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Ruth Negga bared her buns in the premiere of Preacher. The premise: "After a supernatural event at his church a preacher enlists the help of a vampire. Same thing I would do, although I wouldn't really know how to find a vampire. It was so much easier when we had the Yellow Pages.

Once again, TV resorts to ripping off Ibsen's old plots!

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Johnny's comments:

Now I'm moving onto New Zealand Classics. What next? Vanuatuan Classics? Fijian Classics? I think there's only ever been a few Fijian movies. Anyway... I've been stockpiling a few New Zealand movies and without realising it, the pile is about 20-30 large, so it's time to actually doing something about it.

First up is the 1997 twentysomething dramedy Topless Women Talk About Their Lives and well the title is of course misleading, but it garners interest. Following the lives of bunch of twentysomething friends living in Auckland who have complicated love lives and such, their world seems to revolve around Liz (Danielle Cormack). When we pick it up, Liz is 17 weeks pregnant and has missed her abortion appointment, well, she's missed it by a week and is now forced to have the child, much to her disgust. It doesn't help that she refuses to name the father and strings along friend and former fling Neil (Joel Tobeck) and her current boyfriend Geoff (Andrew Binns) and that doesn't look like lasting much longer. Plus, Geoff's girlfriend Bryony (Josephine Davison) is back from overseas and he'd very much like to continue seeing her. Meanwhile, Ant (Ian Hughes) has just had his appalling screenplay made into a movie in Germany and is about premiere locally and it's suddenly hit him he might be successful. Also, Liz's best friend Prue (Willa O'Neill) and Mike (Shimpal Lelisi) have decided to get married and are doing so in his home in Niue. This is despite Prue worrying about the increasingly unstable Ant. How will they all survive the year?

Very 90s movie that was actually began as a multi-part 3-5 minute TV series that I remember seeing a few episodes of back in the day on SBS (I think it was before 1997 too). Turned into a movie when the makers received funding (it also shows in the TV series which switches from video to film about halfway through). And that's the problem with this movie. I made the mistake of watching the TV series first as the movie is basically the last 20 episodes of the TV series with some small changes plus an ending which wraps up the various storylines. The problem is that the movie starts not having set up any characters and we are put straight into the chaos and a lot is left unexplained in the movie as has been explained in the TV series. So, it takes a while to work things out because the plot and characters are underdeveloped. A shame really as there are some good dramatic and comic moments throughout including a very interesting birth scene. It reminds me a fair bit of the Australian movie Love and Other Catastrophes although this movie is far more episodic because of it's TV origins, but it's that 'make up the plot in the days before the shoot' aesthetic that works for the movie. And this helped particularly when Danielle Cormack became pregnant in real life and the plot changed completely (amazing to think that baby would probably be 20 years-old now). Anyway, Topless Women Talk About Their Lives is better seen as a TV series than in movie form.

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