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"Not of this Earth" (1988)

Roger Corman made one of his most highly regarded films in 1957 called Not of this Earth. This is not that version. Rather, it is a 3rd rate remake made to feature a freshly turned 18 Traci Lords. Traci plays the nurse that is hired to give transfusions to the alien, and is seen drying off after showering (buns and breasts) by the houseboy, and is seen in bed with her cop boyfriend. She also wears the hell out of a little blue bikini in a pool scene. The alien is here collecting blood, as gets to work before the opening credits draining Belinda Grant, who was necking with her boyfriend in the back of a car. He also does three hookers, two of which show breasts. They are Roxanne Kernohan, Ava Cadell and Cynthia Thompson, but I have no idea which is which. Finally Becky LeBeau, a birthday strip-o-gram, shows up at his door by mistake.

The DVD was obviously mastered from a VHS, as you could see the video overscan at the bottom. It was alternately very dark and way too bright, and very grainy. The amount of nudity takes this from pure horror to exploitation/titty flick, and it has lots of titties, so I will give it a C-.

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  • Johnny Web (Uncle Scoopy)

    Charlie's site is updated

    Another odd little film, Blind Justice, about a blind gunfighter in the ol' West.  . Well, I guess that in itself isn't so unusual, but he was a blind gunfighter in his 40's, so I guess he won his share of gunfights. Or had a late career change. Yeah, that must have been it. He was a diamond cutter before that, and for some reason he just couldn't cut it, so he needed to find a new job and, well, gunfighting seemed logical.

    • Elisabeth Shue (1, 2)
    Au Pair Girls from 1972. This is my favorite Brit exploitation film of all time. It's about four young ladies who arrive in swinging London to take up employment as au pairs. As this was made in the 70s, there is zero concern for politically correct thinking and thus, as these young women are foreign (to the UK...German, Swedish and Chinese...I think?), they are naive and child-like and have no idea that people in England don't routinely walk around naked! Astrid Frank is au pair number one. She's German and gets employment as a housekeeper for an older couple. Here she is getting ready for a shower.

    And in the shower, full frontal.

    Continuing with the shower...the old man gets home from work and walks into the bathroom just in time to get an eyeful of teats!

    Flustered, the old man falls down and scrambles out of the bathroom only to be followed by the boobs. Pleased to meet ya!

    Here's the main reason (besides the great theme song, wildly exaggerated sexy accents and cutesy innocent nudity) I love this masterpiece...Gabrielle Drake! There weren't too many bods like this prior to our age of aerobics and implants. Not only that but Gabrielle is Nick Drake's sister! No shit! Nick was a not-so-famous-at-the-time UK folk singer who's a bit more famous nowadays. Which brings to mind a question that's been bugging guys in the US (and maybe elsewhere, I don't know...), I know you've seen that Volkswagen commercial where the four young politically correct people are riding the back roads at night in a cabrio on the way to a rich kid party. They arrive at the party and see all the raucous behavior, keg tossing and such, and by exchanging glances, and without words, they decide to keep driving around in their fine new VW under the beautiful starry sky. My question: is that Nick Drake singing the music they're listening to? It sounds like him but I'm not sure... It's been bugging me for a while now.'s his older sister Gabrielle, who was born in Lahore Pakistan in 1944 (no jokes please!) and is shamelessly exhibiting her fantastic bod for posterity. Y'see, her clothes got wet so she had to take them off so she doesn't get sick!

    Oh yeah, email me at if you knowthe VW commercial question. Btw, Nick died the same year this movie was released? Coincidence? Or something more sinister...? Astrid Frank painting the ceiling. Some call these "upskirt" shots.

    Me Me Lay gets laid. I suppose her "official" name is Me Me "Lai" but in this movie she was credited as Me Me "Lay" so that's what I put on the collage. Me Me is the worldly au pair girl. She's not as naive as the others. Her job is to take care of a child-like rich young English poofka. She figures that to "take care of" him means that she should screw him! Actually, it's more "romantic" than that but who cares. Me Me Lay (not to be confused with Yum Yum Shaw) full frontal.

    Gabrielle's still wet and naked, so her new employer's son takes her to a photographer friend's studio to get some dry clothes. I's a weak set-up but I'm watching TV as I type this, and after seeing some of the commercials for upcoming films...I can GUARANTEE you that this flick has better writing than fucking "Evolution" or "A.I." Gag! Has Hollywood ever been shittier than it is today? Or am I just getting old? The former I think. In all fairness, "The Fast and the Furious" looks freaking awesome. My kinda flick. Too bad it's rated PG-13. Why is it that with the hundreds of models and supermodels running around, with most more than happy to get naked for the camera, no movies are made with gratuitous supermodel nudity? Seriously! Why not take "The Fast and the Furious" and throw in a few short superfluous scenes of Ana Claudia, Giselle, Kate and/or any of a thousand other runway models showing some tits and ass? It would take the movie to a new level! I can't imagine it would make any less money being rated R. Plus, it would have instant cult status and bring in royalties for years to come. Burning rubber, screaming wound-out high HP engines, wild violent crashes and supermodel tits! I can't be the only one to see the logic of this! Let's get away from the silicone/saline bloated bims in A, B and Z movies and start casting some models. Why the fuck has Christy Turlington never been in a movie? Yet Pamela Anderson...all bloated and peroxided and siliconed out... is a TV and movie star? I don't care if Christy can't act... Is Angelina Jolie that great of an actress? Give Christy an "eye candy" role and let her show some tit! Jeezus! It doesn't take a rocket scientist... I guess what I'm trying to say is that some of us are completely sick and tired of fake plastic looking bimbo Bunny whores polluting our T&A when thousands of hot looking anorexic model chicks could do a much better job. I hope you're reading this Zalman King! And you too Andy Sidaris! Get a fucking clue...Anyway, back to the story, sorry for the tangent, the photog inquires about the structural integrity of Gabrielle's body and being as Gabrielle's character is Swedish, she happily obliges his inquiry by strutting about naked! He figures that he should add her to his current shoot. Love that bod! Gabrielle full frontal.

    Astrid meets an Arabian sheik and his harem. The harem girls give Astrid a good washing down before she has dinner with the sheik.

    Goofy Astrid sees the sheik's big ol' bed and decides to use it as a trampoline. Of course, her pants fall off! If you're in the US, it'll be ungodly hard to find a copy of this vid (took me almost 2 yrs) but hey...if you should get so lucky then grab it. If you don't like it you can always sell it on ebay for a good chunk o' change.

    Élodie Bouchez Topless scenes from "Les Kidnappeurs"(1998).

    Mylène Farmer Breast exposure in a love scene from "Libertine" (1986).

    Sabine Glaser
    (1, 2)

    Topless collages from "L'Homme qui aimait les femmes" (1977).

    This weeks theme...some recent German stuff.

    Susanne Bormann Side breast exposure from "Schimanski muß leiden" (2000).

    Julia Grimpe Topless in an episode of the German TV series "Wolff's Revier".

    Ann-Kathrin Kramer Brief topless sighting from "Heiß und kalt" (1997).

    Kate Moss Day! A very artistic collection of images. Great photography, and Blackshine does his usual excellent job scanning. Link #3 offers the only nudity in this batch as Kate poses with a single breast revealed.

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    Kirsten Dunst
    (1, 2, 3)

    No nudity of course, but I know her fans will dig these groovy 70's poses from Detour magazine. Skin tight tops and lots of leg...Far Out!

    Shannon Tweed
    (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6)

    The Skinemax legend showing off plenty of breast exposure as she gets it on in scenes from "Body Chemistry 4: Full Exposure" (1995).

    Kelly Monaco
    (1, 2, 3, 4)

    Excellent 'caps of Kelly's much too brief topless scene in the movie "Idle Hands". Links #1 and #2 have clear views of the former bunnybabe's goodies. In links #3 and #4 she's getting felt up by some dude, and by the evil hand. The KISS make-up is a cool bonus!

    Roxanne Zal Vidcaps by Aussie from "The Thief and the Stripper" (1998), According to Aussie's email, Roxanne has a pretty raunchy topless lap dance scene just before the bad blokes tell her to get it off.

    Élodie Bouchez Full frontal nudity from the nutty French film about a guy who screws the life back into dead people..."J'aimerais pas crever un dimanche" (1998). Thanks to Da Red.

    Sean Young Full frontal nudity and rear nudity in scenes from "Love Crimes" (1991). Thanks to nmd.

    Claire Skinner Clear topless nudity on UK television. Scenes from "Perfect Strangers", vidcaps by Watty.

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