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Revisited from yesterday -

Some more captures from the DVD special features.

Once again, Severin has done a wonderful job on restoring a lost film of merit and adding great special features even though the film is three decades old. Even Disney and Dreamworks could learn from these guys!. The film is not available until June 12th for most people, but you can obtain it from Rare Licensed DVDS now, thanks to special permission to ship ahead of release date.

Not only can you get it before everyone else, but the special offer includes another DVD for free!

Again, we don't offer many outright "buy" recommendations, as you know, but this DVD is a very special entertainment package.

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Laure (1976)



Various. The short-haired blonde is Annie Belle. The other blonde is Michelle Stark. The dark Eurasian woman is Mayayat Bibidh, also known by her married name Marayat Andriane, and sometimes known as "Emmanuelle Arsan." She was 44 when she made this film, but her face and body looked much younger.




I Love Your Work


I Love Your Work (2003) Was written, directed, produced Composed and edited by Adam Goldberg, who has not tried directing before or since. It could be that his $2.58K return on a $1.65 M budget discouraged him. or possibly he has just returned to what he is good at.

Only because of a feature-length commentary with him and lead Giovanni Ribisi, am I now fairly certain what the film is about. A paranoid actor believes he is being stalked. When it turns out that he isn't, he decides to stalk a fan. The film mixes first and third person POVs willy-nilly, and also jumps back and forth in time, making the viewer question how much, if anything, is supposedly going on.

The good news is that his wife, also a famous thespian, is played by Franka Potente. She shows her breasts in two scenes, one in bed, and the other flashing a reporter.

IMDb readers say 5.0. It drops to 4.0 in my age group. Evidently the unique approach to the narrative was slightly more popular with younger viewers. I am unable to comment intelligently on the performances, as I was too distracted by the narrative style to notice.

This is a C-, but one for a very small crowd.

This one is also available from Rare Licensed DVDs

I Love Your Work (2003)

Scoop's note: I like Adam Goldberg. He seems like a very bright guy, and his wired-too-tight personality can be very effective onscreen in certain types of roles. (Love him as The Hebrew Hammer.) Who knows, he may someday be a good director as well, but I did not like this movie, with has more quirky, affected mannerisms than a Hugh Grant monologue. In addition to the offbeat free-form approach to narrative, it's one of those films where you don't actually know what happens at the end. Bah, humbug. I scored it a C on its merits, but merit aside, I hated the sumbitch.


Franka Potente










Animal House

The Time Machine goes back to 1978 for the original frat house comedy classic.

Bare butt from Karen Allen.


Lisa Baur topless in some back seat loving.


Martha Smith in her underwear on the street.


Of course we have Mary Louise Weller topless in this classic Belushi scene. 


An unconscious Sarah Holcomb shows off her tits.


And we wrap it up with Belushi peeking at a whole bunch of unknowns








The Kovak Box

There is already a review here in the Movie House, so I'll just say that I have capped Lucía in other movies and she always look very hot, hope she does more nudity in the future.



Lucia Jimenez






Notes and collages

Jolie Day 1 - Hackers and Foxfire

Angelina Jolie in Hackers

Angelina Jolie in Foxfire







Tales of Ordinary Madness


Ornella Muti



Katya Berger

Rapidshare video:




Susan Tyrell

Rapidshare video:









This sweet and poignant comedy/drama from 2006 features outstanding performances by Peter O'Toole as elderly actor Maurice and Jodie Whittaker as rebellious early-twenties hellion Jessie.

Maurice's best friend Ian, another elderly actor, is in constant fear of dying, and agrees to have his niece's daughter move in with him to take care of him. Jessie is a hard-drinking, rude, and offensive jerk who totally unnerves Ian, but Maurice finds her intriguing and befriends the girl.

As the friendship between the two grows, it turns into something much more: a plutonic love affair. Maurice teaches Jessie about life and art, and Jessie helps Maurice vicariously regain his youth.

There's not much to criticize in this movie. It's extremely well done and worth watching. I enjoyed it immensely.


Jodie Whittaker

Eva Longoria shows off her form in a beach volleyball game

Lauren Adams in the immortal cinema classic, Night Junkies

Katia Winter in the same movie

Bai Ling's nipple falls out of her top. Gee, who could have dreamed?
Sexy pokies from Annabeth Gish
A sexy bum from comic Sarah Silverman
One of the most unusual sex scenes ever filmed - simulated weightlessness! Julie Delpy in a 1997 film called The Thousand Wonders of the Universe (film clip)
I need some help on this one. It is an incredibly sexy stark naked dance scene, and the actress clearly seems to be Maribel Verdu. Although she is one of my all-time Top Ten, I've never seen this scene, and had no idea it existed. You Spanish guys (or others) help me out here!  Is it a look-alike or what? (film clip)
Teri Hatcher always stays in shape
The ancient Brenda Vaccaro in Sonny - about 35 years after her first nude scene in Midnight Cowboy
Svetlana Metkina falling out her her top in what appears to be a scripted nip-slip.


The Comedy Wire

Zhang Shuging of Shichuan, China, just celebrated his 100th birthday, and he says the secret to a long life is bad habits.  He said he's been smoking every day and drinking liquor at every meal since he was in his 20s.  His grandson estimates that he's consumed 15 tons of liquor and over a ton of tobacco in his lifetime.  But he's in good health and has a huge appetite.  A typical meal for him is two chicken legs, a bowl of steamed pork fat and rice, vegetables and fruit, which he wolfs down in 20 minutes. 

*  If he'd just cut out the fruit and vegetables, he could live another 20 years.


Researchers at England's University of Warwick tested nearly 200,000 people and found that sexual orientation affects performance in mental tasks, or to be specific, women and gay men can't read maps.  It was already known that generally, men do better at spatial dexterity and women at verbal tests.  But in a test that involved mentally rotating objects, a skill used in reading maps, heterosexual men did best.  They were followed, in order, by bisexual men, gay men, lesbians, bisexual women, and dead last: straight women.  So the more feminine you are, the worse you are at reading a map. 

*  No wonder wives are always wanting to stop and ask directions! 

*  But the more macho you are, the more likely you are to refuse to look at a map. 


Cleveland has a new tourist attraction: Tuesday afternoon, an unnamed woman reportedly caught her boyfriend in bed with another
woman.  Neighbors say she took the mattress off the bed and threw it into the street.  She then propped it up on end outside their house and wrote profanity-laden messages all over it, detailing her boyfriend's cheating.  The mattress exhibit stopped traffic as people got out of their cars to read it and take pictures of it. 

*  They thought it was part of the Mick Jagger exhibit from the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.