More Naked Athletes
Chantelle Michell, Diving (1, 2, 3, 4) Another Aussie athlete from "The Sydney Dream" special edition of "Black and White Magazine"...Scans appropriately enough by Aussie.
Loretta Harrop, Triathlon (1, 2, 3) Also from "Black and White", Thanks go out to MacScan for these.
Sarah Ryan, Swimming (1, 2, 3) Once again from "Black and White", by MacScan. On a personal note I really dig the photography value of these. They have a very unique look about them.
Australian Softball Team (1, 2) Two more from "The Sydney Dream", by MacScan.

JR's Comments: Ah yes, the Olympics. The pinnacle of athletic excellence. One of the rare symbols that has transcended time and still represents to all people that with dedication, hard work, inner strength, and teamwork a person or team can overcome the odds and be a champion. In addition to showing every one on this big blue marble that all nations, all races, all people can exhibit a comradery, and compete on a battlefield with no casualties.

Naturally, when I think of the ultimate achievement in athletic competition, when I ponder what is the one event that epitomizes the spirit of the games, and demonstrates the mettle that a champion is made of....I'm afraid softball just ain't it! Come on! Olympic Softball! How do they train the players? Are they on strict diets of Cheetos and beer? Do they show up to the game in a pick up truck? Do their uniforms say "Jiffy Lube Store #457" on the back? Track and field, swimming and diving! Running, jumping....How high, how far, how fast! These are things that count in the Olympic games, not "loser buys the beer"! But I digress.

Christine Neubauer (1 2, 3, 4) Great B&W scans from the June issue of German GQ
Julia Bähre Vidcaps from "Tödliche Wildnis"
Barbara Rudnik In "Mein Leben gehört mir"
Birge Schade Rather odd vidcaps from "Die Cleveren"
Rike Schmid From "Aus gutem Haus"
Susanne Michel From "Balko": "Die Schlangenfarm"
Ann-Kathrin Kramer In caps from "Auf schmalem Grat"
Isabell Gerschke Great topless 'caps from "Balko": "Das Blutbad"
Eva Haßmann In "Blondine sucht Millionär fürs Leben"
Katerina Jacob Topless 'caps from 1979's "Es begann bei Tiffany"
Chantal De Freitas From "Der Leihmann"
Blythe Danner (1 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7) Vidcaps of Gwyneth Paltrow's mom from 1974's "Lovin' Molly". Oddly enough Gwyneth was born in late '73 so this could technically be her first movie.
Ann-Kathrin Kramer In caps from "Auf schmalem Grat"
Mariele Millowitsch Vidcaps from "Girlfriends".
Rike Schmid From "Aus gutem Haus"
and ...
Nicolette Sheridan Vidcaps from "Raw Nerve" by FR.
Virginie Ledoyen Award show vidcap by Lipstalk.
Jessica Stockmann No nudity, but, but this in one very attractive woman. Vidcaps from "Talk Talk Talk"m by Megabit.
Ornella Muti For those of us in the west who may not know her, Ornella is an accomplished, international star. These 'caps by Megabit from the movie "Windows".
Sherilyn Fenn A fantastic collage by ZonononZor featuring vidcaps from "Two Moon Junction".
The Funnies
TOP TEN: Hillary Clinton Campaign Slogans (from Letterman)

10. "Because No Clinton Has Ever Disgraced The Office Of Senator"

9. "I'll Try Not To Misplace Or Shred Important Legislation"

8. "Endorsed By The CBS Jesus"

7. "If You Slept With My Husband, The Least You Can Do Is Vote For Me"

6. "I've Loved Every One Of The 17 Days I've Spent Here In New York"

5. "Of The Two Insane Power-Hungry Candidates, I'm Better At Pretending To Be Nice"

4. "Vote For Me Or I'll Have Bill Poison Your Water Supply"

3. "Never Indicted...Knock On Wood!"

2. "I Can Run New York -- Hell, I Ran The Whole Country"

1. "Wait'll You See The Scandals I'm Planning!"

Scoopy's Top Ten signs you were fooled by a cheap rip-off of that Russell Crowe Gladiator movie

10. Roman taverns have neon "Pabst Blue Ribbon" signs

9. Exotic Roman Zoo is three Black Labs and some stock footage from a dance number in "Cats"

8. Russell Crowe role played by Tori Spelling

7. People in togas listening to Otis Day and the Knights

6. Winning gladiators and their parents rewarded by Six Flags

5. Roman banquet has a drive-up window

4. Caesar assassinated from fourth floor of book depository

3. Roman helmets bear the insignia of the Seattle Seahawks

2. Gladitorial combat school run by Vince McMahon

and the #1 sign that the movie is a cheap rip-off:
1. The top "net-and-trident" men: The Two Coreys

Members Bonuses


"Bad Lieutenant", from Johnny Web

Keitel plays a bad cop, a really bad cop, who is a lost soul. What vices are there? He has them. He's cold to his family, sexually exploits hookers, takes dope from dealers instead of arresting them, shakes down criminals and lets them go, plays peeping tom with a nun, sexually exploits young girls that he stops for traffic violations, gambles, cheats the gamblers, uses crack, mainlines heroin, drinks constantly, is a racist, and calls Christ a "ratfuck" in Church. Does that about cover it?

SPOILERS AHEAD: He simply can't grasp that a nun, raped violently on the church altar, won't identify her assailants, although she definitely knows them. She understands their pain. She has forgiven them. Can this corrupted man find a piece of his soul in the heart of the nun? I don't know, but in an ambiguous ending, Keitel figures out who did it, and instead of roughing them up or turning them in, he puts them safely on a bus out of town and tells them they're dead if they return. Then he sits in his car where the gamblers kill him for his outrageous debts.

Sound like your kind of movie? Personally, I hate it.

  1. If I were a cop who cuts corners, I would have found a way to make the frigging nun understand that whether she forgives them is not material to whether she should turn them in. I would have taken her to the morgue and shown her a dead 12 year old girl and told her that the girl was brutally raped and killed by the same guys, and that the nun could have prevented it by turning the guys right in. And that they left behind a note saying they plan to rape and torture a virgin every day. And then I would have said, "do you know who raped and killed that girl? Not those deranged monsters who have no control over their impulses, sister, but you. You did this to her by leaving them on the streets. You may forgive them, sister, but this little girl's parents aren't ready to forgive you". To maker it even worse, I would have told the coroner to cut off the kid's head before I arrived. And then, for emphasis, I would stress that the upcoming crimes would come in the neighborhood where the nun's nieces and little sisters live, and play with their puppies in the streets. It would have all been lies on my part, but completely in character for the Keitel cop, and she'd have sung like a friggin canary.
  2. Talk about slow pacing. This movie is only 96 minutes long, and could be cut by another 20 minutes without losing anything. There must be 10 full minutes of explicitly detailed drug use, and Keitel nodding off after using them. If you don't know how to use the latest drugs (well, in 1992, anyway), here's where you can get some tips. These scenes drag on and on and on pointlessly. If nodding off is your favorite spectator sport, this is your superbowl. I drifted off to sleep a couple times watching this.
  3. Yes, Keitel's performance is as good as they have said. But so what? You going to watch a movie to see a demonstration of acting technique? Yes, the action has the gritty feel of complete realism, like one of those real-life cop shows. Give director Abel Herrera an A for technique, but watch something else.
  4. Beautiful, well-lit nude of Frankie Thorn (#1)

Victoria Bastell (1, 2) Frankie Thorn (1, 2)




"The Demoniaques", from Johnny Web

One more thing to say about this movie. In general it isn't good for many laughs. The acting style is so completely over the top that if that Bunny guy from Plan 9 were in it, he'd seem to be as restrained as John Houseman in comparison. But you can't really laugh at it since it's all basically rape and violence and masturbating during the rape and violence.

But there is one exception. The opening credits are some of the best ever. Each major character is introduced in turn, and their faces are shown within a circle, over a fiery background, while the announcer goes way over the top in describing them, like the guy who used to announce the old Batman TV show. While their faces are on the screen, they mug, shift their eyes, fidget, twirl their moustaches, and generally do so much melodramatic high school "evil acting", that they make Eli Wallach in the "Good the Bad and the Ugly" seem in comparison to be as calm as a Buddhist Monk in serene meditation. And let me apologize here to any high school thespians, because I know you wouldn't be as corny as these people if your drama teacher asked you to act evil.

Lieva Lone and Patricia Hermenier (no idea which is which) (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10)


"The Killing of Sister George", from Tuna

Tuna's comments: The Killing of Sister George (1968) is the story of an aging, alcoholic lesbian soap opera star, and the young women lover she lives with (Susannah York). Sister George (Beryl Reid) fears that she is being written out of the soap she has been in forever. This sends her even more over the edge, and she takes it out on her lover Childie (York). The lesbian content including a sex scene with breast play was pretty daring for 1986. There are some funny moments, but the film drags in parts as well. At the end, I had no sympathy for any of the characters. I suppose it does provide an accurate picture of jealousy and back-stabbing in the Soaps. The DVD quality is not especially good, with lots of dropout and no special features at all. The last few images have see-through only.


Susannah York (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14)


"The Little Shop of Horrors", from Tuna

Tuna's comments: I remembered the award winning music and the incredible special effects with the Audrey2, but had forgotten about the supporting cast, which included Steve Martin as the sadistic dentist, John Candy, Bill Murray and James Belushi. This film is a total delight, and the DVD does it justice. In one of the special features, I learned that they originally had the traditional ending where Audrey and Seymore were eaten by the plant, but the test audiences were so attached to the two characters by the end of the film that they nearly lynched the director for killing them -- hence the happy ending..

Cleavage only from Ellen Greene. The plant is naked.


Ellen Greene (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11)

Audrey II

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