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I Was a Teenage Strangler


One brother invites all his high school classmates to a party, and the other strangles them one at a time. I am getting ahead of myself. First, Michi Malangus, as a girl scout, is raped, then returned to her lesbian lover (Chelsea Mundae), who gives her an abortion with a coat hanger, and eats the material she retrieves (actually gummi worms). And yes, the coat hanger is actually inserted in her vagina. This is after Mundae hypnotizes some guy and makes him eat her shit.

That's pretty much it, except for the strangling.

William Hellfire wanted to play a joke on the fetish crowd that was interested in his strangling films, and made this to get even with them. Yes, it is disgusting. No, I see no earthly reason to watch it unless you are extremely curious about the screen debut of Chelsea Mundae's more famous younger sister, Misty, whose tiny role has been retroactively promoted to prominence in the DVD re-release, which Seduction Cinema is releasing uncut on its Factory 2000 label.

I suppose some people collect exercises in bad taste. If so, this is your sort of material.



Michi Malangus, Chelsea Mundae, and two unknowns show body parts.











The Dirty Mind of Young Sally


The seventies tour continues with another one from director Bethel Buckalew, The Dirty Mind of Young Sally. Once again sexy Sharon Kelly stars and she lets it all hang out and even gives  a lucky dude a blowjob. Caps and eight clips.



Angela Carnon also reveals all as she does with our same lucky dude. There's  more "Tool Time" action in this set too. Caps and four clips.







Notes and collages



Sissy Spacek


Piper Laurie

Nancy Allen






Amar Te Duele


The first of three films featuring Marta Higareda.


Here are the film clips

The collages are below:








le season 2

Quebec television series whose full name is Conseil d'administration. The DVD set has no English options but there's quite a bit of nudity. Starting with ...

Isabelle Blais

and Sophie Bourgeois

show a bit of skin in various episode


l'episode "Retour sur terre"

Catherine de Lean: topless giving blowjob in wheelchair.

l'episode "Good Vibration"

Louise Turcot: Yeech! I sure hope they burned that dildo after she was finished with it.

l'episode "Le top 3"

Amelie Lafleur: fully clothed sex.

l'episode "Le trip à trois"
Episode about threesomes.

Julie-Anne Cote

and Carina Caputo

are nude as lesbian nymphomaniac cheerleaders.

Marili Levac is also nude but not showing anything.

l'episode "Reséau rencontre"

Klodya Plante

and Catherine Servedio

are topless strippers.

l'episode "Sauter la clôture"

Marie-Line Cloutier

and Caroline Aspirot

are topless waitresses.

(Marie-Line Cloutier can also be seen in Ma fille, mon ange)

(and Caroline Aspirot can be seen in the blockbuster 300)

l'episode "La confession"

Mariloup Wolfe has fully clothed sex.


l'episode "Tester le marché"

Jessica Malka offers sideboob and nice panty crotch shot.

l'episode "Nouveau départ"

Marie Turgeon has fully clothed sex.

This is a collage of women faking orgasms, featuring Agnieshka Wnorowska, Guylaine Delorme, Genevieve Metivier, Amelie Lafleur, Catherine de Lean, and Mariloup Wolfe


"Scarce" (2008)

This Canadian hoser horror movie about inbred cannibal hillbillies will be released to DVD sometime this August


Various topless chicks in the trailers for this film








Kimberly-Rose Wolter in Tre

Yasmine Vine in the poignant drama Bloodsucking Babes from Burbank

Mira Rayson, also a bloodsucking Burbankian

Cannes 2008: a nipple from Sarah Marshall

Cannes 2008: Jasmine LaFitte takes red carpet exposure to its limits - she simply shows the photogs her coochie and gets it over with! I don't really know who she is, but I have to admire her chutzpah.


Film Clips

Jennifer Welles in Career Bed (1969). She wasn't quite as talented as Uncle Orson, but she did look better naked.