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Rosabell Laurenti Sellers showed off a gorgeous body in Game of Thrones (s5e7). Emilia Clarke also appears in the film compilation, but she managed to expose nothing in her sex scene.



Two features in the Sunday edition of Naked News:

Eila Adams and Angie Heyward exercised outdoors

There was an audition from Keonna

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"The L Word"

continuing season three ...

1080hd. s3e3

Erin Daniels


Bodacious Ta-Tas


Kitten Natividad in an adult feature called Bodacious TaTa's  (a phrase that gained some popularity right after An Officer and a Gentleman hit the theaters).  There are three clips but collages from only the first two.  In the third clip she gets real friendly with another actress but the damn thing was near-impossible to work with.

Kitten Natividad film clips (collages below)




Isabel Lucas collages

Rachel Taylor collages

Film and TV Clips

Marjan Faritous and Tracy Marie Briare in 7 In The Torture Chamber (2015) in 720p

Faritous (behind)


Ana Girardot in Le Beau Monde (2014)

Ana Girardot and Jenna Thiam in Revenants (2012 series, s1e6 and s1e7)



Linnea Quigley's famous tombstone boogie from Return Of The Living Dead (1985) in 1080hd

Melanie Griffith and Shannah Laumeister in Nobody's Fool (1994) in 720p