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Teenage Bride


The seventies oldies tour continues with a bit of a change, instead of hixploitation (a term Uncle Scoopy invented) we move into suburbia for "Teenage Bride". Why that name was put on the movie I have no idea, as there is no teenager to be found in this flick.

Cyndee Summers has done a number of these flicks and she reveals all in these caps and three clips.

Cheri Mann, this is her one and only credit at IMDB, so we gave her lots of screen time as she gives it all up ( including a fairly explicit blowjob ) in these caps and eight clips. A shame this was her only shot.

Scoop's note: Well, they say Shakespeare added more words than anyone to the language, but he never made up hixploitation, so I got that goin' for me! Beats the shit out of total consciousness. Actually, Hank is being too kind. A Google search for "hixploitation" reveals 1,430 results, so it's a safe bet that the term has been around for several decades. I do like that word!






Notes and collages

Pump Up the Volume


Samantha Mathis






Nias Mal


The second of three films featuring Marta Higareda.







One film clip: Amy Ciupak Lalonde in Diary of the Dead (2007).

(George Romero's latest zombie film. Dann covered the film a couple of days ago.)






'Caps and comments by:

The theme: caps from movies that starred - as it were - former Penthouse Pets or women who also appear in erotic B movies. Easiest to recognize are Jacqueline Lovell (Sara St. James) in a typical role sans penetration and the gorgeous Brigitte Lahaie. Angie Savage is a NC17-rated nude model and B movie semi-starlet who has done only a couple of hardcore movies with her husband. Here is one of them from Valentina. The other women have shown up in one or two Skinemax features.


Tanya James

Tegan Presley

Lanny Barbie

Terri Summers

Angel Long

Jacqueline Lovell

Brigitte Lahaie

Rene Bond

Angie Savage

Nikki Fairchild

Dominica Leoni









Vahina Giocante on the cover of French Elle

Sigourney Weaver in Alien: Resurrection


Film Clips

Adrianna Sult in Tender is the Heart, aka Killer Sex (2001)

Catarina Murino in Le Grand Alibi (2008). At age 18 (back in 1996) she reached fourth place in the Miss Italy contest.

Two women from Eight Days a Week (1997), a delightful coming-of-age tale: Catherine Hicks and Keri Russell. Hicks was 46 when she did this, but was quite the MILF. Catherine has been kept busy by "7th Heaven" and has not been in a movie since this one, but IMDb says she is in one "in production," something called Shattered Glory. She is now approaching 60.

Darcy Halsey in Dark Heart (2006)

Lena Headey in The Parole Officer (2001). Lena had a tiny role in this Steve Coogan comedy.