Rechelle Hawkes, Hockey
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Tatiana Grigorieva, Pole Vault
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As a celebration of the 2000 Olympic Games, "Black & White" magazine has released a special edition featuring Australian athletes au naturale, called "The Sydney Dream". I think you will be quite surprised, especially with Tatiana Grigorieva, the Russian born Pole Vaulter may be an athlete, but she looks like a supermodel!
WhyScan's Page Three Report
If Page Three is unfamiliar to you, this link describes the Page Three tradition.
Today's Page 3 girl....Melanie, 19, from Watford. (1, 2, 3, 4)
All Saints Girls (1, 2, 3, 4) Here they are promoting their new movie "Honest" at Cannes. #1 looks like Natalie Appleton falling out of her dress at a press conference. 2 and 3 are wet t-shirt 'caps but they are a little hard to see. #4 is more press stuff, but with the added bonus of Nicole grabbing her boobs.
Madison Avenue (1, 2, 3) Aussie band that's pretty big in the UK right now as I understand it. If I may quote Hen, these 'caps come complete "with some peachy asses".
Mariah Carey (1, 2) Again, quoting Hen's is Mariah from "a TFI Friday compilation show, with some good nut-smuggling going on ;) "
and ...
Alicia Silverstone (1, 2) From FHM by RJL. Look for her in Kenneth Branagh's latest Shakespeare adaptation, "Love's Labour's Lost". Sound like it should be fun as Branagh throws a 1930's musical spin on the classic comedy.
Sherilyn Fenn (1, 2) More 'caps of the beautiful Ms. Fenn from "Two Moon Junction".
Kristanna Loken (1, 2) Vidcaps from the "Mortal Kombat: Conquest" TV series, by Blackshine.
Tatiana Grigorieva Anotherher look at the Russian/Aussie pole vaulter, from RoSSol.
Michele Shor Vidcaps by UC99 from the movie "La Vie sexuelle des Belges 1950-1978" ("The Sexual Life of the Belgians 1950-1978")
The Funnies
Battlefield Earth From "Entertainment Weekly"...A "re-designed" poster for the Travolta movie.

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"No Way Out", from Johnny Web

I rented this today after reading some controversial comments about the DVD on one of the message boards. A couple of notes: Given the fact that Costner has some trouble speaking English, I thought his Russian would give Elya a few laughs. She was astounded to report that he delivers his lines perfectly, with only the faintest hint of an accent, and got the difficult Russian vowels exactly right. The man missed his calling. I guess he should have played Eugene Onegin instead of Robin Hood.

Sean Young must have the largest ears of any woman I've ever seen. I'm surprised they never tapped her to play a Vulcan in any of the Star Trek movies or shows.

SPOILER AHEAD: dont' read if you plan to rent it. The plot of this movie is completely implausible - based on a one-in-a-zillion string of coincidences (1) in order to divert suspicion from a murder he has committed, a powerful member of the executive branch creates a red herring - and shifts the blame to a non-existent legendary Russian spy. (2) to head up the investigation of "Yuri", he hires simon-pure goody-two-shoes naval hero Kevin Costner to give the investigation a veneer of credibility and sincerity (3) it turns out that Costner was also the woman's lover, and was there the night of the murder, and many clues are pointing to him.

What's so bad about that, Scoop? That's kinda cool that Costner's investigation is starting to turn up Costner. Wait a minute. I haven't gotten to the really silly coincidence yet. It turns out that the legendary non-existent Russian mole who was essentially made up by the Secretary really does exist - and it's Costner!!!

OK, I know that's silly, but it actually plays out OK. Costner is frantically trying to keep the investigation from unearthing him, and we think all along that it's to avoid the murder charge, not knowing the deeper implications. So witnesses come in to testify and Costner, head of the investigation, has to keep them from seeing his face - it's all pretty slick. So I have to say it's a watchable movie, despite what must be the most ludicrous plot device since the invention of the Deus Ex Machina, and a typically over-the-top performance from Will Patton, who was Costner's co-star in The Postman as well.

Oh, I almost forgot the controversy from the message boards. Don't watch the widescreen version of this movie if you rent it. It is no wider than the standard version, with no more seen on the left and right, and less on the top and bottom. In order to create a widescreen version, they simply chopped off the top and bottom of the VHS 1.33 version to get back to the original aspect ratio. Can you say "RIP OFF", boys and girls?

Sean Young (1, 2, 3)


"The Demoniaques", from Johnny Web

I've discussed this Jean Rollin flick twice in the past, and will discuss it again tomorrow when I get to the other two girls. For today, just look at lovely Joelle Coeur, one of the most beautiful women ever to appear in grade-z cinema.

Coeur (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7)


"The Long Kiss Goodnight", from Johnny Web

Geena Davis' marketing plan was to develop herself as the first real female action hero, with Cutthroat Island and this movie about an assassin with amnesia who is living as a suburban housewife. To tell you the truth, Geena was pretty good in this stuff, with the athleticism to pull off the action, and the ability to turn from vicious beast to sweet, enthusiastic PTA mother. I don't think Geena failed, but I think the world didn't much cotton to the concept.

This is not a great movie, but it's approximately comparable to the first Mission Impossible - lots of explosions and gunfire and some impressive action sequences and miniatures. The FX feature quite a spectacular set of explosions in Niagara Falls, and the destruction of one of the border bridges.

As often happens in these flicks, the best character is a secondary one, Samuel L Jackson as a sarcastic low-rent corrupt private eye who is hired by sweet housewife Geena and ends up working for psychokiller Geena. Of course, as Hollywood would have it, the selfish cowardly sleazeball ends up saving the day with an act of heroism after we thought he was dead, and the trained killing animal finds her heart softened by her daughter, and reverts forward to housewife again.

Speaking of aspect ratios, this widescreen version is in a rather elongated format. My raw caps were 720 x 260 - a rather unusual 2.8 to 1 ratio! I can't recall ever seeing one quite so far from a square.

Geena (1, 2, 3)

"A Soldier's Tale", from Tuna

I haven't seen this movie, but read the book. A World War Two story about a beautiful prostitute whom the French resistance accuses of being a German collaborator. Co-starring Gabriel Byrne as a British soldier who chivalrously protects her because he thinks she is unjustly accused. The book features an emotionally devastating ending, and I gather they retained the power of the ending in the movie version.

Basler looks great. No nudity in #7.


Marianne Basler (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7)

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