The Dreamers (2003) - HD clips five and six

It was a film from acclaimed Italian director Bernardo Bertolucci, and Eva Green's nudity was chosen by our voters as the best nude scene of the year. Review here. It's easy to get excited about high definition videos and captures from this film! I'll be spreading these out over several days, because the video files are large.

Here is the fifth clip (zipped .avi). Eva Green and the American kid are now becoming more proficient at sex. The capture below comes from this clip.


In the sixth clip, the lovers speak while the boy explores her body. The caps below come from this clip. The last one is actually a consolidation of two different frames from a continuous upward pan.


Deadly Weapons (1974) - clips five and six

Here's another classic, although for different reasons. In this case, the movie is so bad that it should be sold in cheese shops instead of video outlets, but it does feature the unique talents of one "Chesty" Morgan, she of the 72 inch natural gazongas. Her chest isn't that sexy, but it certainly is a curiosity item. Here are the next two installments. (5, 6) (Large zipped .wmv files this time.)

NOTE: Clip six is a "strip club" routine, and could easily be skipped. (Yawn) Clip five is the one and only worthwhile scene in the movie. Chesty applies for work, and this is her interview. It's short, to the point, and acted and directed with a hilarious lack of subtlety that makes Larry Storch seem to be one of those deeply internalized actors like Jeremy Irons or Terrence Howard. If the worst actor from your high school drama club were to re-create this scene, he would do it far better - and yet the incompetence of it really creates the humor, much like a particularly bad/good episode of Benny Hill. In fact, I could easily imagine Benny doing this exact same scene on his show, and doing it almost exactly as it is performed here, right down to the "boi-yoi-yoi-yoi-yoing!" sound effect!


Combien tu m'aimes? (2005)

Discussed this before. Review here. I've done this before, but the official Region 2 DVD is out now, and it is Monica Bellucci, dammit! I still don't know whether I like the movie or not.  It is really an odd one.  Think of a collaboration between Luis Buuel and Cameron Crowe.

But, you say, that makes no sense.

You got it.


Monica Bellucci.


Farida Rahouadj






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  • Gerard Depardieu shows off his vocal skills as a lonely dance hall singer in a new French film that paints a nostalgic picture of a profession threatened by DJs and karaoke bars. In "The Singer," aging entertainer Alain Moreau (Depardieu) wins the hearts of pensioners and middle-aged ladies with heart-rending songs he performs at village discos, homes for the elderly and the local frog festival. Moreau sings lines such as "I would do all for a flirt with you" and "Live your life to the fullest!" -- then goes home to his empty house, where a juke box, a goat and a self-tanning machine are his only companions.
  • I wonder if he can take the goat to the frog festival.
  • And don't miss the picture of Depardieu, who's looking better than ever - remarkably fat and unkempt, even by his own admittedly lax standards. Hell, he looks fat and unkempt even by Harry Knowles's standards! This guy could play Jabba the Hutt without make-up!

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  • Oh, not so bad. Nothing worth mentioning. Only the biggest fucking Friday in the history of the world!
  • It was the third best day in cinema history, behind Revenge of the Sith's Thursday opening, and Shrek 2's first Saturday. It beat the former record Friday by a whopping 10%!

Latin American directors cause last-minute Cannes stir

  • Two films from Latin America caused a late stir at Cannes. "Mexican director Guillermo del Toro's fantasy, Pan's Labyrinth, is about a girl in fascist-era Spain who believes she is the reincarnated princess of a magical underworld kingdom. Buenos Aires 1977, by Israel Adrian Caetano, is based on the true story of four young men who escaped from their torturers during Argentina's military dictatorship. Latin American directors have had a particularly strong showing this year at Cannes, which concludes with the awards ceremony Sunday. Another movie by a Mexican director, Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu's Babel, is considered a strong prize contender.
  • NOTE: the author of the article meant "underworld" in the original sense of "underground," not in the modern sense of "criminal."

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  • Congratulations to Kevin! Every movie buff that I know is desperate for a good film comedy, since there has been a long drought since The Wedding Crashers and The 40-Year-Old Virgin. It appears that Miramax will have a big hit on its hands.
  • Harvey Weinstein now looks like a genius for moving Clerks 2 up to the July 21 time slot, thus beating Talladega Nights into the theaters by two weeks.

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Movie Reviews:

Yellow asterisk: funny (maybe). White asterisk: expanded format. Blue asterisk: not mine. No asterisk: it probably sucks.


Amazon Jail (1982)

Amazon Jail (1982) is a Brazilian film from director/writer/cinematographer Oswaldo De Oliveira. It is not a women in prison film, at least not in the usual sense, but it incorporates many of the familiar WIP elements. A large number of young women are held in a cage against their will, are supervised by a mean bisexual woman, and are befriended by a guard. Since they are naked much of the time, including shower scenes, cat fights, hetero and lesbian sex scenes and escape sequences, it is a WIP in spirit at least.

The women are lured to the Amazon with a promise of a high paying job as a tour guide. When they arrive, they are taken captive by a white slavery ring, and put in "the corral" while waiting for buyers. When one girl escapes during an orgy, the guards go looking for her, and discover her with three naked local girls enjoying a pool under a waterfall. They shoot her, and capture the local girls, which proves to be a mistake because one of the local girls is engaged to the local police chief. The nephew of the man in charge of the white slavery ring helps the prisoners to escape, blows up his uncle, then goes to the police. Meanwhile, the girls must survive the jungle, and a group of horny gold miners led by a gay priest. Honest, I am not making this up.

If you are looking for an engaging plot, look elsewhere, but if nearly-constant female nudity, good photography, cat fights, and lesbian sex are your idea of entertainment, you will want to see this Blue Underground Release.

C+. It delivers everything to genre lovers that a genre film is expected to deliver.

The IMDb score of 4.6 in based on only 31 votes.


Elizabeth Hartmann, as the bisexual partner of the man running the operation, shows breasts in two scenes.

Shirley Benny is at least partially naked throughout the film, and shows full frontal and rear nudity in a lesbian scene with Hartmann. In one of her finer moments, she uses the river water to cool the twat of a fellow escapee.

Literally dozens of other women show body parts, many full frontal. There is scarcely a single frame without female nudity, but sadly, most of the cast can not be identified. 








Today we have lots of bare bosoms and some full frontal from the soft core flick Forbidden.

Maya Divine playing a stripper shows of the goodies.

Tiffany Mason, another stripper at a bachelor party, with nice full frontal.

Tiffany Mason & Maya Divine together.

Renee Rae. I just love this woman. That sweet innocent look, but - oh, what a body!






The righteous folks down at Something Weird Video put together two of Doris Wishman's strange ones into a nice neat package.  They are My Brother's Wife and Indecent Desires.  I am nothing resembling an expert on the subject, but from what I can gather these are a couple of movies made in the mid-60's as part of a collection of cheap nudies to come out of New York.  A small group of actresses appeared in them.  Some have entered cult status and, by what is shown in these two movies, I can see why.  The three who show up and show off in this couple of movies are June Roberts in My Brother's Wife and Sharon Kent and Jackie Richards in Indecent Desires.  The incomparable Darlene Bennett (BTW, the name of a website and a Yahoo group) and her sister, Dawn, also appear in MBW.  They keep their clothes on, even though Darlene gives up major cleavage.

My Brother's Wife

My Brother's Wife is oddly made...jump cuts to objects and scatter pans that leave you wondering who the hell edited this thing ... whereas indecent Desires is just plain odd.  MBW is a sordid tale of greed and lust that does not end very well at all.  You could see it happening down at the trailer park with people who look very much like the ones in the movie.  The only exposure is from the perky June Roberts in a scene that goes from her undressing in front of a mirror (Ms Wishman loved to shoot scenes with mirrors) to her standing 'round in a black see-through nightie (Ms Wishman loved black see-through nighties) berating her chubby old hubby about his lack of interest in her. 

June Roberts film clips: (1, 2) . The film clips in Brainscan's section are all zipped .avis)
June Roberts collages:
Darlene Bennett (no nudity)
Dawn Bennett: (no nudity)

Indecent Desires

Indecent Desires is a quasi-voodoo story about a mega-loser who a) finds a doll, plastic variety; b) imagines a comely lass played by Sharon Kent is said doll; c) finds a ring that for reasons left to the viewer has the magic power to make whatever the loser does to the doll happen to Sharon's character.  Sharon spends the first couple of minutes and several others showing off a kick-ass body.  Part of the reason she gets nekkid a time or two is that as the loser feels up the doll, she feels him feeling up.  Or something like that.  So she strips to investigate.  She also lolls around in black nighties (see above, regarding Ms. Wishman's tastes in such things).  There is a decided roughness to this is popularly known as a roughie ... because the loser beats and burns and finally breaks the head off the doll and Sharon's character feels it all.  Not at all attractive to my eyes.  But you FF through those and get to the goodies and all is well.

Jackie Richards plays a character named Babbs.  She is an older brunette with a face that is plain and a body from her rumpus on up that ain't half bad ... but those legs are a tragedy.  Short and stubby and riddled with cellulite.  She spends a couple minutes nekkid exercising in front of a mirror (ibid) and you can bet it is the only exercise those legs of her saw all year. 

One more thing about Indecent Desires: Doris Wishman seemed to have a good idea about the audience for her movies.  In one of the Sharon Kent scenes, the mega-loser guy imagines a tryst with her, during which she looks straight at the camera.  Doris must have known a fair proportion of those watching this opus magnum imagined the same scenario.  And then the Jackie Richards exercise scene has her look into the camera as she does a couple of toe-touching bend-forward routines.  There is a peeping-Tom edge to
the scene that is unmistakeable.  Kind of a genius, that Doris. 

One of the chuckles in watching these two movies together is to notice they were both shot in the same apartment.  Uh huh.  Just about every scene that involves an apartment or an office is shot from the very space place.  Notice, in particular, that the mirror in front of which June Roberts strips is the same as that in front of which Jackie Richards strips.  Gotta love it. 

So the stories are stupid.  But who cares?  At this time in the history of American cinema, the New York group was about the only source of nudity in film. And some of the gals these movies made famous, June Roberts and Sharon Kent for example, are more than sorta okay looking.  We should be thankful the movies were made in the first place and we should thank the boys down at Something Weird for getting them out on DVD.

Sharon Kent film clips (1, 2, 3, 4, 5)
Sharon Kent collages:
Jackie Richards film clips (1, 2, 3)
Jackie Richards collages:








Julie Strain in the timeless screen romance Tales From the Crapper

Debbie Rochon in Tales From the Crapper

Here's Mr Skin's take on Kelly McGillis's open-legged scene in Cat Chaser, which has been cut from every DVD release.

Here's former CNN anchor Andrea Thompson in Manhattan Gigolo

Julia Stiles in A Little Trip to Heaven.