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Zack and Miri Make a Porno




HD film clips:

Katie Morgan

Lena Cheney














Barbed Wire Dolls


Day three.

A little more of Lina Romay as she and Martine Stedil get stark naked.

Then Martine Stedil becomes a "Babe in Bondage" and after she is freed from her bonds she spreads her legs to reveal all. Caps and 2 clips.



TV Land

Our TV Land feature goes back once again to 2008 for Eva Longoria Parker putting on a leg show for "Letterman". Caps and an HD clip with a little leg cross slo-mo.







Notes and collages

Pamela Franklin double feature

Pamela never appeared in another movie after 1976, when she was only 26 years old. She did appear in some TV shows for another five years before retiring altogether.


The Night of the Following Day



The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie







Casting Couch Cuties


This is a MacDaddy production that makes an attempt to add something resembling a plot and humor to what is otherwise a strip and wiggle production. Or, depending on the gal, it is a strip and spread extravaganza. No reason to discuss the feeble attempts at humor because they occurred only as shameless mugging by James Bartholet (Izzy Sleaze) intercut with the real reason for the disk - the nekkid women. I cut him out and left the babes. So we got nine clips, eight of them solo and one a light lesbo pairing. Seven of the women are known at one level or another, the most familiar being B-movie bims Flower Edwards and Isabella Camille. One gal was given the name Mercedes - did not recognize her from any other work, but she is such a cutie I threw in her clip just because. Bottom line here is simple - you could do worse things with your time than watch Casting Couch Cuties such as club baby seals or watch Fox News, but you wouldn't need to go far to find something a whole lot better to do.

Day 1 - Flower Edwards










Charlotte Gainsbourg gets naked on a public beach

Film Clips