"11 Days 11 Nights Part 3"

11 Days 11 Nights Part 3 (1987) is the last of this series. It has very little in common with the first two, other than writer/director Joe D'Amato, and the location, New Orleans. A photo journalist is sent by his magazine to New Orleans to investigate Voodoo with the help of a woman who lost her husband to a voodoo ritual, Carey Salley. It was suggested that he take his wife, Valentine Demy. The two had been married a year, and were having her flash people in public to add spice to their marriage. Once there, she has an affair with a Cajun and leaves him, so he ends up having sex with Salley. The ending was too dark to see, so I am not sure what happened, but, by then, didn't really care.

Salley shows breasts and buns, and Demy has several full frontal scenes. This time, the sex was red ht drenched in sweat rattle the bedposts sex. IMDB readers have this at 3.2 of 10. I liked the plot a little better than the first two, but the transfer was very bad, and the third act was a real letdown. It is also interesting that they managed to make New Orleans look dreary. This is a C-.

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  • Carey Salley (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10)
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  • Johnny Web (Uncle Scoopy)
    Love Liza (2002):

    Philip Seymour Hoffman stars in this tailor-made vehicle (his brother wrote the script) about a broken man descending into uncontrolled despair and substance abuse after the suicide of his wife.

    The dramatic tension in the film rests on whether he will read a suicide note that his wife left behind. He can't face it, for fear it will somehow weigh him down with some responsibility for her suicide. To avoid the pain and the letter, he distorts the world by sniffing gas fumes. In order to hide his gas-sniffing, he has to resort to an elaborate series of lies, which eventually leads him into a bizarre road trip involving model boats and airplanes. This elaborate con creates some - I don't know - black comedy I guess.

    Hoffman is pretty much perfect in the role, I guess, but the film is so-o-o-o slow, and I'm not sure if quirky character actors are meant to be on screen for an entire film, twitching and just generally being tragic. A great deal of the running time consists of Hoffman alone on screen with no dialogue, lost in his despair and his gasoline haze. Be advised that it really shows nothing much about who Hoffman really was before the suicide, or even why the suicide happened. It simply chronicles the aftermath. You won't like it if you don't like films which wallow in depression. It's also quite repetitious, running over the same ground and the same behavior with the same mannerisms again and again.

    I saw elements to admire in this movie, but nothing to like, and I won't ever watch it again.  It is an arthouse study of despair which includes elements of extremely dark comedy. It spins a lot of wheels to make the point that suicide and substance abuse really suck. Who would have dreamed?

    Ann Morgan, as the deceased Liza, is seen totally naked in a flashback scene. The nudity was completely unnecessary, so I have to give the director props for that, at least. I don;t really know who Ann is, but you Dawson's Creek fans may recognize her from the following, her only other credits:

    1. "Dawson's Creek" (1998) playing "Megan" in episode: "The Lost Weekend" (episode # 5.2) 17 October 2001
    2. "Dawson's Creek" (1998) playing "Student" in episode: "First Encounters of the Close Kind" (episode # 3.10) 15 December 1999
    • Ann Morgan (1, 2, 3)


    Female Filmmakers:

    Various readers have mentioned the following additional noteworthy films by female directors.

    • Kasi Lemmons: Eve's Bayou (7.2), The Caveman's Valentine (6.2)
    • Sofia Coppola: The Virgin Suicides (7.1)
    • Mary Harron: American Psycho (6.7)

    Harron also wrote the screenplay for American Psycho, which is a brilliant movie in some ways. See the complete updated article here.




    Hello Scoopy,

    Do you have any of the scans from "The Mad Monkey" with Jeff Goldblum, Miranda Richardson and Liza Walker? If I remember right, there are a couple of nice nudes plus one great Gyno shot! If you can find that for me, I  would appreciate, since that movie is not rentable here in France!!!

    Thanks, keep up the good work!!!

    Scoop's response:


    I've never seen that movie. It is out of print, but I ordered an unopened VHS from a rare tape supplier after I read your letter. No DVD is available. Better VHS than nothing.

    From Celebrity Sleuth

    Please excuse the delay in responding to your request re Karin Winslow aka Ilsa Strix {as in Matrix}, but I was away for Memorial Day. (Dominatrix Ilsa is the new flame of Matrix writer/director Larry Wachowski). And while it IS true that Larry Wachowski is definitely trying to "Reload" some of her earlier links, there are still a number to be found.

    o  I actually got the number of her "home office"...aka The Dungeon...from a gal who'd been there. But when I called -- last night, a message said it had been disconnected. That was the best way to contact her.

    o  I then found out her birthday--December 15--but Larry's is on the Summer Solstice (June 21st), so I'm worried it might not last.

    o  Her mailing address is: P.O. Box 291428, Los Angeles, CA 90029-1428

    o  Her e-mail address is:

    o   Her websites, in addition to the problematic, include: and . There was also a "tribute site", but good luck "Reloading" it.

    o  The best free shots of her can be found {at least they could last night!} at   That lists all her best bondage videos, and if you click on each title, there are plenty of pix of Ilsa/Karin.  The sexiest, I think, are to be found in "Ticklish"..."Ladies Night"..."Slut to Slave" {with a Larry lookalike},  and my personal favorite, "Sexy Smoking" with Taimie Hannum. Ilsa blows smoke on Taimie's spreadeagled bare crotch. Taimie is a pal of mine and she and Ilsa also did a video called "Bonded by Smoke" together.

    o   Ilsa made an XXX rated video back in 1999 entitled, Animus {no, it wasn't about Larry's wife or Karin's ????}, wherein she assayed the role of "Dawn Crack" {again no, Vincent Gallo didn't direct}. It is a hardcore porno, but Ilsa probably just teases and tortures someone I'm guessing {unless that's why Joey Pants wasn't around for the sequel...}.

    o  And while Larry may think his biggest threat comes from his greedy soon-to-be ex, he should heed this quote from an earlier article about Ilsa: "A lovely, feminine, bisexual woman, Ilsa has engaged in negotiated, consensual sex play in which she fucked a woman with an unloaded gun. She's quite comfortable with the phallic imagery inherent in the weapon.. 'It shoots, it's long, it's hard, it has something inside of it that's going to erupt. It's an archetype,' Strix says."

    o  And a final word of caution: Karin Winslow went to college in New England, where her major was ... Women's Studies.

    However, Ilsa strixly defines herself as "an imaginative top"...which, from what little I know of the field, means SHE'S the one doing the undressing...of others. So I doubt she's ever gonna be totally topless.


    Other crap:

    Here are the latest movie reviews available at

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    'Caps and comments by Hankster:

    As promised we went back and capped Beverly D'Angelo's topless jump into the swimming pool in "National Lampoon's Vacation from way back in 1983.

    • Beverly D'Angelo (1, 2, 3, 4)

    For the second half of our twin bill it's another visit back to the sexy ladies of televisions "Son of the Beach". Lila Arcieri, Jamie Bergman and my favorite Kim Oja in their undies.

    • "Son of the Beach" babes (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7)

    'Caps and comments by CKRoach:

    "The day the Earth caught fire"

    Cerebral science fiction plain and simple. The day the Earth Caught Fire is an example of a great movie that doesn't rely on action, bug eyed aliens or computer generated spaceships. This film's great feature is its ability to bring out in your mind something that could actually seem possible.

    The premise of the movie is that atmospheric tests of powerful nuclear weapons have changed both the tilt and the orbit of the earth. Planet earth is now orbiting closer to the sun. This is causing "wrath of God" scale climatic changes.

    This movie follows from the point of view of a British newspaper that stumbles on to the reason that explains the bizarre changes in the weather. These consist of massive fog from the Thames, cyclones, and torrid unseasonable heat.

    The newspaper is a central theme throughout. The paper is where the main characters work. The paper gets wind and publishes the horrific facts that the government wants concealed from the public. The paper reports play by play as the world's scientists work to save the world in a last ditch plan. The paper gives us two possible endings (which I won't reveal) to the story.

    The movie lacks modern special effects. The ones it does have are somewhat plain even for the time when was filmed. It does manage to leave a person watching it feeling hot. The characters, being in the pre-air conditioning era, are always soaked in sweat. Massive fog was created during the filming, using conventional fog generators. The director's commentary tells us that somehow the London police didn't have their act together when they issued the permit to film. This is because the movie fog rolled into a public event with Queen Elizabeth. The film crew held off the police long enough to finish the scene.

    Janet Munro co stars in this movie. She shows a little skin while washing her hair. This was a bit racy for the era in which it was filmed. The movie starts with a slide from the Board of Censors saying its approved for children under 16 with their parents along. There are better pictures of her (more skin) on the DVD version extra features.

    For someone interested in the history of modern science fiction, this movie is a great addition to the collection. It is available in DVD for a very reasonable price.

    • Janet Munro (1, 2)

    'Caps and comments by Brainscan:

    Before they published FHM and Maxim and all those other magazines that Nazimart won't carry, there was Saga. To be honest, it was more of a cross between the modern teaser mags and Rod & Gun Magazine... which probably means good ol' Sam Walton, may be rest in peace, woulda thunk it was okay to sell. For our purposes, Saga carried pics of first-rate babes in some state of minor undress. So, from the October '81 issue, we have Ann Jillian in a bikini, Beverly D'Angelo showing off cleavage, a mid-level country & western singer Sami Jo Cole also showing off some bountiful cleavage.... and Catherine Bach in a bikini. What a babe she was.

    'Caps and comments by Dann:

    Barbara Williams

    Romy Windsor

    From "Thief Of Hearts". This 1984 movie had a fairly unique plot: a burglar takes a married woman's journals among his loot. As he reads them, he falls in love with the woman. Using the information he's learned, the thief is able to woo the woman, who is bored with her marriage.

    A neat and twisty thriller, although I was disappointed with the slightly clichéd ending.

    Estella Warren The 2001 film "Perfume" tells of the tribulations of the fashion industry. Most critic hated it, and I have to agree, because it was choppy and all over the place.

    Not to be a total loss, however, they included a scene of a group nude photo shoot that was pretty cool (even though you had to watch close to catch the real nudity). Each of the four panels of the shoot has a different woman showing nipples.

    Angelina Jolie
    (1, 2)

    Jolie looking absolutely gorgeous in a topless scene from the 1996 movie "Foxfire".

    Monique Parent Donbun returns with these full frontal 'caps of the long time B-movie regular in scenes from "Tender Flesh" (1997).

    Ellen Barkin A huge single frame of a very hot and very full frontal Barkin in scenes from "Siesta" (1987). Thanks to ZonononZor.

    Jeri Ryan 7 of 9 looking fantastic stuffed into a silver top from a recent appearance on Conan. A great collage by DeadLamb.

    Salma Hayek
    (1, 2)

    Showing some cleavage on "Saturday Night Live". Collages by The Rock.

    (1, 2, 3, 4)

    The singer/songwriter/author/actress showing some cleavage and leg exposure in scenes from her "Intuition" video.

    Pat Reeder
    Pat's comments in yellow...

    Swedish Meatball - "Jackass" star Stephen "Steve-O" Glover was arrested in Sweden last week after he claimed he had swallowed a condom full of marijuana at his "Don't Try This At Home" club show in Stockholm. Police raided his hotel room and said they found an Ecstasy pill and some pot, and an X-ray showed a "foreign object" in his stomach. His attorney called it a "misunderstanding" and "a failure to differentiate between the person and his art."

  • If they'll swallow that, they're even better circus geeks than Steve-O is.
  • Yeah, why would they assume he'd have to be on drugs to star on "Jackass"?!
  • This is the guy from "Jackass!" His stomach is FILLED with foreign objects!

    Almighty, Then! - To the shock of Hollywood insiders, Jim Carrey's "Bruce Almighty" made a staggering $86 million over the holiday weekend, a record for a non-sequel comedy; while "The Matrix Reloaded" fell to a distant #2 with $45.6 million, a steep 60 percent drop. A Warner studio spokesman claimed everything's fine and they expected it to drop because the R rating keeps kids out, but others blamed the mixed reviews.

  • The studio spokesman thinks an R rating keeps kids from seeing "Matrix" movies, which proves he's living in an unreal fantasy world.

    They Stole The Tunes - A group of theater students at Point Loma High School in San Diego, California, have created an original musical inspired by Winona Ryder, called "Sticky Fingers: A Tale of Saks, Lies and Videotape." The drama teacher said they were inspired by "the old Mickey Rooney-Judy Garland 'Hey, let's put on a show" kind of spirit." Sak's even donated shopping bags for props. They sent Ryder an invitation to the premiere, but didn't hear back. Her publicist said she might not have seen it.

  • Maybe the mailman stole it!
  • Don't worry, she'll just sneak in for free.
  • The actress playing Winona steals the show, then gets arrested for it.
  • Inspired by the ol' "Winona Ryder kind of spirit," the kids shoplifted the costumes.