720p

Kelly Brook in Loaded mag

An upgrade of the famous Lohan coochie shot

A gazillion pics of Kate Moss sunbathing topless



Jennifer Holland in American Pie: Book of Love, in 1080p

Corina Toader in Shadow Man

Jaimie Alexander in Rest Stop

Jane Adams in Happiness

Karoline Herfurth in Im Winter ein Jahr