Bronwyn Mayer, Water Polo (1 2, 3, 4, 5)

Kerri Pottharst, Beach Volleyball (1 2, 3, 4, 5, 6)

Chantelle Michell, Diving (1 2)

Rachael Sporn, Basketball1 (1 2, 3)

Irena Olevsky, Synchronized Swimming (1 2, 3)

Irena Olevsky and Naomi Young, Synchronized Swimming (1 2)

Naomi Young

More athletes by Aussie including another non-sport...synchronized swimming!
In response to the comments I made yesterday, I never could have imagined that Softball would stir up such a hornet's nest! But it's all in good fun. Personally I think it may be time for a Lawdog poll on what is the dumbest Olympic "Sport". There are many silly ones to choose from, however it seems that what ever I say will just result in a ton of email regarding how difficult it really is to play team handball or something. But the feedback and the debates are a lot of fun.

Here are a few other thoughts from Scoop Sr. about the Olympic games:
Now if you want to talk about a silly sport - what about rhythmic gymnastics! If it were up to me I'd eliminate all team sports and all sports that are decided by someone's opinion (diving, gymnastics, figure skating) I'd like to see a separate Olympics for real sports - only individual sports, and only those measured by counting (how high, how far, how fast, how close), or by one-to-one competition (like greco-roman wrestling or boxing). Then take all the exhibition sports, team sports, and "opinion" competitions and stage them at a separate time, and don't call it the Olympics. Of course, what do I know? I used to lose money betting on the Dastardly team in the Scooby Laff-a-lympics!

Comments by Chumba:
The readers of FHM have voted.... and this year's 100 sexiest women have been nominated....
Hannah Spearritt At #97: From the pop group S Club 7.
Amanda Holden #83
Kate Groombridge #66? Kate should have been top 10 at least ;-)
Cat Deeley at #7: Here's Cat - who should have been voted #1 - but that's just my totally biased opinion :-)
WhyScan's Page Three Report
If Page Three is unfamiliar to you, this link describes the Page Three tradition.
Today's Page 3 girl....Emma, 21, from Southend. (1, 2, 3, 4)
El Kabong
Amanda Markum (1 2, 3, 4) Scan of the very sexy model from the latest issue of Stuff.
Gisele Bundchen One more from FHM's 100 sexiest list.
Debra Messing Probably best known from her breakout role in Tom Arnold's big screen remake of "McHale's Navy"! Or not. Her she is in 'caps from the short lived series TV "Prey".
Martina Hingis (1, 2) Comments by NMD about Martina: "I think she would poke her way through a suit of armor if she was playing tennis in it :) "
Kate Hardie Vidcaps from "Hearts"
Kerry Fox In vidcaps from "The Last Tattoo"
Nicole Gian From "Striking Resemblance".
and ...
Misc. Nudity Vidcaps from the movie "Broken Vessels", by Dann. Yes folks....that is Ron Jeremy towards the bottom, luckily he his fully clothed!
Mia Sara (1, 2) More 'caps of Mia from "Black Day Blue Night", by The Night. If he hasn't done it yet, I think he's managed to get every frame of nudity from this movie. Kudos!
Judith Godrèche (1, 2) Vidcaps of the French actress from the movie "Entropy", by ProRock. I haven't seen this one, but if I may borrow a bit of the user comments from the IMDB...."Awful, pseudo-hip misfire about modern relationships and the difficulties of film-making." Doesn't sound like I'll be adding this one to my home video library any time soon!
Catherine Deneuve Deneuve, still looking magnificent at age 94, or whatever she is. It doesn't seem possible, but I think she might even be older than Cher, and Cher used to be a "comfort woman" for Charlemagne. Vidcaps from "Pola X"

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"Vampyres", from Johnny Web

There are those who extol this as a brilliant gothic romance. Ignore them. It has exactly three good points.

  1. To play the lesbian vampires, they hired the most gorgeous women they could find. According to the box, Anulka was a former playindividual, and Marianne Morris looks like a young Loren.
  2. They dubbed these beautiful bims over with experienced British stage actresses so the acting doesn't destract from the mood.
  3. They found a really cool castle to shoot the exteriors and interiors.

Apart from that, the film bites the big one. It's slow, has virtually no plot, is completely predictable, and all the chilling moments are mis-timed because of poor cutting of the audio or video or both. The scenes are dark, often out of focus, and sometimes the heads of the actors wander out of the shot altogether. The shots are composed unimaginatively.

But the two main girls are hot, and they do get naked. Sally Faulkner is not especially hot, but she's not bad, and she gets naked as well.

Anulka Dziubinska (1, 2, 3, 4) Marianne Morris (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6) Sally Faulkner (1, 2)


"Jagged Edge", from Johnny Web

This 1985 script is the flip side of Basic Instinct. Jeff Bridges is a newspaper editor who is accused of killing his wife. He's friendly, charming, seductive, and nobody believes he really did it. Everyone believes that it's just a campaign strategy by the slimy local D.A.. Joe Eszterhas actually did a good job on this script. His improbable plot twists and red herrings are as ludicrous as ever but ...


He does everything possible to make you believe that Bridges didn't do it. Not only The Jeffster nice and handsome beyond belief, but the evidence is tainted, the same D.A. has planted and withheld evidence in the past, the prosecution witnesses lie, and there is the usual other suspect who is a total slimeball. Yet Bridges did do it. No sell-out, no happy Hollywood ending, but a simple fact staring you in the face in the final scene. And this delicious twist makes up for all the implausible and manipulative plot points. Plus Eszterhas was more careful than usual here, and there weren't any massive gaps in the logic of the script or in the motivations of the characters

Quite competently directed by Richard Marquand, who died quite young. As a reminder, he's the guy Lucas chose to direct Return of the Jedi. Very competently acted by an excellent cast, (Bridges, Glenn Close, Peter Coyote) especially Robert Loggia is the ultimate foul-mouthed seedy detective who doesn't ever believe anything anybody tells him.

I mentioned some weeks ago that I would really be surprised if Jeremy Irons is ever funny. I will be even more surprised if Glenn Close is, but I have to admit I haven't seen those doggie movies, and she's supposed to be pretty funny in those.

Glenn Close. These collages are pretty ugly. The lighting was really dark, so in both cases I show you the same image twice. Once (the large image) as seen on screen, and once with all kinds of color manipulation (1, 2) Maria Mayenzet. And you guys say we never feature any big stars! Marquand did a very spectacular job in the camera set up and ambient light for this scene, even if it is darker than we perverts would like it.


"Conan the Friggin Barbarian", from Tuna

Tuna's comments: When young Conan's mother totally loses her head in an attack by a rival horde, young Conan is captured. The brilliant captors decide to affirm the Yankee work ethic by having him push a wheel for several years. They succeed in turning a young Conan into Arnold Schwarzeneger, and then train him as a gladiator. For the rest of the film, Arnold opens a can of whoop-ass on anyone he doesn't like. After a hard day of maiming, he plays with a ready supply of topless women. Probably the highlight of this DVD is the full length commentary by the director and Arnold.

Scoopy's comments: When I was a young fool in high school, only a shadow of the old fool I was yet to become, I read every one of the Conan stories by Robert E Howard, and there were about a zillion of them. I would look up all the countries he mentioned and try to figure out the modern-day equivalent. I would then try to construct a Conan chronology, putting all the stories in the correct order, like others do for Sherlock Holmes. Pretty screwy, by Krom.

Howard wrote them all for the pulps in the Pulp Fiction boom of the 20's and 30's, when Weird Tales and others ruled the dreams of the boys of that generation, as comics and Mad did for the boyhoods of my generation. Howard was a friend of the famous horror writer, H.P. Lovecraft, and they admired each others' work. They were both lonely bookworms, probably with sexual identity crises, who were excessively devoted to the women that raised them. They created their swashbucklers and all-powerful blasphemous Old Ones in acting out the swaggering masculine fantasies so remote from their real lives. This made them the perfect guys to create stories for the boys who read the pulps, since the readers received the same ego transferral from reading the stories that Howard and Lovecraft did from writing them. Hmm - I suppose this applied to me as well in the 60's. Howard was so attached to his mom that he committed suicide at her deathbed. He was 30.

The movie is engagingly fleshed out with some serious classical actors like James Earl Jones and Max von Sydow, who both seemed to enjoy making fools of themselves. It includes an appearance from mysterious Valerie Quennessen (sorry, not nude)before her unexplained disappearance. (The most reliable accounts say she is now dead, the victim of an auto accident, if I remember correctly.)


Cassandra Gava (1, 2) Leslie Foldvary (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6) Nadiuska (1, 2) Sandahl Bergman (1, 2, 3) Valerie Quinessen (1, 2, 3) Unknown (1, 2, 3, 4, 5)

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